The Beginner's Guide to EPP RC Planes: Affordable and Versatile Model Aircrafts

The Beginner’s Guide to EPP RC Planes: Affordable and Versatile Model Aircrafts

The EPP RC plane is an excellent option for anyone interested in the world of remote control aircraft. Whether you’re a seasoned hobbyist or completely new to the field, the EPP RC plane is a durable and versatile model that offers an opportunity to learn, experiment and have fun. Made from expanded polypropylene foam, EPP RC planes are lightweight and durable, and capable of sustaining multiple crashes without significant damage. This makes them an excellent choice for beginners who may be unfamiliar with the intricacies of flying model planes. The affordability of the EPP RC plane also makes it an ideal entry point for those who are interested in exploring the field without committing to a significant investment. It’s not uncommon for hobbyists new to RC planes to discover their love for the hobby after purchasing an EPP RC plane, and this model has likely contributed to a considerable number of enthusiasts having gotten their start in the world of RC planes.

Advantages of EPP RC Plane

There are several advantages of flying EPP RC planes, making them an ideal choice for first-time hobbyists. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Lightweight and durable: EPP foam material makes the plane considerably lighter in weight, which helps it remain stable and fly easily.
  • Crash-resistant: Due to its lighter weight and shock-absorbing foam material, EPP RC planes can withstand multiple crashes without significant damage.
  • Budget-friendly: Compared to other model planes, the EPP RC plane is much more affordable, making it a suitable option for beginners who want to try their hand at remote control aircraft without investing a lot of money.
  • Customizable: The EPP foam material is easy to modify and customize, allowing hobbyists to personalize their models and make them stand out from others.

If you’re interested in purchasing an EPP RC plane, there are a variety of options available online. Some websites that specialize in RC planes include Horizon Hobby, Motion RC, and Great Hobbies. These websites offer a wide range of EPP RC plane models at varying price points to choose from. Additionally, some popular EPP RC plane models include the HobbyZone Delta Ray, the E-flite Timber X and the GWS Slow Stick.

What are the advantages of RC planes?

Flying and building RC planes offer several advantages. It is a fun and rewarding hobby that allows you to unwind and develop skills like patience, attention to detail, and problem-solving. RC planes offer a safe yet exhilarating experience that can help you learn techniques commonly used in full-scale aviation. Additionally, flying RC planes is an affordable way to explore aviation and can even lead to a lifelong passion for flying. Websites like Horizon Hobby offer a variety of RC planes and accessories for beginners and experienced pilots alike.

Types of EPP RC Planes

EPP RC planes come in various types and sizes, each with unique features that cater to different enthusiasts. Some popular EPP RC plane types include:

Indoor EPP RC Planes

These planes are small and light enough to fly indoors and are typically designed for calm and stable flights. Some popular indoor EPP RC planes include:

  • GWS E-Starter
  • Sky King
  • Stromsky Bixler

Outdoor EPP RC Planes

These planes are larger than indoor planes, with more powerful motors that allow them to fly faster and maneuver better in the wind. Some popular outdoor EPP RC planes include:

  • EPP Eagle
  • 3DHS Plane
  • Stryker F27Q

Glider EPP RC Planes

These planes are designed to glide smoothly through the air and can stay afloat for longer periods. Some popular glider EPP RC planes include:

  • Mini Swift
  • Clouds Fly
  • Sailplanes

Table of Popular EPP RC Planes

Model Name Size Price
HobbyZone Delta Ray 27 x 19.6 inches $189.99
E-flite Timber X 50.5 inches wingspan $269.99
GWS Slow Stick 55 inches wingspan $59.98

If you’re interested in purchasing an EPP RC plane, it’s essential to consider your level of experience, the type of flying you want to do and your budget. In addition to the aforementioned websites, Amazon and eBay also offer many EPP RC plane models at different price points.

What is the best RC plane to buy?

The best RC plane to buy depends on your experience level and personal preferences. For beginners, the VOLANTEXRC MiniTrainstar or Top Race RC Plane TR-C285G are good options, while the VOLANTEXRC RC Airplane 2.4Ghz 4-CH Sport Cub 500 Parkflyer or E-flite Valiant 1.3m BNF Basic are great for intermediate flyers. Advanced pilots may prefer the E-flite RC Airplane Turbo Timber 1.5m BNF or VOLANTEXRC 4-CH RC Airplane P51 Mustang. It is important to do your own research and read reviews before making a purchase. Websites such as Amazon and HobbyKing offer a wide range of RC planes to choose from.

Flying an EPP RC plane can be a thrilling experience, but it’s essential to take safety precautions and understand the basics of flight before taking off. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Choose a suitable flying location that is free from obstacles such as power lines, trees, and buildings.
  • Check the weather forecast to ensure that flying conditions are optimal.
  • Ensure that your EPP RC plane is in good condition before takeoff. Check for any wear and tear, loose screws, or damaged parts that could compromise the plane’s safety.
  • Avoid flying your EPP RC plane near people or animals, and never fly in a crowded area without permission.
  • When learning how to fly, start with small, controlled flights and gradually increase your altitude and speed as you gain confidence.
  • Be aware of your EPP RC plane’s battery life and land before it runs out of power.
  • Always remember to have fun and enjoy the experience of flying!

To learn more about how to fly an EPP RC plane safely and effectively, consider joining an RC flight club, attending flying workshops, or consulting online resources such as the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) or the RCGroups forum.

In addition to these resources, there are also many EPP RC plane accessories and parts available online, including batteries, chargers, replacement parts, and more. Some popular retailers include HorusRC, Nitroplanes, and MotionRC.

Can you fly a RC plane in a neighborhood?

The bottom line is that you need a large(ish) open space where there is no danger of causing trouble, being a nuisance or risking damage to people or property. And on that note, you absolutely must check local regulations and laws to see if flying radio control aircraft is even permitted. It’s important to be mindful of your surroundings and to prioritize the safety of yourself and others. If you’re not sure about the regulations in your area, consider checking out websites or products that specialize in providing information and resources for RC hobbyists.


Flying an EPP RC plane is an exciting and rewarding hobby that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their skill level or budget. With its lightweight and durable foam material and affordable price, the EPP RC plane is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. However, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and understand the basics of flight before taking off. With practice, dedication, and the right resources, you can master the art of flying an EPP RC plane and join the buzzing community of RC plane enthusiasts worldwide.

Whether you’re looking to start a new hobby, connect with like-minded individuals, or simply experience the thrill of flying, the EPP RC plane is an excellent option that delivers on all fronts. With so many resources available and new technologies on the horizon, the EPP RC plane is a hobby that will continue to evolve and expand for years to come. So why wait? Grab your EPP RC plane today and take to the skies!