The Ultimate Guide to RC Biplanes: Types, Brands, and Buying Tips

The Ultimate Guide to RC Biplanes: Types, Brands, and Buying Tips

An RC Biplane is a radio-controlled aircraft that is made to look like a classic biplane. Biplanes were a popular aircraft used in aviation during the early 1900s. They were replaced by monoplanes which were more efficient and faster. However, the biplane design has lived on in the form of RC Biplanes. These planes give RC aircraft enthusiasts a chance to experience the thrill of flying an aircraft that has a unique design and function. The RC Biplane is made up of two wings that are stacked one on top of the other. This design makes it a great choice for those interested in performing stunts and acrobatic flying.

Unique Features

The RC Biplane is a unique RC aircraft that has a distinct design that sets it apart from other aircrafts. The following are some of the features of the RC Biplane:

  • The RC Biplane typically has a wingspan of 25-30 inches
  • They are 20-25 inches long and reach a height of 10-12 inches
  • The aircraft is powered by an electric motor or gas engine depending on the model
  • RC Biplanes can be controlled using a radio transmitter and receiver
  • The models are available in different skill levels ranging from beginner to expert
  • Prices vary based on the model and brand but they usually range from $50 to $500

If you’re interested in purchasing an RC Biplane, there are several brands you can consider. One of the most popular brands is Horizon Hobby. They offer Biplanes with different skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Another popular option is Flite Test, which provides RC Biplane kits that you can build and customize yourself.

If you’re new to the RC Biplane, it’s recommended that you start with a beginner-level model. One good option is the UMX B-17G Flying Fortress BNF Basic by Horizon Hobby. It’s easy to fly and has a durable design that can withstand crashes.

More experienced pilots may prefer the PT-19 450 ARF by Hangar 9. This is a scale model of the historic military training plane, and it requires some assembly before flying.

Overall, the RC Biplane is a unique and rewarding aircraft to fly. With different skill levels and brands to choose from, there’s an RC Biplane model out there for everyone.

Rc Biplane:  Unique Features
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What brands offer RC Biplanes with different skill levels?

Some of the brands that offer RC Biplanes with different skill levels include E-Flite, HobbyZone, and Great Planes.

Types of RC Biplanes

There are several types of RC Biplanes available in the market, below are some of them:

  • The Bomber RC Biplane has a large payload capacity making it suitable for dropping items
  • The Stunt model is known for having a durable and aerodynamic design geared towards aerial tricks
  • The Sport model has the ability to perform aerobatic maneuvers and is easy to assemble
  • The Scale models are designed to resemble real historical planes

The Bomber RC Biplane has two motors and a wingspan of 27.5 inches with a length of 20 inches. The Stunt model has a wingspan of 26 inches and length of 17 inches, and it’s perfect for intermediate-level flyers.

The Sport model, on the other hand, has a wingspan of 30 inches and length of 20 inches. It’s perfect for intermediate-level flyers as well, with its easy-to-assemble feature, aerobatic capabilities, and sleek design.

Scale models, on the other hand, are designed to resemble real-life biplanes. These models are perfect for intermediate-level flyers who enjoy replicating historical planes. With a wingspan of 24 inches and length of 17.5 inches, they’re perfect for hobbyists who want to show off their artistic skills.

When choosing an RC Biplane, consider the difficulty level along with your preferences. RC biplanes are designed for beginner to expert-level flyers, so choose one that’s suitable for your skill level. Always remember to fly your RC Biplane in an open area with minimal obstacles to avoid accidents.

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What should I consider when choosing an RC Biplane?

When choosing an RC Biplane, consider factors such as skill level needed to operate the aircraft, the size of the plane, the material it is made of, and the additional features it may have.

Benefits of Owning an RC Biplane

There are several advantages to owning an RC Biplane, such as:

  • The biplane design is more stable than other RC planes
  • Biplanes have better wind resistance than monoplanes
  • They are sturdy and able to handle rough landings
  • Some RC Biplanes offer longer flight times due to their wingspan and design
  • RC Biplanes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying

If you are interested in purchasing an RC Biplane, there are many websites and online retailers that offer them. Some popular brands include E-flite, HobbyZone, and VolantexRC. It is important to consider the required skill level when purchasing an RC Biplane, as some models may be too difficult for novice pilots. It is also important to take maintenance and repair into account when purchasing an RC Biplane to ensure longevity and proper function of the aircraft.

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What are some popular brands of RC Biplanes and what factors should be considered when purchasing one?

Some popular brands of RC Biplanes are E-flite, FMS, and Great Planes. Factors to consider when purchasing one include the size of the plane, the skill level required for assembly and flying, the power source (electric or gas), and the intended use (indoor or outdoor).

Considerations when buying an RC Biplane

When buying an RC Biplane, there are several factors to consider such as:

  • Material used to construct the plane
  • Wingspan and length of the plane
  • Size of the motor and propeller
  • Overall weight of the plane
  • Frequency used for the radio transmitter
  • Price range of the RC Biplane

Depending on the intended use of the plane, different factors may be more important than others. Additionally, it is important to research and compare different brands and models before making a purchase. Some hobby shops may offer repair and maintenance services for RC Biplanes, which may be beneficial for those new to the hobby. Furthermore, there are several online forums and communities dedicated to RC plane enthusiasts, which can offer advice and support for those interested in owning an RC Biplane.

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What are some online forums and communities for RC plane enthusiasts?

Some online forums and communities for RC plane enthusiasts are RCGroups, RC Universe, RC Network, and FlyingGiants.

Popular brands and features of RC Biplanes

There are several popular brands that specialize in producing RC Biplanes, including:

  • Sigma
  • E-Flite
  • Hangar 9

Each brand has its unique features and benefits, as well as different price ranges. For example, Sigma offers lower-priced biplanes that are great for beginners, while E-Flite has higher-end biplanes that are more suitable for experienced flyers. Hangar 9 offers a range of biplanes that suit different skill levels and uses, with features such as fiberglass fuselage and one-piece wings.

There are also several websites that offer a wide range of RC Biplanes from different brands, with detailed product information, customer reviews, and frequently asked questions. These websites can be useful for comparing products and finding the best deals. Some of the popular websites include Amain Hobbies, HobbyKing, and Tower Hobbies.

In conclusion, whether you’re an experienced flyer or a beginner, there is a perfect RC Biplane for you. With a wide range of brands, features, and price ranges available, you can find a biplane that suits your needs and budget.

Rc Biplane: Popular brands and features of RC Biplanes
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What are some popular websites for purchasing RC Biplanes with detailed product information and customer reviews?

Some popular websites for purchasing RC biplanes with detailed product information and customer reviews are Horizon Hobby, Tower Hobbies, and RC Planet.


In conclusion, RC Biplanes are a unique and exciting addition to any RC aircraft enthusiast’s collection. With their distinctive double wings and aerodynamic features, biplanes offer a thrilling flying experience that cannot be matched by other planes. There are several types of biplanes available, each with its features and benefits, catering to different skill levels and preferences. It’s essential to consider the factors such as skill level, budget, and maintenance before purchasing an RC Biplane. Moreover, popular brands such as Sigma, E-Flite, and Hangar 9 offer high-quality biplanes with varying prices and features. Several websites offer a range of biplanes, accessories, and helpful information such as customer reviews and FAQ pages, which can be extremely useful for finding the perfect RC Biplane that fits your preference and budget. Overall, RC Biplanes are an excellent choice for those who want to experience the joy of flying a unique and thrilling aircraft that stands out from the crowd.