Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter: A High-Performance RC Helicopter for Enthusiasts

Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter: A High-Performance RC Helicopter for Enthusiasts

Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter is a great entry-level model for beginners. This remote control helicopter is the perfect way to enter the world of RC helicopters. Known for its performance and durability, the Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter is a top model for hobby enthusiasts. With its sleek and modern design, the helicopter can easily be adjusted and customized to fit the personal preference of the user. The Kyosho Concept has powerful motor capabilities that make for a fast and enjoyable flight experience. Its rotor blades provide smooth flying, and the helicopter’s ability to handle tight spaces and quick maneuvering makes it a favorite among many pilots. The helicopter comes equipped with all the necessary components to get started, including the transmitter, charger, and a comprehensive instruction manual, making it ready to fly right out of the box. The Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter is a practical and affordable option for anyone looking for a high-quality RC helicopter to enjoy.

The Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter comes equipped with many features that make it stand out in the RC helicopter market. Here are some of the best features that the Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter offers:

  • The helicopter has a powerful engine that provides a fast and exciting flight experience
  • The transmission provides reliable and efficient power transfer for high-quality flight performance
  • The sophisticated radio control system ensures maximum stability and precision
  • The precision rotor blades allow smooth, accurate control during flight
  • The helicopter’s advanced flight capabilities allow pilots to fly in tight spaces with quick, responsive movements
  • The helicopter’s stylish and modern design makes it appealing to hobby enthusiasts

In addition to its impressive features, the Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter has a number of customizable options that users can adjust to fit their personal preferences. The helicopter is compatible with a variety of different aftermarket accessories, such as improved rotor blades and landing gear. This allows users to customize their helicopter to better suit their needs and preferences. Overall, the Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, high-quality RC helicopter.

If you are interested in purchasing the Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter, it is available online on Amazon or at your local hobby store. With its advanced features and customizable options, the Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter is sure to provide an exciting and unforgettable flying experience.

Flying the Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter offers an exciting and smooth experience that advanced pilots will appreciate. Here are some of the features that make it stand out:

  • The helicopter’s advanced flight capabilities allow it to fly at high speeds and make quick turns with precision and control
  • The helicopter’s digital proportional radio control system provides superior control and a reliable connection between the pilot and the helicopter, reducing interference from other radio signals
  • The helicopter’s powerful engine makes it ideal for outdoor and indoor use, as it can navigate through tight spaces with ease
  • The Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter has an adjustable pitch system that allows the user to change the angle of the rotor blades for more precise control, making it easier to fly in harder-to-reach areas
  • The helicopter has an advanced gyro system that ensures stability and precision even in windy conditions, making it ideal for outdoor flying

To ensure that you get the most out of your Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter, you should consider investing in some complementary accessories and products. For example, a durable landing gear can help reduce damage to the helicopter during landing, while a modular battery compartment can make it easier to swap out batteries during flight sessions.


Specifications Details
Length 660mm
Height 220mm
Main rotor 730mm
Tail rotor 130mm
Weight 2000g

How does RC helicopter works?

RC helicopters work by changing the pitch of their rotor blades and the speed or pitch of their tail rotor to control movement. They use the same flight-control names as RC planes but have different physical control surfaces. To learn more about RC helicopters, there are many informative websites like RC Groups and RC Planet that offer a wide range of products for enthusiasts.

Accessories and Spare Parts

Kyosho offers a few accessories and spare parts for the Concept 30 helicopter that can keep it in top condition and make flying even more enjoyable. Some of these products include:

  • Main Rotor Set
  • Tail Rotor Set
  • Blades
  • Landing Gear Assembly Set
  • Main Frame Set
  • Battery Plate and Frame Set
  • Modular Battery Compartment
  • Aluminum Engine Mount
  • Integral Rotor Radius Arm Set

Additionally, customers can also reload their batteries with Kyosho’s in-house charger. In order to fly the Kyosho Concept 30 safely and comfortably, make sure you check the manufacturer’s website for tips and provided instructions on how to assemble the helicopter, charge the batteries, and maintain it properly to prevent issues with the product.

Furthermore, some hobby shops also offer spare parts and accessories, so you may want to check them out if you need a product that is not available on the Kyosho’s website.


Investing in a Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter is an excellent decision for advanced pilots looking to fly a reliable, high-quality RC helicopter. With its advanced features, flight capabilities, and top-quality design, the Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter can provide an exciting and unforgettable experience. Although Kyosho’s website is a convenient place to purchase and check accessories for your helicopter, acquiring at hobby shops or different manufacturers might provide you with more choices and widen your options to ensure a smooth and safe flight experience.

What is accessories and parts?

Parts are essential pieces of equipment that help an appliance function. Examples of parts include switches on a kitchen appliance. Spare parts, on the other hand, are extras that replace damaged or lost parts. Accessories are optional pieces of equipment that come with the respective appliance, for instance, a mixer sold with a spatula. For more information on appliance parts and accessories, visit websites that offer these products.

The Kyosho Concept 30 helicopter is relatively affordable compared to other high-end RC helicopters in its class. While specific price points vary depending on the seller, customers can expect to spend around $300 – $500 USD. While this may seem expensive, the quality of the helicopter justifies the cost. Other benefits of investing in Kyosho Concept 30 helicopter include:

  • High-end design and engineering built for advanced flyers
  • Powerful engine and transmission for smooth operation
  • Precision rotor performance and stability in flight
  • Robust and reliable radio control system

While the Kyosho Concept 30 helicopter may be more expensive than other RC helicopters on the market, its price is worth it for those who enjoy flying high-quality helicopters with advanced features and exceptional design.

If you are thinking of buying a Kyosho Concept 30 helicopter, you can purchase them directly from Kyosho’s website, or you may consider checking out hobby shops or other RC helicopter manufacturers to search for deals and discounts.

For those who want to ensure that they are purchasing the right RC helicopter, checking out customer reviews and forums can also help shed some light on others’ experiences with the helicopter. This helps provide more information on the pros and cons and benefits of the Kyosho Concept 30 helicopter, as well as make a more informed decision before purchasing.

With all of its fantastic features, investing in the Kyosho Concept 30 helicopter can provide a great experience for those who want to take their RC helicopter flying to the next level.

Which is better RC drone or helicopter?

It is widely accepted that drones are better than RC helicopters for aerial photography and filmmaking due to their stability, which makes them easier to fly and control. This makes them ideal for both commercial and recreational use. If you’re looking for a quality drone, check out DJI or Parrot products.


In conclusion, the Kyosho Concept 30 helicopter is an impressive RC helicopter with advanced features and exceptional design quality that makes it stand out from other helicopters in its class. With powerful engine and transmission, Precision rotor performance, and a reliable radio control system, it provides a fantastic flying experience that is suitable for both experienced and new pilots.

The helicopter is relatively affordable when you consider its quality and the advanced features it possesses. You can buy it directly from Kyosho’s website or search for discounts and deals from hobby shops and other RC helicopter manufacturers.

All in all, the Kyosho Concept 30 helicopter is a great investment for those who want to experience high-quality helicopters with advanced features and exceptional design. With its fantastic features and versatility, this helicopter is suitable for both casual flyers and advanced enthusiasts. So, if you are in the market for an RC helicopter, be sure to check out the Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter.