Exploring The Features and Performance of OMP M2 Evo Helicopter

Exploring The Features and Performance of OMP M2 Evo Helicopter

The OMP M2 Evo helicopter is a highly advanced remote-controlled aircraft that offers a range of features and capabilities for both hobbyists and professionals. Its sleek and modern design, coupled with its powerful brushless motor and advanced flight controller, make it an excellent investment for anyone looking to take their flying skills to the next level. The OMP M2 Evo boasts a carbon fibre frame, which makes it both lightweight and durable, and its aerodynamic shape allows it to cut through the air with ease. The helicopter is equipped with a high-resolution camera for capturing stunning aerial footage, as well as high torque servos for precise control and adjustable sway bars for enhanced stability. Additionally, the OMP M2 Evo offers a range of different flight modes to suit both beginners and advanced pilots, including stability mode and 3D mode. With a range of safety features built-in, including automatic level correction and built-in failsafes, the OMP M2 Evo helicopter is a safe and reliable choice for anyone looking to explore the exciting world of remote-controlled aircraft.

Design and Features

The OMP M2 Evo helicopter is designed with several unique features that make it an ideal choice for both beginners and advanced pilots.

  • Carbon fibre frame for lightweight and durability
  • Sleek and aerodynamic shape for efficient flight performance
  • High-resolution camera for aerial photography and videography
  • Adjustable sway bars for enhanced stability during challenging flights
  • High torque servos for precise control and maneuverability

Additionally, the helicopter has several advanced design features that allow users to customize and maximize performance, including:

  • Adjustable flight modes for beginners and advanced pilots, including stability mode and 3D mode
  • Long-range remote control for extended flight range
  • Advanced flight controller for maximum control and precision
  • Brushless motor for high-powered performance

The OMP M2 Evo helicopter is an incredible piece of engineering that involves cutting-edge technology and exceptional design. If you’re looking to take your flying skills and experience to new heights, the OMP M2 Evo is worth considering. Visit the website of OMP for more information about its products.

What are the special features of helicopter?

Helicopters are unique aircraft with special features that set them apart from other airplanes. Here are some of the special features of helicopters:

  • Vertical lift-off capability
  • Ability to fly forwards, backward, left and right in any direction, including hovering
  • Compact design
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Ability to land and take off vertically from small areas

These special features make helicopters ideal for a variety of tasks such as search and rescue operations, air ambulance transport, and military operations. If you are interested in learning more about helicopters, check out websites like rotorcorp.com, which offers helicopter sales, maintenance and parts.


The OMP M2 Evo helicopter is designed to deliver exceptional performance that allows you to explore the limits of aerial flight possibilities. It offers several advanced features that cater to different types of pilots and flight techniques. Key performance features include:

  • High maximum flight speed and acceleration for quick response
  • Durable rotor blades for enhanced agility and precise maneuverability
  • Optimized flight controller for precise flight control
  • Different flight modes for easy customization based on the pilot’s preferences
  • Long-lasting battery for extended flight times

The following table provides a quick comparison between the OMP M2 Evo Helicopter and other popular models:

Features OMP M2 Evo Helicopter Blade 450 3D Align T-REX 500
Max Flight Time 15-18 minutes 10-12 minutes 8-10 minutes
Battery Capacity 1500mAh 2200mAh 2500mAh
Weight 465g 642g 1700g
Camera Yes Optional No
Flight Modes 3D, Stability Stability Stability

In conclusion, the OMP M2 Evo Helicopter offers unparalleled performance, making it the perfect choice for pilots who demand the very best in aerial flight technology. Compare and buy the product from the OMP website today to experience the thrill of modern flying!

What are the factors affecting the performance of the helicopter?

Several factors affect the performance of a helicopter, including:

  • Weight and balance – proper distribution of weight is crucial for safe and efficient operation.
  • Altitude and temperature – as altitude and temperature increase, the air becomes thinner, reducing helicopter performance.
  • Wind speed and direction – strong headwinds can reduce groundspeed while tailwinds can increase it.
  • Shape and condition of rotor blades – the shape of the rotor blades affects lift and thrust, while any damage or wear can lead to decreased performance.
  • Type of helicopter – different types of helicopters are designed for different purposes, and their performance can vary accordingly.

For more information on helicopter performance, visit the FAA website or check out helicopter manufacturers’ websites such as Bell Helicopter or Robinson Helicopter Company.

Safety Features

Along with its exceptional performance, the OMP M2 Evo helicopter comes equipped with advanced safety features that make it a reliable and safe option for pilots of any skill level. Some of the key safety features include:

  • Automatic level correction to prevent crashes and stabilize the helicopter in-flight
  • Built-in failsafe to prevent loss of control if the signal is lost or if the battery runs low
  • LED lights for night-time visibility and orientation
  • Adjustable gyro sensitivity to fine-tune the helicopter’s stability and response to external factors

These advanced technologies are designed to provide you with unparalleled levels of safety and control, making the OMP M2 Evo helicopter a great choice for anyone who takes their flying seriously.

Are Evo helmets safe?

Yes, Evo helmets are generally safe as they meet the safety standards set by respected organizations such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in the USA and the European Union’s CE EN safety standards. However, it’s important to note that not all helmets are created equal and safety ratings can vary depending on the brand and model.

Some reputable websites where you can find more information and reviews regarding Evo helmets and other brands include:

  • BikeRadar.com
  • BicycleWarehouse.com
  • REI.com
  • CompetitiveCyclist.com

When shopping for a helmet, it’s best to look for features such as a secure fit, ample ventilation, and good impact protection. Always make sure to choose a helmet that fits snugly and comfortably and replace your helmet if it has been involved in a significant impact, even if there appears to be no visible damage.


The OMP M2 Evo helicopter is an exceptional remote-controlled aircraft that offers a range of advanced features, exceptional performance, and high safety standards. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional pilot, the OMP M2 Evo is a great investment that will provide you with hours of enjoyment, as well as stunning aerial footage that will take your photography and videography skills to the next level. With its sleek and modern design, advanced flight controller, and range of safety features, the OMP M2 Evo helicopter is a top-of-the-line choice that offers exceptional value for its price point.