Enhance Your RC Car's Performance and Appearance with McAllister RC Bodies

Enhance Your RC Car’s Performance and Appearance with McAllister RC Bodies

McAllister RC Bodies is a well-known brand in the radio-controlled (RC) car industry. The brand offers a wide range of high-quality RC car bodies designed for different types of cars including touring cars, oval cars, and dirt oval cars. These bodies are closely modeled after their real-life counterparts, allowing RC enthusiasts to enjoy realistic racing experiences. McAllister RC Bodies focuses on producing lightweight yet durable products that help improve the performance of the RC cars. The brand also places a strong emphasis on customization, offering a variety of options for hobbyists to personalize their cars and stand out from the crowd. In this article, we will explore the different types and features of McAllister RC Bodies, the benefits of using these RC bodies, installation and maintenance tips, comparisons with other popular brands in the market, as well as some testimonials and reviews from RC enthusiasts who have used McAllister RC Bodies.

McAllister RC Bodies offers a variety of designs and features that cater to different types of RC cars, including touring, oval, and dirt oval cars. Among the different types of McAllister RC Bodies, hobbyists can choose from the following popular categories:

  • Touring car bodies: Designed for on-road racing on smooth surfaces, these bodies feature a low profile and sleek design to enhance the car’s aerodynamics.
  • Oval car bodies: Meant for oval track racing, these bodies have a steeper angle and larger spoiler to generate more downforce on the rear end, improving handling and cornering.
  • Dirt oval car bodies: Specifically designed for dirt track racing, these bodies have a higher profile and broader stance to provide better stability and grip on loose surfaces.

In addition to the different types of bodies, McAllister RC Bodies also offers a range of features that hobbyists can customize based on their preference and racing needs. These features include:

  • Lightweight design: McAllister RC Bodies are made of lightweight polycarbonate material, allowing the car to perform better and faster on the race track.
  • Customization options: McAllister RC Bodies can be painted and detailed according to the hobbyist’s preference, making them unique and personalized.
  • Durable construction: McAllister RC Bodies are manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure that they can withstand the rough and tumble of RC car racing.
  • Realistic design: McAllister RC Bodies are created to replicate the appearance of real cars, enhancing the hobbyist’s racing experience.

Overall, McAllister RC Bodies provides RC enthusiasts with a wide range of options to enhance their car’s appearance and performance. Their lightweight, customizable, and realistic design features, coupled with their durability, make them an excellent choice for racing enthusiasts looking to take their hobby to the next level. Check out their website to learn more and browse their products.

McAllister RC Bodies are a top contender in the radio-controlled car industry, offering a range of designs, features, and benefits that hobbyists can use to enhance their car’s appearance and performance offerings.

Choosing to use a McAllister RC Body comes with a range of benefits. Here are some of the advantages that these RC bodies offer:

  • Improved handling: McAllister RC Bodies are designed to enhance the car’s aerodynamics, reducing drag and making the car more stable. This, in turn, improves the car’s handling and maneuverability on the race track.
  • Enhanced appearance: The realistic design and customization options that McAllister RC Bodies offer can make the car stand out from the rest of the models, making it a sight to behold.
  • Better performance: The lightweight design and durable construction of McAllister RC bodies can ensure that the car performs at its best, reaching high speeds and maneuvering easily on the track.
  • Greater control: By providing good downforce, McAllister RC Bodies can improve the car’s steering and stability, allowing the hobbyist greater control of the car and a more immersive racing experience.

Beyond these benefits, McAllister RC Bodies also have a reputation for consistently delivering quality products and excellent customer service. McAllister RC Bodies’ website offers a range of helpful resources for RC enthusiasts, including tutorials, instructional videos, and discussion forums. These resources make it easy for hobbyists to get started with McAllister RC Bodies and ensure that they can get the most out of their products.

In conclusion, McAllister RC Bodies are a top contender in the radio-controlled car industry, offering a range of designs, features, and benefits that hobbyists can use to enhance their car’s appearance and performance offerings.

Installing a McAllister RC Body requires a few steps, but it’s a relatively simple process that can be done with a bit of patience and care. Here are some tips for installing and maintaining your McAllister RC Bodies:

  • Gather materials: In addition to the McAllister RC Body kit, you will need a pair of scissors, a polycarbonate or lexan cutter, and a heat gun or hair dryer to help mold and position the body.
  • Prep the body: Start by removing the film from the inside of the body, then trim it to the desired shape using scissors or a polycarbonate cutter. Make sure to cover any areas that could rub against the chassis to prevent it from wearing off or scratching.
  • Position the body: Hold the body in place over the model chassis, making sure the mounting holes are aligned properly. Start attaching the body with body clips or Velcro.
  • Mold the body to fit: Use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat the body up, then gently deform it into the desired position. Focus on areas that come into contact with the chassis or other components. Use a towel to protect your hands from the heat.
  • Maintain the body: Proper maintenance procedures include cleaning, protecting and repairing the shell. Use a mild soapy solution and a soft sponge or brush to clean the body after each run, then rinse it with clean water and dry thoroughly. Apply a layer of polycarbonate cleaner and/or protectant to prevent cracking or yellowing. It’s also important to repair any cracks or breaks as soon as they appear, as they can grow and compromise the integrity of the body.

