Discover High-Quality Remote Control Toys at Omphobby Com

Discover High-Quality Remote Control Toys at Omphobby Com

Omphobby com is an online retailer that is known for its wide range of remote control toys that cater to the needs of hobbyists and enthusiasts. The company offers a range of products that are made of high-quality materials and advanced features to provide customers with an enjoyable experience. Drones, helicopters, and RC airplanes are some of the products that are available on the website. The drones offered by Omphobby com come with advanced features like live streaming, GPS tracking, and return-to-home functions, among others, that make them stand out from their competition. The RC airplanes and helicopters are also available with advanced features that make them exciting and fun to use.

The website offers an extensive range of products that are classified according to different categories, which makes it easy for customers to find exactly what they are looking for. The categories on the website are user-friendly, and customers can easily navigate between them to find their preferred product. Whether you are a hobbyist looking for your next drone or a beginner who wants to learn how to fly an RC plane, Omphobby com offers a range of products that cater to different needs and skill levels.

Product Offerings and Features of Omphobby Com

Omphobby com specializes in providing high-quality remote control toys. The following are the products and features that you can expect from this online retailer:

  • Drones: Omphobby com offers a range of drones with advanced features like:
    • Live video streaming
    • GPS tracking
    • Automatic return-to-home functions
    • Obstacle avoidance sensors
  • RC Airplanes and Helicopters: The online retailer also offers a range of RC airplanes and helicopters with the following features:
    • Intuitive controls
    • Long battery life
    • Durable construction
    • High precision components
  • Accessories: Omphobby com also offers a range of accessories that make it easy for customers to customize and maintain their remote control toys. Some of these accessories include:
    • Batteries and chargers
    • Remote control systems
    • Replacement parts

Every product available on the website is of exceptional quality, and the company guarantees that customers will be satisfied with their purchase. In addition, the customer service team is readily available to assist customers with any inquiries or issues they may have. You can visit Omphobby com website to check out their incredible range of remote control toys.

What are the different types of RC planes?

There are several types of RC planes available in the market that cater to the various interests and skill levels of hobbyists. Some of the most popular types of RC planes include:

Type Description
RTR (Ready-to-Fly) RC Planes that come with everything you need to fly.
ARF (Almost-Ready-to-Fly) RC Planes that only require basic assembly and some additional parts.
BNF (Bind-N-Fly) RC Planes that include everything except for the controller.
Park Flyer Small RC Planes that are easy to fly and typically used in parks or other small areas.
Trainer RC Planes that are used for learning how to fly and practice maneuvers.
Glider RC Planes that use the power of the wind to stay aloft.
Aerobatic RC Planes designed to perform acrobatic maneuvers such as rolls, loops, and spins.
Scale RC Planes that are modeled after real-life aircraft and replicate their appearance and flight characteristics.

Some websites that offer a variety of RC planes include Horizon Hobby and Tower Hobbies. These websites offer user-friendly filters and search options to help browse through the different types of RC planes.

Omphobby com offers a variety of high-quality remote control toys at competitive prices. However, it is important to consider its competitors and their products and prices in comparison.

Amazon offers a range of RC cars, boats, planes, and helicopters, with prices that vary depending on the product. Similarly, HobbyTron offers a variety of RC cars, boats, planes, and helicopters, with prices that also vary depending on the product.

Even with competitors, Omphobby com stands out with its exceptionally competitive prices, high-quality remote control toys, and excellent customer service. The company offers free shipping on orders over a certain amount, further reducing the overall cost of the products. Overall, Omphobby com has become a popular choice for hobby enthusiasts and first-time buyers looking for high-quality remote control toys at an affordable price.

What does OMP hobby stand for?

OMP Hobby stands for “Orion Model Products Hobby”. It is a company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality radio-controlled model planes, helicopters, and cars. They focus on designing products that are easy to assemble and operate, while providing an exhilarating experience for hobbyists.

OMP Hobby is a part of the larger Orion Model Products company that has been established since 1979. Along with its sister company, AvioTiger, OMP Hobby offer a range of products and accessories for RC enthusiasts. They also provide excellent customer service, with detailed instructional videos and guides on their website.

For more information, you can visit their official website at

Customer Service and Support on Omphobby Com

Omphobby com is known for its excellent customer service and support. The company offers various resources and services to assist customers during and after purchases, including:

  • Comprehensive guides: The website provides detailed guides and tutorials to help customers choose the right product and troubleshoot any issues they may face while using the product.
  • Live chat support: Customers can get in touch with the support team via live chat for real-time assistance and quick resolutions to their queries.
  • Email support: Omphobby com offers email support for customers who prefer to communicate through that channel.
  • Return policy: The company offers a 30-day return policy for defective or damaged products to ensure customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the company has a dedicated team of support specialists working around the clock to help customers. They are experts in addressing customers’ concerns and providing solutions promptly. Omphobby com is committed to making the overall shopping experience hassle-free for its customers, making them feel valued and satisfied.

Conclusion & Recommendation

Omphobby com is an excellent choice for anyone interested in remote control toys. Not only does the company offer a wide range of products, but it also ensures that each product is made of high-quality materials and has advanced features. The competitive pricing and excellent customer service add to its appeal. Customers can rely on the company’s support team to provide fast and effective assistance.

One unique thing about Omphobby com is its dedication to providing a comprehensive shopping experience. The company’s website is packed with useful information aimed at helping customers make informed choices. The support team is always available to answer any questions and resolve any issues that customers might encounter.

In conclusion, Omphobby com is a one-stop-shop for remote control toys. It is a reliable and trustworthy online retailer that offers a broad range of quality products at competitive prices. The company’s attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase a remote control toy.