Best Cheap RC Planes: Affordable Choices for Thrilling Flights

Best Cheap RC Planes: Affordable Choices for Thrilling Flights

RC planes can be an exciting and engaging hobby for people of all ages. Whether you’re an experienced pilot or a beginner, the feeling of controlling a remote-controlled airplane soaring through the skies can be exhilarating. However, purchasing an RC plane can sometimes seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re on a budget. Luckily, it’s entirely possible to find good quality and affordable RC planes that won’t break the bank. With a little research, you can find an RC plane that meets your needs, skill level, and budget. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best options for good cheap RC planes, including their features, capabilities, and specifications. Whether you’re looking for a beginner-friendly plane or an aerobatic machine, we’ve got you covered. By the end of this article, you’ll have a good understanding of some of the top cheap RC planes available, and be better equipped to make an informed purchasing decision.

Top Picks for Good Cheap RC Planes

After researching some of the best affordable RC planes, we’ve come up with a list of top picks. Here are four options that provide excellent value for their price:

  • HobbyZone Sport Cub S RTF RC Plane: This is a great starter plane with a beginner-friendly design. Its SAFE technology ensures a stable and smooth flight, while its durable design can withstand minor crashes. With an impressive flight time of around 6-8 minutes and a range of up to 650 feet, the HobbyZone Sport Cub S is a perfect first RC plane for new pilots.
  • Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver RC Plane: With an impressive scale design and a wing-span of 59 inches, the Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver RC Plane is a stunning option for pilots. Its brushless motor provides excellent power, and the plane’s aerobatic capabilities make it ideal for intermediate to advanced pilots. Additionally, with its tough EPO foam and carbon fiber spars, it can withstand harsh landings and minor accidents.
  • Volantex Ranger G2 RC Plane: The Volantex Ranger G2 RC Plane is perfect for recreational flying and aerial photography with its durable and lightweight airframe. Its efficient brushless motor and long-range radio control make it a reliable choice for hobbyists. Additionally, the Volantex Ranger G2 comes with a GPS system, which allows for GPS return-to-home functionality and “follow me” mode.
  • XK A430 RC Plane: The XK A430 RC Plane is a low-cost option with outstanding aerobatic performance. Its built-in 6-axis gyro ensures stability and precision, while its lightweight design is optimal for high-speed maneuvers. It’s also equipped with a 2.4 GHz radio system, allowing for long-distance control.

All of these planes come at an affordable price without sacrificing quality or performance. If you’re looking for a good cheap RC plane, any of these options would be an excellent place to start.

What is the best RC plane to start with?

The best RC plane to start with depends on your experience level and preferences. For beginners, a high-wing trainer plane such as the HobbyZone Sport Cub S or the E-flite Apprentice S 15e is recommended. Both have stability features like SAFE technology or AS3X and are easy to control. If you’re looking for a more exciting flying experience, a sport plane like the E-flite Valiant 1.3m or the FMS Sky Trainer 182 can provide aerobatic capabilities. Always make sure to read reviews, watch video demonstrations, and consult with experienced RC pilots before making a purchase. RCGroups and Horizon Hobby are great resources for finding more information on RC planes.

Good cheap RC planes can provide hours of fun and exciting flying experiences without breaking the bank. Here are some top picks for good cheap RC planes that are packed with features and affordable for any budget.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these top picks for good cheap RC planes:

  • The HobbyZone Sport Cub S RTF RC Plane is modeled after a full-scale aircraft designed by Piper Aircraft. It features SAFE technology, a 6-8 minute flight time, a range of up to 650 feet, and a durable design that is perfect for beginner pilots.
  • The Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver RC Plane is inspired by a bush plane used for both passenger and cargo transportation in remote areas of Canada and Alaska. With a 59-inch wingspan, a brushless motor, and aerobatic capabilities, it is perfect for intermediate to advanced pilots who are looking for a challenging flight experience.
  • The Volantex Ranger G2 RC Plane is equipped with an efficient brushless motor, a long-range radio control system, and a GPS system that provides functionality such as GPS return-to-home and follow me modes. With an on-board FPV camera mount, it is a great option for aerial photography enthusiasts.
  • The XK A430 RC Plane is specifically designed for beginners in aerobatic flying. With a built-in 6-axis gyro for stability and precision, a low-cost price point, and a lightweight design, it is a great entry-level option. It also features a one-key stunt mode that performs amazing 3D flips and rolls with ease.

Each of these top picks for good cheap RC planes has its unique features that make them suitable for different types of pilots. For example, the HobbyZone Sport Cub S is beginner-friendly, while the Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver is ideal for intermediate to advanced pilots. The Volantex Ranger G2 is perfect for aerial photography, and the XK A430 is great for beginners in aerobatic flying.

Regardless of which option you choose, all of these good cheap RC planes are guaranteed to provide enjoyable and memorable flying experiences.

Who made the first RC plane?

