Lost Tello Drone? Tips for Finding Your Missing Drone

Lost Tello Drone? Tips for Finding Your Missing Drone

Drones have become increasingly popular over the years, and it’s not hard to see why. They offer an exciting new way to capture beautiful aerial photographs and videos, and they can be used in a variety of settings, from professional cinematography to personal hobby projects. However, with any technology comes the risk of malfunctions or mistakes that can lead to a drone becoming lost during flight. Losing your Tello drone can be a frustrating experience, but fortunately, there are several steps you can take to increase your chances of finding it. Whether you’re an experienced drone pilot or a beginner, taking the right steps can help you recover your lost drone and get back to flying in no time. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks to help you find a lost Tello drone, so you can get back to the fun and excitement of flying.

Using GPS to find your lost drone

If your drone becomes lost during flight, the first thing you should do is attempt to locate it yourself. However, if you’ve searched the area thoroughly and still can’t find your drone, using GPS is your next best option. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Check if your drone has GPS capabilities. If it does, this can be extremely helpful in locating it.
  • If you do have GPS capabilities, use an online mapping software like Google Maps or Apple Maps to try and pinpoint the drone’s current location.
  • If you don’t have GPS capabilities on your drone, you can try using the GPS on your phone or a handheld GPS device to help with your search.
  • If you’re unsure of how to use GPS to find your drone, check out online tutorials or videos for step-by-step guidance.
  • Consider investing in a GPS tracker specifically designed for drones, such as the Trackimo GPS Tracker. This can give you peace of mind and increase your chances of finding your drone in case of loss or theft.

Can you GPS track a drone?

Yes, many drones come equipped with GPS tracking technology. This allows the drone to be located if it were to become lost or fly too far out of range. Additionally, there are several drone tracking apps and products available on the market, such as DroneTracker and Hover GPS, that can help you locate your drone. However, it’s important to note that not all drones come with GPS tracking, so you should do your research before purchasing one if this is a feature you desire.

Using smartphone apps to find your lost drone

Another useful method for locating a lost Tello drone is using a smartphone app that can connect to the drone’s camera and GPS.

Here are some popular apps to consider:

App Name Platform Price Features
droneDeploy iOS and Android Free Live mapping and 3D modeling, real-time location tracking, customizable flight plans
DJI GO 4 iOS and Android Free Real-time flight data, intelligent flight modes, camera settings control, live stream to social media
Hover iOS and Android Free Real-time drone location and status, flight logs, weather and traffic updates, FAA airspace information

It’s important to note that some apps may only work with specific drone models, so be sure to read the app descriptions and reviews before downloading.

Additionally, some drones may have their own companion apps that can be helpful in locating a lost drone. Check the manufacturer’s website or manual for more information.

By using a smartphone app, you can potentially locate and retrieve your lost drone more quickly and efficiently.

How do you use a smartphone as a drone?

Using a smartphone as a drone is possible with the help of a few applications and software. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get started:

  1. Find a drone that is compatible with your smartphone.
  2. Download a drone application on your smartphone, such as DJI Go, which is compatible with most drones.
  3. Connect your smartphone to the drone’s WiFi network.
  4. Open the drone application and start the live video feed.
  5. Use your smartphone’s touchscreen to control the drone’s camera and movements.
  6. Remember to always follow local regulations and guidelines when flying a drone.

Some popular drones that are compatible with smartphones include DJI Mavic Mini, DJI Phantom 4, and Parrot Bebop 2. You can find more information about these drones and their smartphone compatibility on their respective websites.

Staying safe while searching for a lost drone

While finding a lost Tello drone can be frustrating, it’s important to prioritize safety during the search process. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid flying your drone near areas with dense foliage or high winds, as these can make it harder to locate a lost drone.
  • If your drone has a “return to home” feature, use this as soon as you detect that the drone is lost.
  • Take note of any landmarks or points of reference around the area where the drone was last seen.
  • Inform any people in the area that you are flying your drone and may be searching for it. This can prevent misunderstandings or potential conflicts.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and bring any necessary equipment that can help you navigate the terrain safely.
  • Don’t continue searching if the search area is in a dangerous location or condition.

By prioritizing your safety during the search, you can ensure that the process remains both safe and effective.

Can you track down a drone?

Yes, you can track down a drone, depending on the features and capabilities of the drone. Here are some ways to track down a drone:

  • Some drones come with GPS tracking features that can help locate them in case of a flyaway or loss.
  • Using a drone tracker such as Trackimo or Marco Polo can help locate the drone.
  • Recreational drones weighing more than 0.55 pounds need to be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which can help in case of lost or stolen drones.

However, it’s important to note that tracking down a drone doesn’t necessarily mean retrieving it. If your drone has flown out of range or crashed in a difficult to access area, it may be difficult or impossible to recover.

Preventing Future Drone Losses

While losing a drone can be frustrating, there are steps you can take to prevent future losses. Some tips include:

  • Check the weather forecast and avoid flying your drone in adverse weather conditions, such as high winds, rain, or snow.
  • Ensure your drone’s battery is fully charged before each flight.
  • Keep your drone within sight and avoid flying it too high or too far away.
  • Consider adding a GPS tracking device to your drone to locate it if it gets lost.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the drone’s controls and features before flying it.
  • Invest in a drone recovery system, which can parachute your drone back to the ground if it gets lost or the battery dies.

By following these tips and best practices, you can reduce the risk of losing your drone during flight and enjoy a smoother and more successful flying experience.

How not to lose a drone?

  • Always keep your drone within eye-sight while flying
  • Make sure to calibrate your drone’s compass and GPS before each flight
  • Use the “Return to Home” feature if your drone has one
  • Set up geofencing to prevent your drone from flying out of range
  • Attach a GPS tracker or an electronic beeper to your drone just in case

If you’re interested in a reliable GPS tracker or a beeper for your drone, check out websites like drone-world.com or getfpv.com.


Losing your Tello drone can be a frustrating experience, but with the right tools and techniques, you can easily locate your drone and prevent future losses. From retracing your steps and utilizing GPS technology to investing in drone recovery systems, there are various strategies you can use to recover your lost drone.

Remember to take necessary safety precautions when searching for your drone, and always prioritize the safety of yourself and others. By following the tips and guidance provided in this article, you can become a more responsible drone owner and ensure a smooth and successful flying experience.

Though, if you are unable to recover your lost drone, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer or the vendor for help. They may have some helpful tips and suggestions on how to recover your lost drone. Remember, taking care of your drone can lead to longer flying hours and more fun experiences.