Kyosho Inferno MP9e TKI Review

Kyosho Inferno MP9e TKI review

Length 490mm
Width 307mm
Height 180mm
Ground Clearance 28mm
Wheelbase 325mm (change rear hub collar positions – 4 settings)
Tread (F/R) 254mm (replace bushings – 3 rear, 2 front settings)
Tire(F/R) Sold separately
Gear Ratio 12.6:1
Weight 3,500g (with 5000 Lipo)

  • There are wide range of optional parts available
  • It is durable, sturdy and fast
  • MP9e TKI features front hub carrier that gives room for 3 caster angle settings
  • It is affordable
  • The stock motor as well as the esc of MP9e TKI is great
  • Complete ball bearing specifications
  • It is a silky smooth sensor-less system
  • The chassis is top notch and very solid
  • The cast aluminum steering knuckles look pretty solid



  • It needs stiffer springs


Kyosho Inferno MP9e TKI Review

Kyosho Inferno MP9e TKI is regarded as one of the best supercharged racing buggies around the world. This 1/8 electric buggy is the choice of the top drivers across the globe. This is because of its racing power and speed. MP9e TKI comes with the most advanced components you can ever think of, and it is completely equipped to win and worthy of the TKI brand.

This racing buggy stands out from the crowd as a result of its precision components, sturdiness, and additional racing speed that can be fine tuned with wider scope meant for custom settings. As far as your road to magnificence in 1/8 EP buggy racing is concerned, MP9e TKI is your best bet. It is aspiring to be the best in its category.

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Review of Kyosho Inferno MP9e TKI

It is imperative to consider the some of the features that make MP9e TKI unique among other racing cars, in order to make this review a comprehensive one.


  • Adjusted front hub carrier to make 3 caster angles
  • Suspension with bushings – This is the feature that get rid of the use of E-rings for exceptional setting and maintenance
  • 4Ghz system
  • Rear suspension arms – Keep dirt away from drive shafts and wheels
  • 2100Kv Team Orion NEONS and Team Orion ESC Brushless Motor
  • KT-201 transmitter with huge LCD – This feature makes setting changes uncomplicated
  • Shock stays with gun metal finish for hard-hitting performance
  • Permanent 4×4 wheel drive together with 3 diff shaft drive and 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension – This is the feature that adds to low C of G
  • Matchless motor mount – allows for replacement of the motor or adjustment of the gear mesh by loosening two screws from the top
  • Redesigned body – Conveys enhanced aerodynamics for better controllability
  • Complete ball bearing specifications
  • Adjusted roll center for changing the suspension bushings in the lower arm
  • Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier – Offers increased traction and more rigidity
  • Lightweight Diff Shaft – Reduces drive loss
  • Machine-Cut Aluminum Motor Mount – Gives room for easy and fast adjustment of backlash and motor replacement
  • Aluminum Wing Stay Collars – Offers improved crash resistance and increased strength and rigidity
  • The TKI Version Body – Delivers superior aerodynamics with the forward cabin type of body
  • A-7075 Rear Suspension Holder – This is the feature that realizes bursting capacity of rear suspension with additional inflexibility and might of A7075 grade aluminum
  • A-7075 Steering Plate – Gives clear-cut and reliable steering under tough racing conditions with the additional potency and firmness of A-7075 grade aluminum
  • A-7075 Main Chassis

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