Discover the Excalibur RC Glider: A Durable and High-Performing Option for RC Enthusiasts.

Discover the Excalibur RC Glider: A Durable and High-Performing Option for RC Enthusiasts.

The Excalibur RC glider is a popular choice among remote control (RC) enthusiasts due to its impressive flight capabilities and durable construction. This sleek and aerodynamic glider is designed to provide a smooth and stable flight experience, making it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced RC pilots. With a wingspan of up to four feet and a maximum weight of just over one pound, the Excalibur RC glider is easy to maneuver and has excellent wind resistance. Made from high-quality materials, this glider is built to last, providing RC pilots with a reliable and enjoyable flying experience for years to come. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Excalibur RC glider is a must-have for any RC aircraft collection. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the Excalibur RC glider, including its key features, flight capabilities, and user experience.

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Performance of the Excalibur RC Glider

The Excalibur RC glider is designed to provide excellent performance in the air. Here are some of its notable performance features:

  • Efficient and reliable flight powered by brushless motor
  • Low stall speed, allowing for slower flight and tighter turns
  • Incredibly stable, even in windy conditions
  • Long glide times thanks to the glider’s efficient design

In fact, the Excalibur RC glider has been known to achieve up to 40-minute flights on a single battery charge. This is due to the glider’s sleek and aerodynamic design, which allows for smooth gliding and minimal resistance in the air.

To give you a better idea of the Excalibur RC glider’s capabilities, take a look at this table comparing its different wingspan sizes:

Wingspan Flying Weight Motor Size Max Flight Time
1.8m 500g 2212-1800KV 30 minutes
2.0m 550g 2815-1100KV 35 minutes
2.4m 600g 2815-1100KV 40 minutes

As you can see, the larger wingspan sizes not only allow for longer flight times but also require a slightly larger motor to maintain efficient flight performance. Overall, the Excalibur RC glider delivers reliable and enjoyable flying experiences for pilots of all skill levels.

User Experience with the Excalibur RC Glider

Many users have been highly satisfied with their experiences flying the Excalibur RC glider. Here are some highlights from reviews:

  • Easy to assemble, with clear instructions provided
  • Durable and well-built, with high-quality materials
  • Stable and responsive in the air, with smooth gliding capabilities
  • Great value for the price, compared to other RC gliders on the market

Some users have noted that while the Excalibur RC glider is generally easy to fly, it may require some initial adjustments to get used to its capabilities. Additionally, some found that the glider was slightly heavier than expected, which can affect its performance in certain wind conditions.

Overall, users have rated the Excalibur RC glider highly across different online retailers. If you’re interested in purchasing the Excalibur RC glider, it can be found on various hobby and RC websites such as HobbyKing and Motion RC. These websites offer a range of other related products and accessories, making it easy to get everything you need for your RC flying needs in one place.


The Excalibur RC glider is a top-quality, durable and easy-to-use option for RC enthusiasts of all levels. Its high-quality materials, stable flying capabilities, and great value for the price have made it a popular choice among users. While some may find it slightly heavier than other gliders on the market, its overall performance in the air is impressive and worthy of consideration.

If you’re looking for a reliable and versatile RC glider that offers smooth gliding capabilities and easy assembly, the Excalibur RC glider is definitely worth checking out. You can purchase the glider on various hobby and RC websites, along with other related products and accessories.

Experience the thrill of flying through the air with the Excalibur RC glider – it might just become your new favorite RC toy!