Exploring the Benefits of Multiplex RC Airplanes

Exploring the Benefits of Multiplex RC Airplanes

Multiplex RC Airplanes: What they are and Why They are Popular

Multiplex RC airplanes are a popular recreational activity among aviation enthusiasts. They are model aircraft that can be remotely controlled by a handheld radio transmitter. They range in size, from small park flyers to large scale models, and provide an excellent experience of flying a realistic aircraft without the risks associated with piloting a real plane. Multiplex RC airplanes are popular among hobbyists for a few reasons. They offer a unique way to experience the thrill of flying without the dangers, add a higher degree of customization than traditional model aircraft, and allow modellers to add detailed features and custom paint jobs to their aircraft. The design of multiplex RC airplanes varies significantly depending on the type of intended use, from aerobatic stunts to long-range flights, catering to different skill levels, from beginners to advanced pilots. Manufacturers offer a range of products to fit different kinds of consumers. Multiplex RC airplanes are perfect for people who want to experience the fun of flying without risking injury. They are easy to operate, so one does not need specialized training to fly them. Users only need to follow the directions given by the manufacturer. Multiplex RC airplanes can provide hours of entertainment anywhere, from indoor settings like indoor arenas to outdoor settings like parks. They are cost-effective since they are powered by rechargeable batteries. Additionally, there is a wide range of accessories and components available, allowing users to upgrade and modify their aircraft to suit their needs.

Multiplex RC airplanes come in different types designed for various purposes. Here are the different types and features of multiplex RC planes:

  • Trainers: Multiplex RC planes designed for beginners to learn how to fly. They are stable, easy to control, and straightforward to fly.
  • Sport Aerobatic: Ideal for pilots who love performing stunts such as flips, rolls, and inverted flight. These planes have a higher power-to-weight ratio and can fly at high speeds.
  • Glider: Multiplex RC planes designed to glide through the air without an engine’s assistance, and they cover long distances in the process. Gliders are perfect for pilots who prefer long-range flight and soaring across vast terrains.
  • Scale: The design of these planes mimic real-world airplanes designed at different levels of realism. Some are modelled after actual planes, including the Cessna, Fokker, and Spitfire, among others, while others are modelled after fictional planes in movies and video games.

Multiplex RC airplanes are available for purchase online in various websites, including Amazon, eBay, and Hobbyking, among others. When buying multiplex RC planes online, buyers should purchase from a reputable website, check reviews, compare prices and ensure that the package includes all necessary accessories needed to fly the RC plane.

How many types of RC planes are there?

There are several types of RC planes, including trainer planes, sport planes, aerobatic planes, scale planes, and warbirds. Each type of plane has its specific design, features, and capabilities, making them suitable for different purposes and skill levels. To learn more about the different types of RC planes or purchase one, you can visit websites like Horizon Hobby, Tower Hobbies, or HobbyKing.

Choosing the Right Multiplex RC Airplane

Choosing the ideal multiplex RC airplane can be daunting, but here are some factors to consider when buying one:

  • Skill level: Consider the skill level of the pilot. Beginners need trainers, while intermediate and advanced pilots can handle sport aerobatic or scale planes.
  • Budget: Different types of RC planes come at varying prices. Before buying, determine the amount of money to spend based on budget constraints.
  • Flight duration: The duration of flight is an essential factor to consider when purchasing multiplex RC airplanes. The battery’s power decides how long a plane can fly before the need to recharge.
  • Assembly difficulty: Assembly varies depending on the RC plane type. Some planes require little or no assembly, while others need complete assembly. Consider the required assembly and the skillset required before purchasing.

Buying multiplex RC airplanes can be done online, but it is also possible to get them in physical hobby shops worldwide. Physical stores provide the advantage of personalised advice from experts who can assist in making the right choice when purchasing an RC plane.

Here is a table summarizing the types and features of Multiplex RC airplanes.

Type of Plane Features
Trainers Stable, easy to control, and perfect for beginners
Sport Aerobatic Higher power-to-weight ratio, high-speed and ideal for stunts
Glider Long-range flight, soaring and designed to glide through the air without assistance
Scale Realistic design mimicking actual planes of varying realism levels and fictional planes in movies and video games

How do I choose the right motor for my RC plane?

When choosing a motor for your RC plane, it is important to consider the kv rating and size. A higher kv rating with a smaller propeller will result in faster thrust and speed, while a lower kv rating with a larger propeller will provide more thrust and slower speed. For beginners, it is recommended to choose a motor with a kv rating between 850 and 1500. Additionally, the size of the motor should match the size of the plane. Be sure to research and compare different motors before making a decision.

Benefits of Owning a Multiplex RC Airplane

Owning a multiplex RC airplane comes with numerous benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Stress Relief: Flying an RC plane is a great way to relieve stress and relax. It is a hobby that takes the mind off everyday stresses, making it a great way to enjoy the outdoors while having fun.
  • Learning: Owning and operating an RC plane can sharpen hand-eye coordination and offer the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques for a variety of subjects including mechanics, physics and electronics.
  • Social Experience: Participating in RC plane clubs gives an opportunity to enjoy the hobby with like-minded individuals. Users can learn and share knowledge, participate in competitions, and exchange ideas without leaving the community.
  • Diversity: Multiplex RC airplanes come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different settings. From park flyers, indoor micro planes, sports planes, and even large scale planes, there is always a multiplex RC airplane for everyone.

Multiplex RC airplane owners can also take advantage of online blogs, websites, and forums to exchange information and ideas. There are numerous online platforms where RC enthusiasts can find resources such as assembly instructions, user manuals and parts. RC planet, Horizon hobby, and Tower Hobbies are some of the websites where RC enthusiasts can purchase multiplex RC airplanes.

What are the advantages of RC planes?

Flying RC planes and building them has numerous advantages that make it a popular hobby among enthusiasts. One of the primary advantages is that it is a fun and rewarding activity that can help to unwind and relax. Moreover, it can also develop several skills such as problem-solving, patience, and attention to detail. If you’re interested in exploring this hobby, consider buying an RC plane kit from websites such as Horizon Hobby or Tower Hobbies, which offer a wide range of products for RC enthusiasts.


Multiplex RC airplanes provide a fun and exciting way to enjoy aviation and model building as a hobby. The benefits of owning a multiplex RC airplane range from stress relief, learning opportunities, and social experiences with like-minded individuals to a wide variety of options when it comes to the different models available. Whether you are a beginner looking to enter the hobby or an experienced pilot looking for your next challenge, the multiplex RC airplanes are perfect for all skill levels.

The range of models and accessories available allows users to customize their planes, making them unique and highly personalized. In addition, the ease of use that comes with the multiplex RC airplanes means even inexperienced users can confidently fly these planes.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fun and entertaining way to experience the thrill of flight, then owning a multiplex RC airplane is an excellent choice. It provides a unique hobby that can be enjoyed inside and outside the house, and can even lead to the development of new skills beyond the hobby itself.