McAllister RC Bodies’ website provides a wealth of information and resources for RC enthusiasts, including step-by-step installation guides, video tutorials, and a community forum where users can ask and find answers to questions. By following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, RC hobbyists can ensure that their McAllister RC Bodies are fitted and maintained correctly, prolonging the life of the body and maximizing the enjoyment of their hobby.

Installation Tips Maintenance Tips
Remove film from the inside of the body Use a mild soapy solution and soft sponge to clean the body
Trim the body to the desired shape Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly
Attach body with body clips or Velcro Apply a layer of polycarbonate cleaner and/or protectant
Use a heat gun or hair dryer to mold the body to fit Repair cracks or breaks as soon as they appear

Comparison with Other RC Body Brands

McAllister RC Bodies is just one of many brands available in the market for RC enthusiasts. Here’s how McAllister RC Bodies compare with some other popular brands in terms of price, aesthetics, durability, and performance:

  • Parma: Another well-known brand that offers a variety of RC body kits designed for different models. Compared to McAllister RC Bodies, Parma has a wider selection of designs and themes available, but the quality and durability of the bodies are comparable to that of McAllister RC Bodies. Prices are also on par with McAllister RC Bodies offerings.
  • Proline: Proline is known for its high-performance RC bodies that were developed for off-road use and offer excellent protection to the chassis underneath. They also have a wide selection of pre-painted RC bodies available. However, these bodies come with a higher price tag than McAllister RC Bodies, making them more suited for experienced enthusiasts with a bigger budget.
  • Jconcepts: Jconcepts take pride in their innovative and aesthetically pleasing body designs that cater to various off-road disciplines. Compared to McAllister RC Bodies, they tend to be on the pricier side, but the fit, finish, and overall performance of their RC bodies are top quality.

Overall, it’s important to note that different brands may appeal to different RC hobbyists depending on their individual preferences and needs. McAllister RC Bodies caters to those looking for a balance of quality and affordability, as well as customizable options and durability. Regardless of the brand, a well-chosen and well-maintained RC body not only protects the chassis but also enhances the performance and the aesthetics of an RC car.

Brand Strengths Weaknesses
McAllister Affordable, customizable, and durable Not as many design options as some other brands
Parma Wider selection, comparable quality and durability Prices comparable to McAllister RC Bodies
Proline High-performance and good protection for off-road use, wide pre-painted selection Higher price tags, may not cater to all RC car models
Jconcepts Innovative and aesthetically pleasing body designs, overall high quality More expensive compared to McAllister RC Bodies

What kind of plastic are RC bodies made of?

Most RC car bodies are made from flexible and durable polycarbonate (PC) plastic, which is typically between 0.5mm to 1.5mm thick. It is worth noting that the GE product name “Lexan” is often used to describe this type of plastic. Polycarbonate is transparent and ideal for RC car bodies.

Testimonials and Reviews

There are many positive reviews and testimonials from RC enthusiasts who have used McAllister RC Bodies. Here are just a few examples:

  • “I’ve been using McAllister RC Bodies for years and I’ve never been disappointed. The bodies are durable and easy to install, and the customizable options make it easy to find the perfect look for your car.” – Alex T.
  • “I recently purchased a McAllister RC Body and was blown away by how realistic it looked on my RC car. The attention to detail is amazing and the body has held up great during races.” – Michael H.
  • “I had a great experience with McAllister RC Bodies customer service. I had a question about the installation process and they were quick to respond and provided me with helpful advice.” – Sarah G.

With the rise of social media and online forums, it’s easier than ever to see what other RC hobbyists think about different products. Some popular websites to read reviews and connect with other RC enthusiasts include:

  • RCGroups.com: This popular website has a large RC car community and dedicated forums for different car models, including a sub-forum for body painting and designs.
  • RCUniverse.com: Another popular website with a focus on RC hobbyists and enthusiasts. It has a section dedicated to reviews of different RC products, including bodies.
  • Facebook Groups: Numerous RC hobbyist groups exist on Facebook, where members share information on products and recommend their favorite brands and products. Simply search for “RC hobby” or “RC cars” to find groups in your area or niche.

Overall, the rave reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers are a testament to the quality and reputation of McAllister RC Bodies, making them a great option for RC enthusiasts looking to enhance their car’s appearance and performance.

What is a good RC truck brand?

One of the best RC truck brands is Horizon Hobby. They offer various product lines such as Axial, ARRMA, E-flite, Dynamite, Spektrum, and RealFlight, which are trusted by RC enthusiasts. These product lines are developed by individuals who share the same passion for RC as you. Visit their website to see their range of quality products.


McAllister RC Bodies offer an excellent way to upgrade the appearance and performance of your RC car. With a wide range of customizable options and realistic designs, McAllister RC Bodies are a popular choice for RC enthusiasts looking to enhance their car’s look and feel. These lightweight and durable bodies not only improve the overall aesthetics of the vehicle but also enhance its handling, aerodynamics, and steering. Installing and maintaining these bodies is also relatively straightforward, making it easy for hobbyists to upgrade their RC cars without hassle. With numerous positive reviews and satisfied customers, McAllister RC Bodies are a brand worth considering for anyone looking to improve their RC car’s appearance and performance.