Exploring the Great Planes Spacewalker: A Classic in Aviation History.

Exploring the Great Planes Spacewalker: A Classic in Aviation History.

The Great Planes Spacewalker is a beloved classic aircraft that has been enjoyed by pilots and aviation enthusiasts for decades. Designed by Henry Haffke, this two-seater aircraft with open cockpit offers a unique and unforgettable flying experience. The Spacewalker has a sturdy construction, and it is known for its sleek and retro design that is inspired by aerobatic aircraft from the 1930s. The Spacewalker was first introduced in 1964, and it became popular among private pilots who were looking for an aircraft that was designed for pleasure flying. The welded steel tube fuselage and wooden wings give the Spacewalker a classic look and feel that has stood the test of time. Pilots who fly the Spacewalker rave about its responsiveness, maneuverability, and precision flying capabilities. The aircraft requires skill and practice to fly, especially during landing and taking-off due to its tailwheel configuration. The open cockpit design of the Spacewalker is also an unforgettable experience, providing pilots with a truly immersive flying experience that allows them to feel every gust of wind during flight. Despite its classic design, the Great Planes Spacewalker has embraced modern technology and advancements in aviation, with modern models such as ARF’s and kit versions available for customization.

Design and Development

The Great Planes Spacewalker is a remarkable aircraft that has a unique design and fascinating development history. Some noteworthy points regarding its design and development are mentioned below:

  • Henry Haffke designed the Spacewalker in 1964.
  • The Spacewalker’s design is inspired by the aerobatic aircraft designs of the 1930s.
  • The Spacewalker’s construction includes welded steel tube fuselage and wooden wings that give it a classic look.
  • Its sleek retro design is one of the reasons it is still so popular amongst aviation enthusiasts.
  • The Spacewalker was built exclusively for recreational flying and was not designed for racing or aerobatics.
  • Most of the Spacewalker’s components are handcrafted, producing an aircraft that is unique.

In conclusion, The Great Planes Spacewalker is one of the staple aircraft in the aviation industry and has stood the test of time due to its unique design and solid construction. It will continue to be a beloved and celebrated aircraft model for many years to come. If you want to know more about the Spacewalker, visit its official website or find out a trusted third-party review.

‘Who is the designer of the Great Planes Spacewalker’?

The Great Planes Spacewalker is a well-known and beloved model airplane that many aviation enthusiasts and hobbyists have come to admire. The man behind the design of this stunning aircraft is the late Pat Tritle, an accomplished designer and modeler who has left a lasting impact on the RC model airplane community.

Pat Tritle was known for his unique and innovative designs that were both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. His passion for aviation and model airplanes led him to create some of the most beloved models in the RC airplane world, one of which is the Great Planes Spacewalker.

The Great Planes Spacewalker is a beautiful recreation of the classic 1930s-era biplane, featuring a striking red and white color scheme and a large wingspan that makes it a joy to fly. This model is highly sought after for its excellent flight characteristics and its ability to perform a wide range of aerobatic maneuvers.

While Pat Tritle may no longer be with us, his legacy lives on through his incredible designs and the countless hobbyists who continue to enjoy his creations. The Great Planes Spacewalker is just one example of the many contributions he made to the world of model aviation and is sure to remain a beloved model for years to come.

Flying the Great Planes Spacewalker

The Great Planes Spacewalker is a unique and thrilling aircraft to fly. It offers a truly immersive flying experience that is quite different from flying a traditional closed-cockpit airplane. Some important points that pilots need to keep in mind while flying the Spacewalker are listed below:

  • Because of the Spacewalker’s aerobatic capabilities, It’s important to properly check the aircraft before starting the engine and to perform basic checks before takeoff.
  • The Spacewalker has a lightweight and responsive airframe that makes it very agile in the air, but it also means that pilots must be very aware of weather conditions and turbulence.
  • The open cockpit design is unique and also makes it necessary for pilots to wear protective gear such as glasses, and ear protection.
  • Due to the aircraft being tailwheel geared, pilots must take extra care during takeoff and landing procedures and familiarize themselves with the aircraft’s emergency handling procedures.

