RC Jeep Cherokee: The Ultimate 1/10 Scale Remote Control Car.

RC Jeep Cherokee: The Ultimate 1/10 Scale Remote Control Car.

Remote control cars or RC cars have been around for over half a century and evolved from simple, cheap toys to sophisticated and realistic vehicles. The RC Jeep Cherokee is an excellent example of this evolution, as it combines a high level of detail and realism with top-notch performance. This remote control car provides the excitement of off-road driving and impressive stunts in a smaller, safer, and more affordable package than its full-size counterpart. The Jeep Cherokee is a classic model from the American carmaker Jeep, known for its off-road capabilities, durability, and iconic design. The RC Jeep Cherokee boasts the same qualities, with a rugged exterior, trapezoidal wheel arches, seven-slot grille, and tapered roofline. The attention to detail is impressive, with every feature mimicking the real Jeep Cherokee, down to the stickers on the side. This level of realism makes the RC Jeep Cherokee an attractive toy for kids and collectors alike. Moreover, it is a versatile and reliable remote control car that can handle different terrains and challenges. Whether you want to crawl over rocks, drift in the sand, or race on a track, the RC Jeep Cherokee has you covered.

Features and specifications of the RC Jeep Cherokee

The RC Jeep Cherokee is a powerful remote control car that can deliver an exciting and realistic driving experience. Here are some of its main features and specifications:

  • 1/10 scale model of the Jeep Cherokee with authentic design and decals
  • Four-wheel drive system with advanced suspension for better traction and stability
  • Top speed up to 20 mph, depending on the battery and terrain
  • Eco-friendly brushless motor that is more powerful and durable than traditional brushed motors
  • Long-range remote control with a range of up to 250 feet
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery that can last up to 30 minutes per charge
  • Two-speed modes (high and low) for beginners and advanced users
  • LED lights on the front and rear for better visibility in low light conditions

In addition to these features, the RC Jeep Cherokee is also highly customizable and upgradeable. You can find a wide range of RC Jeep Cherokee parts and accessories online, including:

Parts Accessories
Wheels and tires LED light bars
Chassis and suspension Spare batteries
Bodies and decals Snorkels
Drivetrain and motor Winches

If you want to buy an RC Jeep Cherokee, there are several online retailers and marketplaces that offer this product. You can also find user reviews, ratings, and comparisons on websites such as Amazon, eBay, and HobbyKing. Keep in mind that the price and quality can vary greatly, so it’s important to do your research and choose a reputable seller. Some of the popular RC Jeep Cherokee models and brands include:

  • Redcat Racing Everest-10 1/10 Scale Electric Brushed 4WD RC Jeep
  • Traxxas TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler RC Jeep Cherokee
  • Axial SCX10 II 1955 Ford F-100 1/10 4WD RTR RC Jeep Cherokee
  • Tamiya RC 1/10 Toyota Land Cruiser 40 CC-01 4WD Off-Road RC Jeep Cherokee

How much does a Jeep Grand Cherokee weight in kg?

If you’re in the market for a Jeep Grand Cherokee and need to know how much it weighs, we’ve got you covered. According to the official specifications of Jeep Grand Cherokee, this vehicle has a kerb weight of 2097 Kg.

To put this into perspective, that’s over 2 metric tons! It’s important to keep in mind that this weight will vary depending on the trim level, options, and accessories that you choose for your Grand Cherokee.

But why does the weight of a vehicle matter? Well, for starters, it can affect the overall performance and handling of the car. Heavier cars generally have a slower acceleration and can be more difficult to maneuver, especially in tight spaces or on winding roads.

Additionally, the weight of a vehicle can impact its fuel efficiency and environmental impact. Heavier cars typically require more fuel to operate, which can increase the cost of ownership and contribute to greater carbon emissions.

So, whether you’re considering the Jeep Grand Cherokee for its style, comfort, or off-road capabilities, knowing its weight is a crucial piece of information. And with a kerb weight of 2097 Kg, it’s safe to say that this SUV is a serious contender in the mid-size SUV market.

RC Jeep Cherokee vs. other remote control cars

There are plenty of other remote control cars on the market, but how does the RC Jeep Cherokee compare? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the RC Jeep Cherokee compared to other popular remote control cars:

RC car model Advantages of the RC Jeep Cherokee Disadvantages of the RC Jeep Cherokee
Traxxas Slash More affordable, faster top speed, waterproof electronics Less realistic design, worse terrain handling, weaker suspension
Axial SCX10 Better rock crawling performance, higher ground clearance, more customizable Slower top speed, less stable on high-speed runs, louder engine noise
HPI Racing Savage More powerful motor, more durable construction, better for off-road jumps Less detailed body design, challenging to control for beginners, shorter battery life

As you can see, the RC Jeep Cherokee has several advantages over its competitors, particularly in terms of its realistic design, stable handling, and versatile customizations. However, it may not be the best remote control car for everyone, depending on your budget, skill level, and terrain preference.

