RC Helicopter Australia: Your Guide to Types, Buying Factors and Community

RC Helicopter Australia: Your Guide to Types, Buying Factors and Community

RC helicopters, also known as remote-controlled helicopters, are miniature helicopter toys that can be flown using a handheld remote controller. These flying toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small indoor models designed for beginners to larger outdoor models with advanced features for experienced pilots. Operating on the same principle as a full-size helicopter, RC helicopters use rotor blades that spin to create lift and allow them to take off and maneuver in the air. They have become increasingly popular over the years as more and more people are drawn to the excitement of flying and controlling their own helicopter. Today, there are many different types of RC helicopters available in the market, ranging from simple and low-cost models to sophisticated and high-performance machines. The RC helicopter hobby community is growing, with enthusiasts sharing their experiences and knowledge about these fascinating flying toys. In this article, we will take a closer look at the state of the RC helicopter industry in Australia, the types of RC helicopters available, factors to consider when buying an RC helicopter, the RC helicopter community in Australia, and more.

Types of RC helicopters

RC helicopters come in various types and sizes, each with its unique features and capabilities. Here are some of the most common types of RC helicopters:

  • Toy RC helicopters: These are basic and easy-to-use models suitable for beginners and kids. They can be flown indoors or outdoors and are available at an affordable price.
  • Coaxial RC helicopters: These models have two rotors fixed one above the other and are designed to be stable and easy to learn to fly. They are a good choice for beginners.
  • Fixed-pitch RC helicopters: These models are simple and easy to operate. They have fixed blade angles, which means the pitch of the blades remains constant while the rotor speed increases or decreases to control altitude and movement.
  • Collective-pitch RC helicopters: These models are more advanced designs and are suitable for experienced pilots. They have adjustable blade angles that allow for more precise control of altitude and movement.
  • Quadcopters: These are multirotor remotely piloted aircraft with four rotors and are often used for aerial filming. They are highly maneuverable and stable and have become increasingly popular in recent years.

RC helicopters can vary in price depending on their type and features. Toy RC helicopters are usually the cheapest, while quadcopters are the most expensive. Before buying an RC helicopter, it is important to consider your skill level, the purpose of your purchase, and your budget. You may also want to do some research and read reviews to find the best quality products available. Some websites such as Amazon, Blade, and Horizon Hobby offer a wide range of RC helicopters with detailed specifications and customer ratings.

Are there different types of helicopters?

In fact, there are six different types of helicopters, each with a unique rotor design and set of features that make them suitable for very specific applications. For more information, you can visit websites like Airbus Helicopters or Sikorsky to learn about the different types and their uses.

Before buying an RC helicopter in Australia, there are several factors to consider:

  • Skill level: If you are a beginner, choose a simple and easy-to-use model, such as a toy or coaxial RC helicopter. For experienced flyers, a collective-pitch model may be a good option.
  • Purpose: Consider how you plan to use your RC helicopter. Do you want to fly it indoors or outdoors? Do you plan to use it for leisure or for aerial photography?
  • Price: RC helicopters can range in price from less than $50 to several hundred dollars. Consider how much you are willing to spend before making a purchase.
  • Brand and quality: Look for RC helicopter brands that have a good reputation for quality and durability. Research customer reviews and ratings on websites like Blade and DJI.
  • Parts and replacement: Consider whether replacement parts and accessories are readily available for the RC helicopter model you are interested in buying.

One interesting fact about RC helicopters is that they are often used in scientific research. For example, researchers at Harvard University have used tiny, remote-controlled helicopters to study the behavior of fire ants and how they work together to create rafts that float on water.

Another important consideration when buying an RC helicopter is the availability of spare parts and accessories. Some models may require specialized parts that are not readily available, which can make repairs and maintenance difficult. Some websites, such as Horizon Hobby, offer a wide range of replacement parts and accessories for RC helicopters. It is also a good idea to check the manufacturer’s website for information on replacement parts and customer support.

Popular RC Helicopter Brands in Australia

Brand Model Price range (AUD)
Blade Nano S2 $52.99 – $129.99
Syma S107G $35.99 – $69.99
DJI Mavic 2 Pro $2,299.00 – $2,649.00

What size RC helicopter is best for beginner?

For beginners, a small-sized RC helicopter is best to start with as it’s easier to handle and control. Recommended size ranges from 2 to 3.5 channel helicopters. Websites like HobbyKing and Amazon have a variety of beginner-friendly RC helicopters to choose from.

Australia has a thriving RC helicopter community with many online groups and forums dedicated to the hobby. Some of the most popular online communities in Australia include:

  • RC Heli Addicts Australia: This Facebook group has over 3,000 members and is a great place to connect with other RC helicopter enthusiasts, share information, and ask for advice.
  • RC Tech Forums: This is a large and active online forum for RC helicopter enthusiasts in Australia.
  • Oz RC: This online forum covers a wide range of RC hobby topics, including RC helicopters.
  • RC Groups: This online forum is a popular source of information and advice for RC helicopter enthusiasts around the world, including those in Australia.

For those interested in purchasing RC helicopters and accessories, there are several online retailers that cater to the Australian market, including:

  • Modelflight: This online retailer offers a wide range of RC helicopter models and parts, and offers free shipping for orders over $200.
  • HobbyKing: This online retailer has a vast selection of RC helicopters and accessories, and offers international shipping to Australia.
  • Horizon Hobby: This online retailer offers a wide range of RC helicopter models and accessories, and provides customer support and replacement parts.

Overall, the online communities and retailers in Australia provide a great source of information and support for RC helicopter enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced flyer, these communities can provide valuable advice, product recommendations, and a sense of community.

How hard is it to fly a RC helicopter?

Flying a RC helicopter can be quite difficult for a beginner. Without proper training, there is a high chance of crashing within the first few seconds of takeoff. It requires a lot of practice and a proper understanding of the controls. If you are interested in learning how to fly a helicopter, it is recommended to seek professional guidance or enroll in an online course. Websites such as RC Helicopter Fun offer helpful resources and tips for beginners looking to improve their skills. Additionally, investing in a beginner-friendly RC helicopter like the Blade 70S can make the learning curve much less steep.


Remote control helicopters are a popular hobby in Australia, with a thriving community and a range of resources available for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether you are looking to buy your first RC helicopter, or already have some experience with these miniature flying machines, the online communities and retailers in Australia offer a wealth of information and products to help you enjoy this exciting hobby. By taking advantage of the resources available, you can learn important tips and tricks for flying and maintaining your RC helicopter, connect with other enthusiasts, and find the right equipment to suit your needs. So why not take to the skies and explore this fun and engaging pastime that has captured the imaginations of people around the world?