Exploring the Carbon Cub S2 RTF: Features, Performance, and Customization Options

Exploring the Carbon Cub S2 RTF: Features, Performance, and Customization Options

The Carbon Cub S2 RTF is an impressive aircraft designed for the aviation enthusiast who craves adventure and freedom. This lightweight airplane is perfect for short takeoffs and landings, making it ideal for those who enjoy landing on remote dirt strips or exploring hard-to-reach locations. The Carbon Cub S2 RTF is also known for its sleek design and unique features such as its efficient powerplant. With customizable color schemes available, pilots have the opportunity to make the Carbon Cub S2 RTF their own. But what truly sets the Carbon Cub S2 RTF apart from other aircrafts is its impressive performance and durability. This versatile airplane is built to withstand any conditions, from rough flying to off-trail landings, allowing pilots to explore new destinations and test their limits. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the Carbon Cub S2 RTF a top-performing aircraft in the world of aviation.

The Carbon Cub S2 RTF has a unique and sleek design that sets it apart from other aircrafts. Its features include:

  • Lightweight construction for improved maneuverability and fuel economy
  • Efficient powerplant for maximum performance and speed
  • Short takeoff and landing capabilities for use on remote strips and off-trail locations
  • Customizable exterior color schemes allowing pilots to make it their own
  • Robust landing gear and tires designed for rough terrain and extreme conditions
  • Optional amphibious floats for water landings and takeoffs

Its unique design and extensive features make the Carbon Cub S2 RTF one of the best aircrafts in its class. It is ideal for pilots looking for a versatile and powerful airplane that can handle a wide range of flying conditions. The Carbon Cub S2 RTF can be found on various aviation websites and stores, such as Amazon and Aviator Gear.

Is the Carbon Cub made of carbon fiber?

Yes, the Carbon Cub is made of carbon fiber, making it a strong and lightweight aircraft. This information can be found on their website as well.

In addition to its unique design, the Carbon Cub S2 RTF offers exceptional performance capabilities, making it an attractive choice for pilots. Its performance features include:

  • Short takeoff and landing (STOL) kit option for even greater off-road and off-strip versatility
  • Impressive cruise speed of up to 118 mph (105 knots)
  • Maximum endurance of around 5 hours, dependent on fuel capacity and usage
  • Easy and responsive handling, perfect for aerobatic performances and tight turns

The Carbon Cub S2 RTF is known for its impressive ability to take off and land on short runways, making it perfect for remote locations and bush flying. This attribute has made it a popular choice among pilots who want to explore the great outdoors and take in sights that are often inaccessible by car or on foot.

This performance excellence is not just recognized in the aviation industry but also in the more challenging environments outside aviation.

Record Setting Holder
Speed Record 235.7 mph Pete McLeod (Canada)
Time-to-Climb Record 3,000 m (9,840 ft) in 3 min 3.86 s Jurgis Kairys (Lithuania)

The Carbon Cub S2 RTF can be purchased from reputable aviation websites such as Aviat Aircraft, and aviation vendors like Aircraft Spruce and Amazon.

Customization Options

One of the unique features of the Carbon Cub S2 RTF is the ability for customers to customize the aircraft, so it is tailored to their preferences. The customization options available include:

  • Choice of color scheme: customers can choose from a range of vibrant or subtle colors to personalize their Carbon Cub S2 RTF
  • Interior customization: customers can customize the interior of the aircraft to suit their needs, with a range of seats, seating arrangements, and storage options available
  • Additional equipment: customers can add extra features, such as GPS systems, radios, and advanced avionics equipment, to the Carbon Cub S2 RTF to enhance its capabilities

The customization process usually involves working with authorized Carbon Cub S2 RTF dealers, who help guide customers through the process, providing advice and support along the way. Carbon Cub S2 RTF also makes it easy to find authorized dealers on their official website.

For those who want to customize their Carbon Cub S2 RTF further for enhanced performance and safety, there are many aftermarket products available. For example, some customers choose to add a vortex generator kit, which helps to improve the aircraft’s handling in a variety of conditions. Other popular upgrades include extended fuel tanks and LED lighting kits.

