Exploring RC Boats: Harbor Freight's Affordable Options

Exploring RC Boats: Harbor Freight’s Affordable Options

RC boats are miniature boats that run on remote control. These boats come in varying sizes, designs, and shapes and are popular among kids and adults alike. The hobby of operating an RC boat can be a thrilling experience as you can watch your boat move at high speeds through the water. RC boats are used by people for numerous reasons such as racing, fishing, or recreational purposes. One of the places to purchase RC boats is Harbor Freight, a well-known American retailer. Harbor Freight offers a range of RC boats appropriate for everyone, from beginners to professionals. If you’re interested in purchasing an RC boat from Harbor Freight, this article will guide you through the different types of RC boats the company offers, the pros and cons of buying an RC boat from Harbor Freight, and whether it’s worth investing in one. So, keep on reading to find out what Harbor Freight has to offer in the world of RC boats.

Harbor Freight offers a range of RC boats that can appeal to a broad audience. Here are some of the types of RC boats that Harbor Freight offers:

  • Sailboats
  • Speedboats
  • Fishing boats
  • Models designed for kids and beginners, such as the Blue Streak and the Predator
  • More advanced models, such as the Apache, the Mystic, and the Defender

These boats come in different sizes, ranging from small boats that can operate in a swimming pool to larger models that require a lake, pond, or river to operate in. They use various mechanisms such as electric, gas-powered, and nitro-powered engines.

Harbor Freight also offers a range of accessories and equipment for RC boats such as propellers, batteries, chargers, controllers, and other parts. These accessories can be helpful in maintaining and customizing your RC boat according to your preferences. Additionally, it is important to note that Harbor Freight typically has affordable prices on their RC boats and accessories which can be found both in-store and online.

How fast is the Harbor Freight RC boat?

The Harbor Freight RC boat can reach speeds up to 16 MPH thanks to its high speed motor and powerful 2.4g controller. It also comes with a full-function remote control that allows you to control both speed and direction, and has a remote control range of up to 325 feet.

Pros of Buying an RC Boat from Harbor Freight

There are several advantages to buying an RC boat from Harbor Freight. Here are some of the pros to consider:

  • Reasonable prices
  • Easy to operate
  • A variety of models to choose from
  • Quality products
  • Warranties and guarantees
  • A range of accessories and parts available

In addition to these pros, there are also some interesting facts to consider about RC boats from Harbor Freight. According to customer reviews and feedback, many people love the affordability and accessibility of these boats. They also enjoy the fun and excitement of operating them in various water environments.

Table: Comparison of RC Boat Prices at Harbor Freight

Model Price
Blue Streak $34.99
Predator $44.99
Apache $139.99
Mystic $179.99
Defender $209.99

As you can see, Harbor Freight offers a range of prices, from affordable models such as the Blue Streak to more expensive options such as the Defender. This allows customers to find an RC boat that fits their budget and preferences.

What makes a good RC boat?

A good RC boat should have a durable and waterproof hull, powerful and fast motor, precise steering, high-capacity battery, and easy-to-use controls. It should also have a good range and long battery life. When purchasing an RC boat, it is important to consider the type of water it will be used in, as well as the user’s level of experience. Websites like Horizon Hobby and Amazon offer a wide selection of RC boats suitable for all skill levels.

Cons of Buying an RC Boat from Harbor Freight

While there are several pros to buying an RC boat from Harbor Freight, there are also some cons to consider. Here are some of the things to keep in mind:

  • The boats may not be of the same quality as more expensive brands
  • Customer service may not be up to par with other retailers
  • The boats may require assembly and maintenance
  • The boats’ batteries may have a shorter lifespan
  • Replacement parts and accessories may be harder to find

While these cons may be inconvenient, they are not deal breakers. It’s important to remember that Harbor Freight offers quality products at an affordable price, and their RC boats can provide hours of entertainment and fun.

One way to mitigate some of these cons is to read customer reviews and feedback. This can give you an idea of the quality of the boats and the customer service you can expect. Additionally, by taking proper care of your boat and its batteries, you can help extend their lifespan and keep them running smoothly.

Overall, while there are some cons to consider, buying an RC boat from Harbor Freight can be a great investment for those looking to enjoy some fun on the water without breaking the bank.

Can RC boats go in saltwater?

Yes, most RC boats are designed to go in both freshwater and saltwater. However, it is important to rinse off and clean the boat after using it in saltwater to prevent corrosion and damage. Some RC boats, such as those designed for racing, may not be suitable for saltwater use. It’s best to check the manufacturer’s guidelines before using your RC boat in saltwater.


In conclusion, RC boats from Harbor Freight are a great option for both children and adults who are interested in remote-controlled watercraft. They offer a wide selection of boats that come in various sizes, designs, and features. While there are some cons to consider, such as quality and customer service, these factors should not discourage anyone from investing in an RC boat.

Furthermore, Harbor Freight’s affordable prices, along with their warranties and guarantees, make the investment in one of their boats a good value for the money. Plus, with proper care and maintenance, the boat will provide hours of fun on the water.

If you’re new to RC boats, Harbor Freight’s beginner models like the Blue Streak and Predator are perfect for starting out. And for those who are more experienced and looking for a challenge, the Apache, Mystic, and Defender models may be more suitable.

In conclusion, Harbor Freight offers a range of RC boats that are worth considering for anyone who is looking to get into the hobby of remote-controlled watercraft. The quality of their boats may not be on par with more expensive brands, but their affordable prices and good selection make them a great value for the money.