Master Your Flights with the Goblin 700 Helicopter

Master Your Flights with the Goblin 700 Helicopter

The Goblin 700 helicopter is a top-of-the-range radio-controlled (RC) helicopter that is renowned for its exceptional performance, innovative design, and durability. Developed by SAB Heli Division, the Goblin 700 has set a new standard in the world of RC helicopters, with many hobbyists and professional pilots choosing it for its unique features and cutting-edge technology. The Goblin 700 has become a favorite among RC helicopter enthusiasts for its carbon fiber frame, belt-driven tail system, and adjustable suspension system, which provide stability, precision, and agility when flying at high speeds and altitudes. With its modular design, customization options, and upgradeable components, the Goblin 700 is suitable for pilots of different skill levels, from beginners to experts. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, the Goblin 700 helicopter is an impressive machine that provides an exhilarating flying experience. In this article, we explore the key features and benefits of the Goblin 700 that make it a popular choice among RC helicopter pilots.

Features of Goblin 700 Helicopter

The Goblin 700 helicopter has many impressive features, including:

  • A carbon fiber frame that is lighter and stronger than other materials
  • A belt-driven tail system that provides increased control and stability
  • A powerful brushless motor that enables high-speed flight
  • A robust cyclic control system that ensures the helicopter remains stable at all times
  • Large rotor blades that allow for dynamic maneuvers and aerobatics

The Goblin 700 is highly customizable, with parts and accessories available in a range of colors and styles. Upgrades to more powerful motors and other advanced components can also improve the helicopter’s performance even further. In addition, there are many online forums and websites dedicated to RC helicopter enthusiasts that offer tips, advice, and product reviews for the Goblin 700 and other RC helicopters. Some popular websites include HeliFreak, RCG, and RC Groups.

What is the definition of a helicopter?

A helicopter is a type of aircraft that uses rotating blades to lift off the ground and stay in the air. It is capable of vertical takeoff and landing and can hover in one spot.

Here are some key characteristics of a helicopter:

  • It can fly forwards, backward, sideways, and in any direction.
  • It is powered by an engine or engines that turn the rotors.
  • It is often used for transportation, rescue missions, and military operations.
  • It can vary in size, from small personal helicopters to large military helicopters.

If you’re interested in learning more about helicopters, there are many websites and products available that offer detailed information and resources. Some popular websites include Helicopter Association International and Vertical Magazine. Additionally, there are books, videos, and other resources available for purchase that cover all aspects of helicopter design, maintenance, and operation.

The Goblin 700 helicopter’s modular design allows for easy assembly and maintenance, even for beginners. The helicopter also features an adjustable suspension system that ensures stability during flight, along with a durable, high-quality build that can withstand crashes and other mishaps.

Here are some additional facts about the design and performance of the Goblin 700:

  • The helicopter has a maximum main rotor diameter of 1560mm
  • It can reach a top speed of up to 100 mph
  • The Goblin 700 can perform a range of aerobatic maneuvers, including loops, rolls, and flips
  • The helicopter’s low-pitch flight capabilities allow for smoother, more controlled descents and landings

For enthusiasts looking to modify and customize their Goblin 700, there are many parts and accessories available, including different rotor blades, canopies, and color schemes. The table below highlights some of the key specifications of the Goblin 700 helicopter.

Specification Value
Weight (without battery) 3430 g
Main rotor diameter 1560 mm
Tail rotor diameter 295 mm
Length (without blades) 1340 mm
Height (without canopy) 390 mm

Enthusiasts can purchase Goblin 700 helicopter and its accessories from online stores, such as Amain Hobbies, or from the manufacturer’s website, SAB Heli Division.

Customization and Upgrades

Due to its popularity in the competitive RC helicopter racing community, the Goblin 700 helicopter is highly customizable and upgradeable. Here are some of the customizable features of the helicopter:

  • Canopies: The Goblin 700 comes with a variety of colorful canopy options, allowing you to personalize the look of your helicopter
  • Blades: The helicopter is compatible with a range of rotor blades, including carbon fiber blades that are designed for high-speed flight and aerobatics
  • Booms: The helicopter’s tail boom can be customized in length and color, allowing you to further personalize its appearance
  • Skids: Different skid options are available to suit various flying styles, including more stable and lightweight designs

In addition to these customizable features, there are numerous upgrades available for the Goblin 700 that can improve its performance. For instance, more powerful motors, upgraded servos and electronics, and improved bearings can all increase the helicopter’s speed, agility, and stability. There are also many online forums and communities dedicated to discussing Goblin 700 upgrades and modifications. Some popular websites to check out include:

  • – the official website of SAB Heli Division, the manufacturer of the Goblin 700
  • – a popular forum for RC helicopter enthusiasts, with a dedicated Goblin 700 sub-forum
  • – an online retailer that carries a wide range of Goblin 700 parts and accessories

What is the future of the helicopter industry?

The helicopter industry is set to experience substantial growth over the next few decades, driven by a mix of market trends and technological advancements. Here are a few key points to keep in mind when it comes to where this sector is headed:

  • Urban air mobility (UAM) initiatives are expected to play a major role in shaping the future of this industry. Increasing crowded cities and traffic congestion, the demand for fast, reliable and efficient air transportation solutions is on the rise. As a result, companies like Uber, Airbus and Boeing are all investing in developing UAM services that utilize helicopter-like aircrafts.
  • The military sector will continue to represent a significant market for helicopter manufacturers. Ongoing military conflicts around the world and global geopolitical tensions will drive demand for helicopters that are capable of performing reconnaissance, transport, search and rescue, and other critical missions.
  • Environmental concerns and sustainability challenges, specifically the issue of noise pollution generated by helicopters, will need to be addressed. Helicopter manufacturers will be driven to develop quieter, greener and more eco-friendly helicopters.

For more information on the future of the helicopter industry, visit websites of aviation magazines like Avionics International, Vertical Magazine, and Helicopter Association International.


In summary, the Goblin 700 helicopter is a highly advanced and customizable RC helicopter that has gained a reputation for its exceptional performance and durability. Its carbon fiber frame, belt-driven tail system, high-quality servos and brushless motor make it both strong and agile in the air. While designed for competitive RC helicopter racing, the Goblin 700 is also an ideal choice for those who want to experience impressive aerobatics and dynamic maneuvers. With numerous customizable options, the Goblin 700 offers a personalized experience for each user. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pilot, the Goblin 700 is a top-of-the-line RC helicopter that is well worth the investment.