Proboat Impulse 17: High-Speed RC Boat for Thrilling Water Racing

Proboat Impulse 17: High-Speed RC Boat for Thrilling Water Racing

The Proboat Impulse 17 is an outstanding Remote Controlled (RC) boat that delivers an exciting and fun experience for hobby enthusiasts seeking to explore watercrafs. It is designed to provide high-speed racing and agile maneuverability on small and large bodies of water. Its sleek design and impressive handling make it an excellent option for enthusiasts interested in fast-paced watercraft racing. The boat features a Deep-V hull that provides excellent stability, making it easy to navigate through the water without losing control. Additionally, its brushless motor delivers an incredible performance that allows the boat to reach top speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. Furthermore, the self-righting feature of the Proboat Impulse 17 makes it easy to navigate even in harsh waters. If the boat flips over, it can recover quickly without any damage, so you don’t have to worry about retrieving it from the water.

The Proboat Impulse 17 is designed to provide a high-speed, agile, and stable racing experience on the water. Its unique features ensure that the boat can navigate through the water smoothly, effortlessly, and quickly. Let us take a look at some design features in more detail:

The unique features of the boat make it stand out from other RC boats in the market. The Deep-V hull provides excellent stability, making it easy to control and navigate. The brushless motor is powerful, delivering an incredible performance that allows the boat to reach top speeds of up to 30 mph quickly. The self-righting feature is also useful, allowing the boat to capsize and recover quickly without having to retrieve it from the water. Additionally, the boat comes equipped with a 2.4GHz DSMR radio system that provides reliable control and allows multiple boats to run at the same time without interference.

In conclusion, the Proboat Impulse 17 design features ensure that the boat delivers a fun and exciting racing experience that enthusiasts are looking for. Check out this amazing RC boat on Proboat’s website and experience the thrill of high-speed racing on the water!

What is the top speed of a Proboat Impulse 32?

The top speed of a Proboat Impulse 32 depends on various factors such as water conditions, battery type, and weight of the boat.

However, based on manufacturer’s specifications, the boat can reach a maximum speed of approximately 50 mph (80 km/h).

This information can be found on Proboat’s official website, where you can also browse other model specifications and purchase their products.

Specifications of Proboat Impulse 32:

Length 32 in (812.8mm)
Hull Material Fiberglass
Weight 8.15 lbs (3.7 kg)
Motor Brushless 2000kv
Battery 6S LiPo
  • Proboat Impulse 32 can be purchased from various online retailers such as Amazon and Horizon Hobby.
  • It is recommended for advanced users due to its high speed and maneuverability.

The Proboat Impulse 17 offers an excellent performance on the water, thanks to its agile design that enables it to handle rough waters, currents, and high speeds with ease. Here are some of the features that make it a top-performing RC boat:

The lightweight design of the boat allows it to accelerate quickly and reach top speeds effortlessly. This feature is essential, especially in racing situations where every second counts. The boat is powered by a brushless motor, which delivers an incredible performance, making it one of the fastest RC boats on the water. The self-righting feature is also useful, as it ensures that the boat can quickly recover from capsizing without assistance, thereby minimizing damage. The 2.4GHz DSMR radio system provides reliable control, ensuring that the boat stays within range and responds accurately to commands up to 200 feet away.

For those interested in the technical specifications, take a look at this table below:

Specification Detail
Length 17.6 inches (447mm)
Beam 4.5 inches (114mm)
Weight 28 oz (794g)
Speed Up to 30 mph
Battery 11.1v 1300mAh 3S LiPo
Radio System 2.4GHz DSMR

In summary, the Proboat Impulse 17 is a well-designed RC boat that offers an impressive performance and handling. Its unique design features and technical specifications make it stand out from other boats in its class, providing an unforgettable racing experience on the water. If you’re interested in purchasing the Proboat Impulse 17, visit their official website to learn more.

