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Below you’ll find parameters and specification of the KDS INNOVA 700 6CH 3D Review.

Brand: KDS
Item:  INNOVA 700
Product: 6CH RC Helicotpter
Body Length: 1320mm
Body Height: 410mm
Body Width: 195mm
Main Blade Length: 690mm(not included)
Tail Blade Length: 105mm(not included)
Helicopter Kit Weight: 2500g Approx.
Recommend Accessories(not included):
Motor Pinion: 12T
Main Motor: 115T
Tail Transmit Gear: 42T
Tial Drive Gear: 24T
Gear Ratio: 9.6:1:4.6
Transmitter: 6ch or above
Receiver: 6ch or above
Battery: 12S 5000mAh
Flybarless System: EBAR v2
Motor: 500KV Brushless Motor
ESC: 160A HV
Main Blade: 690mm
Tail Blade: 105mm
Note: the product is unassembled kit, not included main and tail balde, other electric parts.
1* KDS INNOVA 700 6CH RC Helicopter Kit
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