Exploring Multiplex RC Planes: Types, Building, Flying, and Safety

Exploring Multiplex RC Planes: Types, Building, Flying, and Safety

Multiplex RC planes are a thrilling and fulfilling hobby for anyone interested in aviation. These planes offer a unique experience for both beginner and experienced pilots, with their precise controls and ability to fly at high speeds and altitudes. These planes are typically made from lightweight materials and powered by an electric motor, making them agile and maneuverable. Multiplex RC planes come in various types and sizes, each with its own set of capabilities and specifications. Some are small enough to fly indoors, while others are designed for aerobatics and advanced maneuvers.

One of the benefits of owning a multiplex RC plane is the ability to customize it to your exact specifications and preferences. Some pilots prefer building their own planes, which can be a rewarding and satisfying experience. Building your own plane allows you to have full control over its design, performance, and capabilities.

Before flying your multiplex RC plane, it is essential to know the basics of how it operates. Different planes require different levels of skills, and it’s best to start slowly and gradually build up your skills. Finding an open space away from people and buildings is necessary, and keeping an eye on your battery’s life is essential. It’s also important not to overextend your flying time and follow safety rules and guidelines.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about multiplex RC planes, including the different types, building your own, and flying them safely. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pilot, multiplex RC planes offer an exciting way to engage in the world of aviation.

Multiplex RC planes come in various types, each with its specifications and capabilities. Depending on your preference and skill level, you can choose from different types of planes which are as follows:

  • Micro models: These planes are very small and lightweight, making them perfect for indoor flying.
  • Park flyers: These planes are slightly larger but still lightweight and agile, making them ideal for outdoor flying and stunts like loops and rolls.
  • 3D planes: These planes are designed for advanced pilots who enjoy aerobatics and other advanced maneuvers.
  • Gliders: These planes are not powered and are made to glide in the air for extended periods.
  • Warbird models: These planes are based on real aircraft designs from World War II and are popular among collectors and enthusiasts.

The type of plane you choose will depend on your level of skill and experience. Novice pilots may want to start with a micro model or park flyer before moving on to more advanced planes like 3D planes or Warbird models.

If you’re interested in purchasing a multiplex RC plane, there are many websites where you can buy kits and accessories. Some recommended websites include:

Website Descriptions
Tower Hobbies Tower Hobbies is a leading online retailer of RC planes, accessories, and kits.
Motion RC Motion RC offers a wide selection of RC planes, with a focus on more advanced models and accessories.
RC Planet RC Planet carries a vast selection of RC planes, from starter kits to advanced models and accessories.

Before making a purchase, do your research and compare prices and features across different websites to find the best deal.

How many types of RC planes are there?

There are several types of RC planes available in the market. The variety of planes may vary based on their design, size, and purpose. You can find the following types of RC planes:

  • Trainers
  • Sport flyers
  • Aerobatic planes
  • Scale models
  • Electric-powered planes
  • Gasoline-powered planes
  • Jet-powered planes

Each type of plane has its own unique features and benefits, making them suitable for different flying experiences. Some popular websites where you can find a wide range of RC planes include Horizon Hobby, HobbyKing, and Tower Hobbies.

Building Your Own Multiplex RC Plane

Building your own multiplex RC plane is an excellent way to customize your plane to your exact preference. Nevertheless, it’s important to have the necessary kit and tools before starting the building process. Below are the steps to build your own multiplex RC plane:

  • Choose a model: Start by choosing the model of the plane you want to build.
  • Gather your kit and tools: Purchase a complete kit and necessary tools such as a soldering iron, glue gun, and wire cutters.
  • Begin the assembly: Start assembling the plane by following the instructions provided in the kit.
  • Install the radio system: Install the servo motors, receiver, and battery into the plane.
  • Test the plane: After assembling the plane, test it to ensure it flies well before taking it to the air.

Building your own plane can be challenging and time-consuming, but it’s an exciting and satisfying experience. Many resources can help you build your own multiplex RC plane, including YouTube tutorials, manufacturer websites, and forums.

There are many places online where you can buy kits for building your own multiplex RC plane. Some recommended sites are:

Website Description
Horizon Hobby Horizon Hobby offers a wide range of RC planes and accessories, including kits for building your own plane.
Motion RC Motion RC has a range of flying models, with a focus on warbirds and has various kits for airplanes to build on your own.
Big Planes Big Planes offers a range of kits and parts for building larger multiplex RC planes, as well as models based on real-life aircraft.

No matter where you buy your kit, make sure to choose a reputable supplier and carefully review the contents of the kit before starting the project.

Flying Your Multiplex RC Plane

Flying a multiplex RC plane can be a lot of fun and a great way to experience aviation. However, flying a plane also requires some skills and knowledge. Here are some of the important things to keep in mind when flying a multiplex RC plane:

  • Choose your flying location: Fly your plane at an open grassy area away from buildings and people. Avoid power lines and other obstructions.
  • Check your equipment: Make sure that your battery and airplane are in good working condition before flying.
  • Takeoff: Run the motor to build up speed, and gently pull back the elevator to lift off the runway.
  • Practice basic flight maneuvers: Practice straightforward maneuvers before attempting more sophisticated ones, including straight climbing, level flight, and descending.
  • Follow safety guidelines: Always follow established guidelines, maintain your plane in line of sight and fly at reasonable altitudes and speeds.

Flying your multiplex RC plane can be an exhilarating experience, but always keep safety as a top priority. For any beginner, it is essential to practice simple moves first. There are many websites and online resources that can help you improve your flying skills, such as:

  • RCGroups: This site provides forums, reviews, blogs, images, and videos dedicated to RC aircraft and modellers.
  • Flying Giants: An online community dedicated to spreading knowledge and enthusiasm among owners of large-scale gasoline-powered radio-controlled model aircraft.
  • RCPilot: A source for articles and news about RC pilots, and all aspects of radio-controlled aircraft.

Learning to fly a multiplex RC plane can be challenging but exhilarating. By setting up a safe location, taking the time to practice, and learning from online sources, new pilots can quickly improve their skills.

Can I fly my RC plane anywhere?

No, you cannot fly your RC plane anywhere. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates RC flights and prohibits flying in certain areas. Additionally, there may be local regulations that restrict flying in certain locations. To determine where you can fly, check out the FAA website or use the FAA’s B4UFLY app. Some popular websites for drone and RC enthusiasts include droneflyers.com and RCGroups.com, where you can find community members who can provide guidance on safe and legal flying locations.


In conclusion, multiplex RC planes are an incredibly exciting and rewarding hobby for both beginners and experienced pilots. These planes come in various types, sizes, and capabilities, and some pilots even enjoy building their own planes from scratch. However, it’s crucial to operate within established safety measures and improve piloting skills to ensure successful and enjoyable flights.

If you’re looking to get involved in this exciting hobby, starting with a smaller aircraft and basic features is the best approach. It’s also important to practice at an adequate location and invest in high-quality equipment to reduce the chances of crashes or accidents. The resources available online can help you master important aspects of flying, including how to handle electrical systems, how to perform aerobatic tricks, and how to repair your aircraft if necessary.

Once you learn how to fly a multiplex RC plane, you’ll have achieved a whole new level of excitement and joy, and you may even be motivated to try other types of aircraft. Whether it’s flying stunts in an open field or wanting to capture aerial views of your community, multiplex RC planes are a fantastic way to enjoy the thrill of flying in a safe and affordable way.