How to Repair RC Helicopter Wings: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Repair RC Helicopter Wings: A Step-by-Step Guide

RC helicopters are miniature aircraft that give people an experience of flying without leaving the ground. These small machines, commonly referred to as drones, come in different shapes and sizes with different specifications. RC helicopters have gained popularity, especially among enthusiasts and model aircraft collectors. These machines are not only fun to fly but can also be used for photography and videography. However, just like any other machine, RC helicopters can break down, and the wings are a critical component. The wings can be damaged in various ways, such as crashes, strong winds, or age. If you’re a budding enthusiast, it’s important to know how to repair the wings when they break. Even if you’re an experienced drone enthusiast, accidents can still happen, so learning how to repair the wings is a valuable skill. In this article, we will outline the steps on how to replace and repair wings for your RC helicopter. These steps will help to keep your machine flying high and ensure that you don’t miss out on an exciting adventure due to a damaged wing.

Repairing RC Helicopter Wings

Repairing the wings of an RC helicopter can seem intimidating, but it’s a task that most enthusiasts should learn. The following steps will guide you on how to repair the wings:

  1. Identify the extent of the damage: The first step to repairing the wings is identifying the extent of the damage. Depending on the severity of the damage, some wings may not be repairable.
  2. Materials needed: You will need a screwdriver, a replacement wing or wing material, and glue.
  3. Detach the damaged wing: Unscrew the damaged wing and detach it from the helicopter.
  4. Repair the wing: View the instructions manual for guidance on how to fix the wing. Apply glue to the wing and attach it to its original position. Ensure that the glue dries correctly before testing the helicopter.

If you don’t have the materials or feel the damage is irreparable, replacement is always an option. It’s essential to purchase the right wing for your RC helicopter to avoid causing further damage to the machine. There are various online stores where you can purchase a replacement wing or other spare parts. Some popular online stores include Amazon, eBay, and HobbyKing among others.

Why is my RC helicopter not lifting off?

Here are a few reasons why your RC helicopter might not be lifting off:

  • The battery might be dead or low on power. Replace or recharge the battery.
  • The helicopter might be too heavy for the battery to lift. Remove any unnecessary weight from the helicopter.
  • The rotor blades might be damaged or not installed correctly. Check the blades and replace them if necessary.
  • The helicopter might not be properly calibrated. Check the instructions and recalibrate the helicopter if needed.
  • The controls might not be set up correctly. Double-check the controls and adjust them if necessary.

If you need further assistance, consider consulting an RC helicopter expert or visiting an RC forum or community for advice.

Replacing RC Helicopter Wings

Replacing the wing is the best option when the damage is beyond repair or the repair is not cost-effective. Here are the steps to follow when replacing the wing of an RC helicopter:

  1. Purchase a new wing: Identify the right wing to replace the damaged one. Purchase only the replacement recommended by the manufacturer to avoid complications.
  2. Detach the good wing: Unscrew the screws attaching the good wing to the helicopter to have access to the damaged wing.
  3. Remove the broken wing: Remove the screws on the broken wing and set them aside for replacement.
  4. Attach the replacement wing: Place the new wing in position and attach the screws to the helicopter. Ensure that the screw is tight enough to hold the wing in place.


In conclusion, repairing or replacing the wings of an RC helicopter is an essential skill for any enthusiast. By following the steps above, you can repair or replace the wing and ensure that the helicopter is in good condition. Keep in mind that it’s crucial to use the right materials to avoid causing further damage to the RC helicopter. With practice, repairing or replacing the wings of an RC helicopter becomes an easy task.