How Fast is the Blackjack 42?

The Blackjack 42 is a high-performance luxury yacht known for its impressive speed and handling. Here are some quick facts about its speed:

  • The top speed of the Blackjack 42 is 60 knots (69 mph), making it one of the fastest yachts in its class.
  • It is powered by triple Mercury Racing 400R engines, which provide a total of 1,200 horsepower.
  • The hull is designed for speed and stability, allowing for an efficient ride even at high speeds.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Blackjack 42 or other luxury yachts, check out reputable yacht dealership websites such as YachtWorld or Boat Trader.

Like all RC boats, the Proboat Impulse 17 requires regular maintenance and repairs to ensure optimal performance. However, the boat is simple to maintain, and most repairs are easy to perform, even for novice hobbyists. Here are some tips on how to maintain and repair the Proboat Impulse 17:

  • After every use, clean the boat using freshwater, and dry it thoroughly to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Inspect the boat for any damage or loose parts before and after each use
  • Store the boat in a safe and dry place when not in use
  • If the hull gets damaged, repairs can be made using epoxy or marine-grade glue.
  • If the brushless motor fails, it can easily be replaced with a new one, which can be purchased from the Proboat website or other online retailers.

By following these maintenance and repair tips, you can ensure that the Proboat Impulse 17 remains in excellent condition, providing you with an enjoyable racing experience on the water for many years to come. The boat is relatively inexpensive to maintain, making it an excellent choice for hobbyists looking for a low-maintenance racing boat.

Proboat offers a range of accessories and replacement parts that can be purchased on their website, making it easy and convenient to maintain and repair your boat. Additionally, the Proboat website features user manuals, videos, and customer support resources, ensuring that you have the necessary information and guidance to maintain and repair your boat effectively.

Proboat Impulse 17 is a high-performance RC boat designed for racing enthusiasts who crave speed and excitement on the water. This boat is built with a deep V-hull, which allows it to cut through waves easily and reach dizzying speeds of up to 30mph. The boat is equipped with a powerful 2.4GHz radio system, a high-torque servo, and a water-cooled brushless motor that provides plenty of power to the propeller.

Enthusiasts who purchase the Proboat Impulse 17 have various options for personalizing and adding accessories to their boat, enhancing their racing and boating experience. Some of the accessories and customization options available for the Proboat Impulse 17 include:

  • Adding LED lights to the boat for nighttime racing or boating in dark waters.
  • Upgrading the battery to a more powerful one, giving the boat a higher top speed and longer runtime.
  • Replacing the stock propeller with a higher performance propeller, improving the boat’s acceleration and top speed.
  • Applying custom decals or paint jobs, giving the boat a unique and personalized look.

Proboat offers a range of accessories and custom parts for the Proboat Impulse 17, which can be purchased from their website or other online retailers. Hobbyists looking to personalize their boats further can also purchase custom decals and paint jobs from various vendors and customization services.

Custom parts and accessories can also be purchased from other manufacturers, allowing for a broader range of options to choose from. Enthusiasts can find accessory and customization products from various retailers online, including Amazon, RC Planet, and Horizon Hobby, among others.

By adding accessories and customizing the Proboat Impulse 17, hobbyists can take their experience to the next level, and have a more enjoyable time on the water.


In conclusion, the Proboat Impulse 17 is an exciting and high-performing RC boat that offers hobby enthusiasts a thrilling on-water experience. Its unique design features, including the self-righting feature, Deep-V hull, and powerful motor, make it an excellent option for those seeking high-speed racing and maneuverability on water. With regular maintenance, enthusiasts can keep their boats running smoothly and enhance their performance by adding accessories and customization. By personalizing the boat with custom parts, decals, and upgrades, hobbyists can improve their racing experience and enjoy their time on the water. The Proboat Impulse 17 is a great option for hobbyists seeking a high-performing, customizable RC boat that provides an exceptional on-water experience.