Overall, the Carbon Cub S2 RTF offers customers a range of customization options, providing a unique and personalized flying experience that is tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

Is the Carbon Cub a good plane?

The Carbon Cub is an excellent plane due to its unmatched power to weight ratio. It has exceptional takeoff and landing performance, making it a top choice among aircraft enthusiasts. One can climb out at 2,100 feet per minute on an average day and pass through 10,000 climbing at 1,100 feet per minute which is impressive.

Price and Availability

The Carbon Cub S2 RTF is a high-quality aircraft that comes with a certain price tag, but it is still affordable compared to other airplanes in its class. Here is some information about its price and availability:

  • The starting price for a brand new Carbon Cub S2 RTF is around $225,000. The final price will depend on the customization options chosen by the customer.
  • Used Carbon Cub S2 RTFs can be found for a lower price, but they may not have the same level of customization options as a new aircraft.
  • Authorized Carbon Cub S2 RTF dealers sell the aircraft across the United States. The official Carbon Cub S2 RTF website provides a dealer locator to help customers find a dealer near them.
  • Carbon Cub S2 RTFs can also be purchased online via websites such as Controller.com, a popular aviation marketplace.

It’s important to note that the Carbon Cub S2 RTF is not always immediately available due to its high demand and limited production. Potential buyers may need to join a waiting list before they can take delivery of their new aircraft. However, the quality and performance of the Carbon Cub S2 RTF make it worth the wait for many aviation enthusiasts.

How much does a Cub aircraft cost?

A new Piper J-3 Cub aircraft costs around $100,000-$200,000 with improved power systems. However, used Cubs in great condition can be purchased for around $30,000-$50,000. Piper Aircraft, Inc. is the manufacturer of general aviation aircraft and is situated at the Vero Beach Regional Airport in Vero Beach, Florida, United States, and it is currently owned by the Government of Brunei.

Customer Reviews

Potential buyers of the Carbon Cub S2 RTF want to know what other customers have experienced when flying this aircraft. Here are some examples of positive and negative customer reviews:

  • Many customers praise the Carbon Cub S2 RTF for its exceptional performance in short takeoff and landing situations.
  • Some customers appreciate the customization options available on the aircraft, allowing them to create a unique look and feel.
  • Several customers note how easy it is to fly the Carbon Cub S2 RTF due to its controls and handling.
  • However, some customers have reported issues with the avionics system, requiring repairs or replacements.
  • A few customers expressed frustration with the wait time and lack of availability of the aircraft.
  • Overall, the majority of customer reviews are positive and highlight the Carbon Cub S2 RTF as a reliable and fun aircraft to fly.

It’s important for potential buyers to review customer feedback when considering the purchase of any expensive aircraft. The wide variety of experiences with the Carbon Cub S2 RTF illustrate the importance of doing your research beforehand to ensure the aircraft meets your needs and expectations.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Carbon Cub S2 RTF, be sure to check out its features and specifications on the official website of E-Flite.

What is the difference between Carbon Cub and super cub?

The Carbon Cub is engineered with superior design, weighing over 300 pounds less and having 50% fewer parts than a similarly equipped Super Cub. This allows it to land and take off in areas that were once only accessible to hikers and helicopters. For more information, refer to their official website.


The Carbon Cub S2 RTF is a unique and highly versatile aircraft that’s worth considering for pilots who enjoy taking off and landing on short runways. Its design, features, and customization options make it a popular choice among aviation enthusiasts. Additionally, the Carbon Cub S2 RTF’s excellent performance and flight controls make it easy and fun to fly. However, like any aircraft, there are pros and cons to the Carbon Cub S2 RTF, so it’s important to do your research and read customer reviews before making a purchase.

Overall, the Carbon Cub S2 RTF is an exceptional aircraft that offers a unique flying experience. So, if you’re in the market for a new aircraft and enjoy challenging flying conditions, consider the Carbon Cub S2 RTF.