Experience High-Performance Flying with the Piper Cub ARF

Experience High-Performance Flying with the Piper Cub ARF

The Piper Cub ARF is a game-changer for RC airplane enthusiasts. With its almost ready to fly (ARF) kit design, hobbyists of all skill levels can quickly and easily assemble this iconic aircraft. The Piper Cub ARF is designed based on the original Piper Cub from the 1930s, which was a popular personal aircraft due to its lightweight structure and reliable flying capabilities. This ARF kit has kept the original’s appearance and performance intact, and it has become a favorite among remote control aircraft hobbyists. With its classic look, it’s no wonder that the Piper Cub ARF is a high demand item on the market. The attention to detail of the Piper Cub ARF extends far beyond its appearance, thanks to its lightweight yet sturdy construction materials and precision-engineered parts. The kit comes with everything you need to get the aircraft up and running, making it an excellent investment for anyone with a love for aviation or RC flying. Let’s explore the Piper Cub ARF in more detail to see why so many people have fallen in love with it.

The Piper Cub ARF boasts impressive design features that make it both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Here are some key points about its design and construction:

  • Close resemblance to the original Piper Cub appearance
  • The wingspan is 1,800 mm while 1,200 mm in length
  • Features conventional balsa wood construction with a ribbed wing structure
  • It has a high-wing design for better stability and control
  • Appropriate cutouts for servos, motor, and other electronics

The construction materials of the Piper Cub ARF are sturdy, yet they keep the weight to a minimum, making it easy to maneuver the aircraft. The use of ribbed construction in the wings makes them strong enough to handle high-torque motors, which is an excellent feature for those who love to push their planes to the limits.

Moreover, the kit includes hardware like pushrods, control horns, landing gear, wheels, and some electronics necessary to put the plane together. Everything is clearly labeled and color-coded in the instruction manual, making it easy to assemble for those with any level of experience. Overall, the attention to detail given to the design and construction of the Piper Cub ARF makes it a highly sought-after RC aircraft.


Whether you’re a newcomer to the RC aircraft hobby or a seasoned pro, the Piper Cub ARF kit’s impressive specifications have something to offer everyone:

Specifications Details
Wingspan 1,800 mm
Length 1,200 mm
Wing Area 50.1 dm²
Weight 2.5 – 3 Kg (with battery)
Motor Brushless outrunner
Battery 3S or 4S LiPo battery
Radio System 4-channel minimum
  • The aircraft’s wingspan measures a generous 1,800 mm, making it easy to spot in the sky
  • The Piper Cub ARF‘s scale-like appearance is achieved through accurate decals and paintwork
  • The plane’s wing area measures 50.1 dm², providing plenty of lift and allowing for smooth flying experiences
  • The ACRO style configuration of the Piper Cub can perform aerobatic maneuvers, making it a fun and versatile aircraft to fly
  • The Piper Cub ARF kit is adaptable to the operator’s level of experience, with the ability to equip the aircraft with advanced electronics for more experienced pilots

Overall, the specifications of the Piper Cub ARF kit make it a versatile aircraft that is well-suited to a wide range of preferences and needs. Whether flown for leisure or aerobatics, its design and power make it a highly satisfying plane to operate.

Is a Piper Cub a good plane?

Yes, the Piper Cub is a good plane, especially for beginner pilots. It’s simple, slow, safe, and affordable. In fact, thousands of pilots have learned to fly in Cubs since 1931. The Cub became so popular that people started calling all light airplanes “Cubs”.


The Piper Cub ARF kit offers a range of benefits that make it stand out from other RC aircraft offerings:

  • The Piper Cub ARF kit is straightforward to assemble, reducing the time between purchase and flight
  • The kit is perfect for novice fliers as it is easy to fly and land, making it ideal for those just starting out in the hobby
  • The Piper Cub ARF is fitted with a high-performance motor that provides enough power for aerobatic maneuvers, making it exciting to fly for those with more experience
  • The Piper Cub ARF kit adheres to scale-like designs, making it a great selection for those who love the authenticity of their models
  • Additionally, the Piper Cub ARF‘s design uses high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity
  • For those interested, there are several modifications available online that allow further enhancements of the Piper Cub’s capabilities

The Piper Cub ARF kit offers a well-rounded package, perfect for beginners and those more advanced in their RC aircraft hobbies. Providing everything needed to begin flying straight away, combined with the option to extend capabilities online, this kit presents excellent value for money.

Is a Piper Cub hard to fly?

The Piper Cub was primarily designed as a trainer, so it was intended to be easy to fly. However, it is a taildragger which can make it a bit more challenging. Many pilots today may not have much tailwheel experience, if any at all. Overall, it is not difficult to fly a Piper Cub. There are various websites and forums available that offer tips and advice for flying a Piper Cub, such as the Piper Cub Forum and the International Cub Brotherhood.


In conclusion, the Piper Cub ARF kit is an excellent choice for those searching for a reliable and true-to-scale RC aircraft. Its pre-built design, quality components, and high-performance motor make it easy to assemble and quick to get into the air. It is perfect for those new to flying, and for experienced hobbyists looking to expand their collection.

With the ability to enhance performance through online modifications, the Piper Cub ARF kit provides unlimited possibilities for pilots who like to push the limits of their aircraft. This RC airplane’s outstanding design and cost-effectiveness make it an excellent gift for any enthusiast.

In summary, the Piper Cub ARF kit offers a comprehensive package with thoroughly researched components. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hobbyist, the Piper Cub ARF has everything you need to get started in this incredible hobby.