HPI WR8 Flux: The Ultimate High-Performance RC Car

HPI WR8 Flux: The Ultimate High-Performance RC Car

The HPI WR8 Flux is a remote-controlled car that has gained widespread popularity among hobbyists and enthusiasts. Its unique body design and high-performance capabilities have caught the attention of many in the RC car community. The car boasts a four-wheel-drive system, high-traction tires, and waterproof electronics, making it well-equipped to handle a variety of terrains. Additionally, the HPI WR8 Flux is powered by a brushless motor and LiPo battery, which provide it with impressive speed and acceleration capabilities. In this article, we will explore the different features and specifications of the HPI WR8 Flux, as well as its performance, durability, customization options, price, and availability.

Features and specifications

  • The HPI WR8 Flux has a sleek and sturdy body shell that’s designed to resemble a rally car.
  • Its dimensions are 485mm x 227mm x 172mm and it weighs approximately 2.86 kg.
  • The car features a shaft-driven 4WD system, as well as a set of high-traction HPI vintage rally tires that provide excellent grip and stability.
  • The electronics, including the receiver, servo, and brushless motor system, are all waterproof, making the HPI WR8 Flux well-suited for off-road use.
  • The car’s power is sourced from a high-capacity 4000mAh 3S LiPo battery, which provides up to 30-40 minutes of driving time on a full charge.
  • It features a brushless motor and an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) that’s capable of handling up to 3S LiPo batteries, giving it impressive speed and acceleration capabilities.

Is the HPI WR8 Flux suitable for off-road use?

Yes, the HPI WR8 Flux is suitable for off-road use.

Performance and handling

  • The HPI WR8 Flux is capable of reaching speeds of up to 60 km/h, making it one of the fastest RC cars in its class.
  • Its responsive steering and agile handling make it well-suited for both on-road and off-road driving.
  • The car’s four-wheel drive system and high-traction tires give it excellent off-road capabilities, allowing it to handle rough terrain with ease.
  • The HPI WR8 Flux has been tested and reviewed by many RC car enthusiasts, who praise its impressive speed, acceleration, and handling abilities.
Specification Measurement
Length 485mm (19.09″)
Width 227mm (8.94″)
Height 172mm (6.77″)
Wheelbase 300mm (11.81″)
Weight 2.86kg (6.31lb)
Top speed 60 km/h (37 mph)

What are the dimensions and weight of the HPI WR8 Flux RC car?

The dimensions of the HPI WR8 Flux RC car are 485mm x 227mm x 172mm, and its weight is 2.9kg.

Maintenance and durability

  • To ensure the optimal performance of the HPI WR8 Flux, regular maintenance is needed.
  • The car’s chassis and other components should be cleaned and inspected after each use, and any damage or wear should be repaired or replaced promptly.
  • The car’s waterproof electronics make it resistant to damage from water, which is a common issue with other RC cars.
  • The durable construction of the HPI WR8 Flux means that it can withstand minor crashes and impacts without sustaining significant damage.
  • Replacement parts for the HPI WR8 Flux are widely available, and many online retailers offer upgrade parts to enhance the performance and durability of the car.

What are some common maintenance tasks for the HPI WR8 Flux RC car?

Some common maintenance tasks for the HPI WR8 Flux RC car include cleaning the car after each use, checking the gear mesh periodically, lubricating moving parts, and inspecting the battery and motor for any issues.

Customization and upgrade options

  • The HPI WR8 Flux can be customized and upgraded with a variety of aftermarket parts and modifications.
  • Upgrading the car’s suspension with aluminum components can improve its handling and stability at high speeds.
  • Upgrading the car’s motor controller can enhance its acceleration and overall speed.
  • Upgrading the car’s tires can improve its traction and performance on various surfaces, including dirt and sand.
  • Many online retailers sell upgrade parts and kits for the HPI WR8 Flux, and there are also many forums and communities dedicated to sharing tips and tricks for customizing and improving the car.

What types of aftermarket parts and modifications can be used to upgrade the HPI WR8 Flux?

The HPI WR8 Flux can be upgraded with a variety of aftermarket parts and modifications, including upgraded shocks, suspension components, tires, wheels, motors, ESCs, and bodies.

Price and availability

  • The HPI WR8 Flux is priced between $400-$500, depending on the retailer and any included accessories or modifications.
  • It is available for purchase online through major retailers such as Amazon, as well as through in-person hobby shops and automotive stores.
  • There are also various online marketplaces where both new and used HPI WR8 Flux cars can be purchased, such as eBay and Craigslist.
  • The HPI WR8 Flux has been a popular model for several years and is expected to remain in production for the foreseeable future.

Where can I purchase the HPI WR8 Flux?

You can purchase the HPI WR8 Flux from authorized HPI retailers or online stores.


In conclusion, the HPI WR8 Flux is an impressive remote-controlled car that offers top-of-the-line features, performance, and durability. With its four-wheel drive, high-traction tires, and waterproof electronics, it can handle a variety of terrains and weather conditions. The brushless motor and LiPo battery power source provide impressive speed and acceleration capabilities, making it a thrill to drive. Additionally, the model allows hobbyists and enthusiasts to customize and upgrade the car to their desired specifications, allowing for increased performance and aesthetic appeal.

Although the HPI WR8 Flux’s price range may be higher than some other RC cars on the market, its advanced features and durability make it a worthwhile investment for serious RC car enthusiasts. Its availability through both online and in-person retailers ensures that interested buyers will have easy access to this model.

Overall, the HPI WR8 Flux is a top choice for anyone looking for a high-quality remote-controlled car that offers exceptional performance and customization options. Whether you’re an experienced hobbyist or a newcomer to the world of RC cars, the HPI WR8 Flux is sure to provide an enjoyable and exciting driving experience.