The LH 1301 Helicopter: A Powerful Big Size Rotorcraft for Diverse Aviation Needs

The LH 1301 Helicopter: A Powerful Big Size Rotorcraft for Diverse Aviation Needs

The LH 1301 helicopter is a big size helicopter with impressive technical specifications and a wide range of applications. This rotorcraft is designed to cater to the needs of various sectors, including the military, healthcare, logistics, and transportation. With its sleek design and advanced features, the LH 1301 helicopter is a game-changer in the aviation industry. Its impressive speed, endurance, and payload capacity make it ideal for various missions that require quick and efficient transportation. The helicopter’s length is approximately 27 meters, while the rotor diameter is about 22 meters. It weighs around 15000 kg and can carry up to 20 passengers, depending on the version. With advanced avionics and state-of-the-art safety features, the LH 1301 helicopter is one of the safest and most reliable helicopters in the market. Its spacious interior and modern facilities provide a comfortable and convenient experience for the crew and passengers alike. In this article, we will delve deeper into the technical specifications, typical usage, and notable features of the LH 1301 helicopter big size, as well as compare it to its competitors and discuss its cost and availability.

Technical Specifications of LH 1301 Helicopter Big Size

The LH 1301 helicopter big size has impressive technical specifications that make it a favorite among helicopter enthusiasts. Some of its technical specifications include:

  • Dimensions: length of 27 meters, width of 2.5 meters and a height of 7.5 meters
  • Rotor Diameter: 22 meters
  • Weight: approximately 15000 kg
  • Maximum Speed: 315 km/h
  • Engine: two engines, each with 5536 horsepower
  • Fuel Capacity: approximately 3500 liters
  • Payload Capacity: up to 20 passengers, depending on the version
  • Endurance: 5.3 hours
  • Range: 1600 km

These technical specifications make the LH 1301 helicopter big size an exceptional helicopter for various missions. The helicopter’s powerful engines provide it with a high degree of agility, speed, and maneuverability, allowing it to reach its destination promptly. The fuel capacity and endurance enable the helicopter to go long distances without refueling, making it ideal for long haul missions. Moreover, the spacious interior provides cargo space, allowing the transportation of various goods, from medical supplies to building materials. With these excellent technological capabilities, it’s clear why the LH 1301 helicopter is a top choice in the aviation industry.

What are the capabilities of heavy helicopter?

Heavy helicopters are capable of lifting weights ranging from about 6,000 to 36,000 pounds. The Sikorsky CH-53 Super Stallion is considered to be the most capable heavy-duty helicopter, but is restricted to military use only.

The LH 1301 helicopter big size has impressive capabilities that make it suitable for various missions. Some of these missions include:

  • Transportation of goods, including construction materials, heavy equipment, and cargo
  • Passenger transport for VIPs, executives, and dignitaries
  • Medical evacuations
  • Search and rescue missions
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Military transport for troops, supplies, and equipment

The LH 1301 helicopter big size’s extensive endurance range and excellent payload capacity make it ideal for long-haul missions and carrying heavy loads. One of its significant advantages is its ability to land in remote or hard-to-reach areas, which makes it a popular choice for military and rescue operations. Additionally, the helicopter has a spacious interior, which provides high comfort levels for executive transport or VIP travel. Lastly, its advanced technology allows it to fly safely and efficiently, even in challenging weather conditions.

Below is a table that compares the LH 1301 helicopter big size with some of its main competitors:

Helicopter Model Payload Capacity Max Speed Range
LH 1301 Helicopter Big Size Up to 20 passengers 315 km/h 1600 km
CH-47 Chinook Up to 28 passengers 315 km/h 1160 km
Boeing AH-64 Apache Up to 2 crew and 2 passengers 293 km/h 480 km
Russian Mi-26 Up to 90 soldiers 295 km/h 800 km

It’s clear that the LH 1301 helicopter big size excels in terms of both speed and range, making it a top performer in its class.

What is the range of a large helicopter?

Large helicopters can fly from 250 to 400 miles on a single tank, while some military helicopters can go up to 1200 miles. For more information about helicopters and their capabilities, visit aviation websites or check out helicopter manufacturers’ products.

Notable Features of LH 1301 Helicopter Big Size

In addition to its impressive capabilities, the LH 1301 helicopter big size boasts some remarkable features that set it apart from other helicopters. Some of these features include:

  • Advanced autopilot system that enables the helicopter to fly securely and safely
  • State-of-the-art avionics, including glass cockpit displays, satellite navigation, and weather information systems
  • Noise-canceling technology that reduces the noise of the rotors, enhances communication, and provides a more comfortable experience for passengers
  • Comfortable and spacious cabin that can accommodate up to 20 passengers
  • Modern entertainment and communication systems that include Wi-Fi, a public address system, and multimedia screens
  • Superior crashworthiness that provides high-level protection in case of a crash
  • Emergency procedures that make the helicopter well-prepared for emergency situations such as medical evacuations or fire outbreaks

The LH 1301 helicopter big size also features an innovative fuel-saving system, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 20%. This system significantly reduces operational costs, making it an economical option for long-haul missions.