Interesting fact: Did you know that the Jeep Cherokee is a popular SUV model that has been in production since 1974? The Cherokee is known for its rugged off-road capabilities and comfortable interior, making it a favorite among adventure-seekers and families alike. The RC Jeep Cherokee is a miniature version of this iconic SUV, designed to offer a fun and realistic driving experience for remote control car enthusiasts.

If you’re still unsure whether the RC Jeep Cherokee is right for you, consider checking out online forums and communities for remote control car enthusiasts. These sites can give you helpful advice, tips, and recommendations on which remote control cars are best suited for your needs. Some popular websites for RC enthusiasts include RCGroups.com, RCUniverse.com, and RCTech.net.

Why did Jeep stop making the Cherokee?

Jeep Cherokee, the iconic name that defined the SUV category for decades, is no longer in production. The Cherokee was first introduced to the world back in 1974, and soon became a popular choice of vehicle for adventure enthusiasts. Being a product of Jeep, it was expected that Cherokee would remain in production for years to come, but things didn’t go as planned.

The Cherokee went through several changes and facelifts over the years, but the production finally came to a halt. So, what was the reason behind Jeep’s decision to end the production of their legendary product?

According to industry experts, the main reason for halting the production of the Cherokee was due to consistently low sales. Jeep Cherokee production started with a two-door model based on the Wagoneer and dominated the market with its new unibody platform in 1984.

Despite its impressive history and legacy, the Cherokee failed to keep up with the changing consumer demands. The SUV market has become highly competitive over the past decade, and Jeep’s decision to continue with the outdated model became less viable, given the low sales figures.

In recent years, Jeep has been focusing more on their other models, such as the Renegade, Compass, and Grand Cherokee, which offer newer designs and modern features. The shift in consumer preferences towards more advanced and tech-packed models further strengthened Jeep’s decision to discontinue the production of the Cherokee.

In conclusion, the low sales figures coupled with the outdated design and less advanced features ultimately led Jeep to stop making the Cherokee. This decision might be a hard pill to swallow for Cherokee enthusiasts, but it was a necessary move to keep up with changing times and preferences.

Customizing your RC Jeep Cherokee

One of the most exciting aspects of owning an RC Jeep Cherokee is the ability to customize and upgrade your car for optimal performance and appearance. Here are some popular customization options to consider:

  • Upgrading the motor for faster acceleration and higher top speeds
  • Swapping out the stock tires for larger, more durable tires with better grip
  • Adding LED lights for improved visibility during night driving
  • Installing a snorkel for water resistance when driving in muddy or wet conditions
  • Upgrading the suspension system for better stability and handling on rough terrain
  • Replacing the body shell with a different color or design to personalize your car

It’s important to note that some customizations may require additional parts and tools, as well as technical know-how. Be sure to research each customization thoroughly before attempting it on your own, or consult with a professional or experienced hobbyist.

If you’re looking for inspiration or guidance on customizing your RC Jeep Cherokee, there are plenty of resources available online. Some popular websites and forums for RC enthusiasts include:

  • RCJeep.com – a website dedicated to all things RC Jeep, including customizations and upgrades
  • RC Universe Jeep Forum – an online community of Jeep enthusiasts who also have a love for remote control cars
  • Jeep Garage RC Forum – a subsection of the larger Jeep Garage Forum, specifically for RC Jeep owners and enthusiasts

By taking the time to research and customize your RC Jeep Cherokee, you can create a personalized and high-performing remote control car that brings you joy and excitement for years to come.

Is a Jeep Cherokee a good vehicle?

The Jeep Cherokee is a popular choice among small SUV enthusiasts and for good reason. With a charming look, this vehicle is sure to turn heads on any road. Equipped with either a turbocharged four-cylinder or a V6 engine, the Cherokee packs more power than one might assume from a small SUV, making it a fun and exciting vehicle to drive.

But the Cherokee’s capabilities extend beyond just being fun to drive. As a member of the Jeep family, this SUV boasts impressive off-road ability and can handle even the toughest terrain with ease. Additionally, its maximum towing capacity is excellent for its class, making it a great option for those with adventurous spirits.

In summary, the Jeep Cherokee is a great vehicle for those seeking a well-rounded SUV that is both stylish and capable. Whether you’re looking to conquer challenging terrains or simply cruise around town, the Cherokee is a reliable and exciting choice.


Overall, the RC Jeep Cherokee is an excellent remote control car that offers plenty of fun and functionality for both children and adults. Its rugged design, impressive performance, and customization options make it a popular choice among remote control enthusiasts and Jeep fans alike. Whether you’re using it for off-road adventures or racing competitions, the RC Jeep Cherokee is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

One of the great things about the RC Jeep Cherokee is its accessibility. While some remote control cars can be complex and difficult to use, the RC Jeep Cherokee is user-friendly and easy to operate, even for beginners. Additionally, it’s relatively affordable compared to other hobby-grade remote control cars, making it a great option for those who want to get into the hobby without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re a seasoned remote control hobbyist or a newcomer to the world of RC cars, the RC Jeep Cherokee is definitely worth considering. With its combination of durability, performance, and customizability, it’s a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality remote control car.