Footing RC Sailboat: The Challenging and Affordable RC Sailboat Class

Footing RC Sailboat: The Challenging and Affordable RC Sailboat Class

The Footy RC Sailboat, a relatively new class of remote-controlled sailboat, has quickly gained popularity due to its affordability and accessibility for hobbyists and enthusiasts alike. The design of the Footy RC Sailboat is compact, with a single-sail rig that fits within a square foot of space. This design makes it perfect for sailing in small ponds and canals, providing an exciting challenge to sailors looking for a new and unique experience. The materials used to build Footy RC Sailboats are typically lightweight, such as balsa wood, foam, or thin ply, allowing for ease of construction and affordability. As a result, the design and build of these remote-controlled sailboats are accessible to even those who are new to the sport of sailing. Additionally, there are various ways to build a Footy RC Sailboat, including kit building, scratch building, and 3D printing, providing a range of options for enthusiasts looking to personalize their Footy RC Sailboat. In this article, we will explore the history, design, and racing scene of the Footy RC Sailboat to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of this fascinating sport.

Design and Build

Footy RC Sailboats are designed to be small and compact, with a length of no more than 12 inches and a weight of around 4 ounces. The design is simple, with a single sail rig and a fixed keel. Here are some key points on the design and build of a Footy RC Sailboat:

  • There are numerous different ways to build a Footy RC Sailboat, from kit building to scratch building and 3D printing.
  • The most commonly used materials for building a Footy RC Sailboat are balsa wood, thin ply, and foam.
  • Builders can let their imaginations run wild when building the boat, arranging the rigging, and adding unique features.
  • Modern Footy RC Sailboat builders have experimented with alternative materials such as carbon fiber and fiberglass, which can improve the boat’s resistance and durability.

For those interested in building their own Footy RC Sailboat, there are plenty of informative websites and forums online that offer advice on everything from choosing the right materials to setting up the rigging for the best performance. Additionally, many hobby stores offer kits or materials for building Footy sailboats, making it easier than ever to get started. The flexibility and affordability of the Footy RC Sailboat design mean that it has become a popular choice for enthusiasts of all backgrounds and skill levels.

How to make a craft sailboat?

To make a craft sailboat, start by wrapping 12 sticks together with twine. Then, wrap two sticks onto the bottom to create a raft. Cut two triangles out of paper, glue them together, and attach them to the craft sticks as your mast. Finally, connect the sail to the raft and sail your boat by creating some wind. For more detailed instructions and illustrations, check out websites such as DIYnCrafts or product options like the Alex Crafts Knot A Lot kit.


Footy RC Sailboat racing is a popular sport in many countries, with regional, national and international events taking place throughout the year. Here are some key points:

  • Footy RC Sailboat racing events usually take place in enclosed waterways, such as ponds, lakes or indoor pools, where steered-by-joystick sailers can show their competitive racing skills against other competitors.
  • Footy RC Sailboat racing is a game of tactics, and sailors must be able to sail their boats as fast as possible while reading the wind and adjusting their sailing plan accordingly.
  • The Footy International Championship is an annual event that is held in different locations around the world. Sailors from all over the world compete in the championship to win the title of the World Footy Champion.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at Footy RC Sailboat racing, there are plenty of resources online and in-person. Many regional or national sailing clubs host racing events and are always on the lookout for new competitors. Navigating local Footy RC Sailboat racing groups or joining official associations will give you a chance to connect with fellow enthusiasts, learn more about the sport, and stay up to date on upcoming events.

Footy International Championship is happening in Sydney, Australia in December 2021. Another major event is the US Footy National Championship, which will be held in Hebron, Ohio in 2022. Don’t miss the Footy World Championship, happening next year at a TBD location.

If you’re looking for Footy RC Sailboats to race, there are many options available online. Check out the Footy Class Association website for information on where to buy boats, as well as tips for building your own. Once you have your boat, you’ll need to make sure it’s in top condition for racing. Check out Slingers RC for high-quality parts and accessories to keep your boat sailing smoothly.


In conclusion, the Footy RC Sailboat is an exciting, affordable, and accessible way to participate in the hobby of remote-controlled sailboats. The small design of these boats makes them perfect for sailing in smaller bodies of water and racing in close courses. Whether you are building a Footy RC Sailboat from scratch or buying a kit, this is a fun and challenging way to test your sailing skills. Participating in Footy RC Sailboat races can provide opportunities for socializing and camaraderie, which is an important aspect of the sport. The Footy RC Sailboat is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to combine their love of sailing boats with the challenges of sailing remotely. With a dedicated community of enthusiasts and access to reliable resources online, it is easy to get started in this exciting hobby.