The helicopter’s high level of customization options enables owners to personalize it to their specific requirements. This customization includes different seating configurations, cargo handling options, and external paint schemes.

Overall, the LH 1301 helicopter big size‘s notable features make it a superior transport option for various missions, including transportation of goods and personnel, and medical evacuations.

What are unique features of helicopters?

Helicopters have unique features that set them apart from other aircraft. One of the most distinctive features of helicopters is their ability to take off and land vertically, as well as travel in any direction. This makes them exceptionally useful for reaching remote areas and exploring regions that other types of aircraft cannot access. In addition, the fastest recorded speed of a helicopter is 259 mph, which is faster than many people might think.

Competitors and Alternatives

The LH 1301 helicopter big size competes with several other helicopters in the market, each with its advantages and limitations. Some of its competitors and alternatives include:

  • Boeing Chinook CH-47F- A multi-mission helicopter primarily used by the military for transporting cargo and troops. It features a tandem rotor system that provides excellent stability and lift capacity.
  • AgustaWestland AW101- A medium-lift helicopter used extensively for military and commercial applications. It has excellent range, speed, and payload capacity, making it ideal for offshore operations.
  • Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion- A heavy-lift helicopter used extensively by the US Marine Corps. It has superior lift capacity, range, and payload capacity, making it ideal for transporting troops and combat equipment.
  • Eurocopter EC225- A medium-lift helicopter used for civilian and military applications. It has exceptional range and is known for its excellent performance under extreme weather conditions.

While each helicopter on the list has its unique features, the LH 1301 helicopter big size still stands out in terms of fuel efficiency, comfort, and customization options.

Furthermore, the LH 1301 helicopter big size provides better value for money in the long run. Its fuel-saving system considerably reduces operational costs, making it an economical choice for long-haul missions.

The LH 1301 helicopter big size is available for purchase and lease from various authorized dealers worldwide. Prospective buyers may check the official website of the manufacturer or authorized dealers for pricing, financing, or purchasing options.

What is the biggest and strongest helicopter?

The biggest and strongest helicopter is the Mil Mi-26, also known as the Halo. This Russian heavy transport helicopter is the largest and most powerful one to have gone into serial production. It is operated by both military and civilian operators. For more information, visit the Wikipedia page for Mil Mi-26.

The cost of acquiring and maintaining the LH 1301 helicopter big size may vary depending on factors such as customization, technical specifications, and market demand. However, compared to its competitors, this helicopter provides better value for money in the long run due to its fuel-saving system and maintenance efficiency.

For example, the LH 1301 helicopter big size may cost around $13-18 million to purchase, with an additional cost of approximately $2 million for customizations. Maintenance costs may range from $250,000-$500,000 annually, with annual insurance costs at around $150,000-$300,000.

Several authorized dealers worldwide offer purchasing and leasing options for the LH 1301 helicopter big size, including DSTL Aviation, RotorFX, and Helicopter Parts Inc.. Prospective buyers may check the official website of the manufacturer or authorized dealers for pricing, financing, or leasing options. Furthermore, some financial institutions such as banks and leasing companies may offer financing options for buyers who find it challenging to pay the full amount upfront.

In conclusion, investing in the LH 1301 helicopter big size may be a financially viable option for those looking for a comfortable, efficient, and cost-effective helicopter. With its advanced features, excellent fuel efficiency, and customizable options, it remains an ideal choice for various missions and applications.

What are the factors of helicopter?

Helicopters are affected by the same four forces as planes: lift, weight, drag, and thrust. This means that factors such as angle of attack, airfoil shape, and engine power all play a role in how a helicopter performs in flight. For more detailed information on helicopter design and function, you can visit websites such as Helicopter Foundation International or the Federal Aviation Administration.


In conclusion, the LH 1301 helicopter big size is a versatile and high-performance rotorcraft that can handle different missions and applications. With its impressive technical specifications, advanced features, and excellent safety and fuel efficiency, its performance surpasses other helicopters in its category. Whether you’re seeking transport for VIPs, cargo, or any mission that requires a spacious, comfortable, and reliable helicopter, the LH 1301 helicopter big size is a solid option worth considering.

Moreover, with its cost-effective features and availability worldwide, purchasing or leasing the LH 1301 helicopter big size is an affordable and accessible investment. Several authorized dealers and financing institutions offer flexible payment options and financing plans to make it easier for prospective buyers.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality, efficient, and reliable helicopter to suit your operations, the LH 1301 helicopter big size may give you the ultimate solution. With its ability to perform flawlessly in various terrains and weather conditions, it’s perfect for search and rescue operations, military missions, corporate transport, tourist activities, and many more. Contact a dealer near you and explore further information on this helicopter to take your experience to new heights.