The first successful Radio Control airplane was built by the Good brothers, Walt and Bill, in 1938. The plane was called the Big Guff and it can be seen in the AMA film, The Pioneers, produced by Jay Gerber. A reproduction of the radio transmitter and receiver used to fly the Guff is also available in a special case.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Good Cheap RC Plane

While the above mentioned RC planes are all great options, there are some factors to consider that may help you choose the best one for you. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • Flying Skill Level: Certain RC planes are better suited for beginners, while others may require a more experienced pilot. Make sure you choose an RC plane that matches your skill level.
  • Budget: As the keyword suggests, cheap RC planes are more affordable than their high-end counterparts. However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for, so make sure you choose an RC plane that offers the features you want at a price you can afford.
  • Flight Time: It’s essential to consider the flight time of the RC plane, as some models may have a longer flight time than others. This can vary based on the model and the type of battery used to power the plane. Consider purchasing additional batteries for more extended flying sessions.
  • Flight Capabilities: Some models are designed for simple flying around the park, while others have advanced aerobatic abilities. If you’re looking for a plane that can perform stunts, make sure to choose one with these advanced capabilities.
  • Build Quality: Look for RC planes made with durable materials such as EPO foam, carbon fiber spars, or reinforced plastic. This will ensure the plane can withstand mild crashes and last a long time.
  • Extra Features: Some RC planes come with unique features that may appeal to you, such as GPS systems, FPV cameras, or LED lights. Determine which features are essential to you and look for an RC plane that provides those features.

By taking these factors into account, you can choose an RC plane that not only suits your needs but is enjoyable to fly as well.

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Here are some of the recommended brands of good cheap remote control planes that you may want to consider:

  • Top Race – offers affordable and easy to fly planes for beginners
  • Volantex – known for its sturdy and durable planes made from high-quality materials
  • HobbyZone – offers planes with great performance and flight precision
  • Etekcity – offers cheap RC planes with advanced features such as FPV cameras and altitude hold mode

What is a good cheap RC plane?

One good and cheap RC plane is the Top Race Remote Control Airplane, which is available on Amazon for under $50. It has a 3 channel control and comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. It is easy to operate and great for beginners. Another option is the Hapinic RC Plane, which is also available on Amazon for a similar price. It has a 2 channel control and is designed for indoor flights. Both of these planes offer good value for their price and are highly rated by customers.

Tips for Flying Your Good Cheap RC Plane

Once you have selected your cheap RC plane and are ready to take to the skies, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure a successful and enjoyable flight. Some tips for flying your RC plane include:

  • Find a Suitable Flying Area: Locate an open field or park with plenty of space to fly your RC plane without any obstacles, such as trees or power lines.
  • Check Your Surroundings: Before taking off, make sure there are no people, animals, or objects in the immediate area that could be harmed by the plane.
  • Calibrate Your Drone: Set up and calibrate your RC plane ahead of time, including pairing it with the controller, checking the battery, and ensuring the flight mode matches your skill level.
  • Control Your Altitude: Be aware of your RC plane’s altitude and control it accordingly, ensuring it remains within your line of sight and below the legal altitude limit of 400 feet.
  • Watch the Weather: Only fly your RC plane in calm weather conditions to avoid strong winds or extreme temperatures.
  • Be Patient: Take your time and start with simple movements until you’re comfortable with the controls, gradually building up to more complex maneuvers once you have more experience.
  • Land Safely: Before landing, ensure your RC plane is at a low altitude and has enough battery life to land safely.

Remember, flying an RC plane can be a fun and rewarding experience, but safety and preparation are crucial for both the pilot and those around them. Always follow instructions and guidelines closely to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight.

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Is it hard to fly a RC plane?

Learning how to fly an RC plane is not a very difficult task. However, many beginners tend to destroy their planes within seconds due to lack of proper training. To avoid this, it’s important to take the time to learn the basics such as hand-eye coordination and slow maneuvering. There are also many resources available online such as instructional videos and forums that can provide valuable tips and advice. Investing in a beginner-friendly RC plane like the HobbyZone Sport Cub S RTF can also be a good option for those just starting out.

Where to Buy Good Cheap RC Planes

There are several places where you can buy good, affordable RC planes, both online and in-store. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Amazon: Amazon offers a wide selection of cheap RC planes from various brands, with customer reviews and ratings available to help you make an informed decision.
  • Banggood: Banggood is an online retailer that specializes in RC products, including planes, drones, and helicopters. They offer a large variety of affordable options, with deals and promotions available frequently.
  • Horizon Hobby: Horizon Hobby is a well-known retailer of RC products, including some of the best cheap RC planes on the market. They offer various models from popular brands like HobbyZone and Flyzone.
  • NitroPlanes: NitroPlanes is an online retailer that sells a wide range of RC planes at very competitive prices. They offer free shipping for orders over $99, and frequently run promotions or discounts on specific models.
  • Local Hobby Stores: Local hobby stores are a great option if you want to see the RC plane in person before making a purchase. They often carry a variety of models and can offer valuable advice and support for beginner pilots.

When purchasing an RC plane, it’s essential to take your time and do your research to find the best cheap option that fits your needs. Make sure to consider the plane’s features, price, and availability to ensure the best value for your money.

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What is the best RC plane?

The best RC plane depends on your skill level and personal preferences. There are various types of RC planes available in the market such as electric, gas-powered, gliders, and more. It’s important to do your research and read reviews before purchasing an RC plane. Websites like Horizon Hobby and RC Universe offer a wide selection of RC planes and provide helpful information to assist in selecting the best one for your needs.


After going through this article, we hope you have a better understanding of some of the best cheap RC planes available on the market. These options provide excellent value for their price and can offer a fantastic experience for both novice and experienced pilots. Remember to consider your experience level, flight preferences, and budget when choosing an RC plane. Make sure to do your research and shop around to find the best deal and quality for your money.

Also, ensure to buy from reputable retailers that offer customer support, warranties, and quick delivery times. By doing so, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you’re investing in a reliable and high-quality product. Don’t forget to follow all safety guidelines when flying your RC plane, and always take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents.

In conclusion, we hope this article helped you discover some excellent cheap RC planes and provided valuable insights into the factors to consider when choosing one. Get ready to experience the thrill of flight without breaking the bank!