On the other hand, flying the Spacewalker is also an unforgettable experience due to the following reasons:

  • It offers a panoramic view of the surrounding environment, making pilots feel completely immersed in the flight experience.
  • The aircraft’s quick and responsive handling make it ideal for aerobatic flying, allowing pilots to try out a range of maneuvers such as loops and barrel rolls.
Pros Cons
Unique open cockpit design Less weather protection
Responsive and agile airframe Pilots must provide their own ear and eye protection
Panoramic view of surroundings Limited space to carry baggage
Ideal for aerobatic flight Learning may take more time than usual

‘What safety gear is necessary when flying the Great Planes Spacewalker’?

When flying the Great Planes Spacewalker, it is crucial to have the necessary safety gear to ensure your flight goes smoothly and safely. The following are essential safety gear you should never skimp on:

1. Helmet – A helmet will protect your head from any potential impact, and it should fit snugly on your head to prevent any shifting during flight.

2. Safety Goggles – Goggles protect your eyes from the wind and any debris that may fly into your face during flight.

3. Flight suit – It is essential to wear a flight suit that protects your skin from abrasions and windburn while also providing insulation to keep you warm in colder temperatures.

4. Transceiver – A transceiver is a vital communication tool that allows you to communicate with other pilots and air traffic control during flight.

5. Safety Harness – If the worst-case scenario happens, the safety harness will keep you in place and prevent you from falling out of your seat.

6. Gloves – Gloves provide additional protection to your hands during flight, helping to protect them from the wind and any potential scratches or cuts.

In conclusion, wearing the appropriate safety gear when flying the Great Planes Spacewalker is essential for your safety. Each item of safety gear serves a specific purpose, protecting different parts of your body to ensure you remain safe and protected during your flight. Always make sure to have the necessary safety gear before taking off to ensure the best possible flying experience.

Modern Spacewalker Models

Despite its classic design, the Great Planes Spacewalker has been adapted to include modern features and technology. Today, several modern Spacewalker models are available on the market that feature various customization options and technological advancements. Below are some examples:

  • The Great Planes Spacewalker ARF model is an Almost-Ready-to-Fly version of the aircraft that allows pilots to assemble the aircraft quickly and customize it according to their preferences. It’s pre-covered with an Oracover fabric shrink film that gives it a beautiful finish.
  • The Gold Edition Spacewalker ARF model is an upgraded version of the standard Spacewalker ARF model. It has an even more stunning, sleek finish and up-to-date features. The wings are designed with the latest laser-cutting techniques in model-building. All the parts are included except for the engine, radio gear, and battery, making this a more personalized experience for the pilot.
  • For pilots who prefer to build and customize their Spacewalker from scratch, a Spacewalker kit is available. This is a full kit that includes all the parts necessary to build the aircraft, and it comes with both wooden and aluminum landing gear options.

Important note: When making your selection, keep in mind that buying kits require more time and effort and Assembly instructions are usually for experienced builders only. However, these two options offer extensive customization for aircraft enthusiasts who value having control over every aspect of their aircraft.

What are the different options for customizing a modern Spacewalker model?

If you are looking to customize a modern Spacewalker model, you actually have a lot of options at your disposal. First and foremost, you can choose from a variety of colors to really make your model stand out. These colors range from classic metal finishes to bright, bold hues that will certainly get noticed in any room.

In addition to color options, many modern Spacewalker models also come with customizable parts. For example, you can choose different wheels or tires to make your model more unique. You can also opt for different accessories, such as custom headlights or spoilers, to really make your model your own.

Another popular customization option for modern Spacewalker models is to add graphics or decals to the design. This can be a great way to showcase your personal style or to promote your brand or company.

Overall, when it comes to customizing a modern Spacewalker model, the sky is truly the limit. With so many options for color, parts, accessories, and graphics, you can create a model that is truly one-of-a-kind and that will be sure to turn heads wherever you take it.


The Great Planes Spacewalker is an iconic aircraft with a rich history and an enduring appeal to aviation enthusiasts. It offers a thrilling flying experience that is unmatched by many other aircraft, thanks to its open cockpit design and responsive handling. Whether you are a seasoned pilot or a newcomer to aviation, the Spacewalker is a unique and exciting aircraft that is definitely worth a closer look. With modern variants available, pilots can now fly a Spacewalker with upgraded features, and build one to meet their unique preferences. Regardless of what path you take, flying a Great Planes Spacewalker is an experience that will stay with you forever.