Radio Control Engine

Basics of RC Engines

RC Engines I am sure that I can say this on behalf of every RC enthusiast in the world that the engine is the life of the RC vehicle, plane, helicopter or drone. There’s no doubt that an RC engine is what makes your RC machine amazing. Just like a regular machine, the engines in

RC Electronic Speed Control Guide

RC Electronic Speed Control Every RC vehicle or airplane or any other sort of machine needs an ESC to properly function. An ESC is an electronic speed control that is essential for proper functioning of an RC machine. An ESC basically controls the flow of current from your battery to the motor. So with an
How to Use Lipo Batteries

How To Properly Use LiPo Batteries

If you are into RC vehicles, helicopters, planes or any other RC machinery then you must have heard about the LiPo batteries. Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries are a new type of batteries that are getting popular because of their light weight, sizing and large storage capacities. That is the reason they are preferred over other