Carbon Cub S-2 RTF: A Lightweight and Powerful Aircraft for Pilots

Carbon Cub S-2 RTF: A Lightweight and Powerful Aircraft for Pilots

The Carbon Cub S-2 RTF is a remarkable aircraft that has become a favorite of pilots all around the world. Manufactured by CubCrafters, this ready-to-fly (RTF) plane offers a range of features and capabilities that make it a top choice for both beginner and experienced pilots alike. With a lightweight and durable airframe made from carbon fiber, this aircraft is both highly maneuverable and incredibly tough. Additionally, its impressive Rotax engine produces up to 180 horsepower and 214 ft-lbs of torque, providing enough power to climb at an impressive rate of 2,100 feet per minute and cruise at 109 knots. From its outstanding performance to its sleek design, there are many reasons to choose the Carbon Cub S-2 RTF for your next flight. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top features and benefits of this aircraft, as well as what makes it stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or just getting started, the Carbon Cub S-2 RTF is a plane that is well worth considering, so let’s dive into what makes it such an impressive aircraft.

The Carbon Cub S-2 RTF‘s airframe is made from carbon fiber, making it lightweight and highly maneuverable in the air. At the same time, the aircraft’s durability means that it can handle even the most rugged flying conditions without worry. The airframe is designed using advanced engineering techniques to maximize strength while minimizing weight – a perfect combination for any aircraft.

The Carbon Cub S-2 RTF is powered by a Rotax engine that produces up to 180 horsepower and 214 ft-lbs of torque. This high power rating allows for smoother operation and better fuel economy, making it easier on the wallet over the long term.

The Carbon Cub S-2 RTF can climb at an impressive rate of 2,100 feet per minute and has a cruising speed of 109 knots. It can fly for up to 460 nautical miles in a single flight, making it a great choice for long-distance flights.

The Carbon Cub S-2 RTF comes equipped with a robust main landing gear with heavy-duty shock absorbers. The landing gear’s design allows for the aircraft to smoothly handle turbulence and rough landings.

The cockpit is designed to be both comfortable and functional, with ergonomically designed seats and intuitive controls. The aircraft’s controls are designed to maximize the aircraft’s precision and responsiveness, allowing it to easily maneuver in any condition. The Carbon Cub S-2 RTF also includes a variety of instruments and gauges to provide pilots with all the information they need to fly with confidence.

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Specification Value
Wingspan 29.5 feet
Length 22.25 feet
Engine Rotax 912 iS
Max power 180 hp
Max torque 214 ft-lbs
Climb rate 2,100 feet per minute
Cruising speed 109 knots
Range 460 nautical miles

Flying the Carbon Cub S-2 RTF

  • The Carbon Cub S-2 RTF is designed as a backcountry aircraft, meaning it can handle short takeoffs and landings, as well as rough terrain.
  • Pilots can take the aircraft on adventures through the mountains, across deserts, and even fly to remote backcountry strips.
  • The aircraft is also equipped with large windows that provide unobstructed visibility in all directions.
  • The Carbon Cub S-2 RTF‘s lightweight design and impressive power make it a thrill to fly for experienced pilots, while its intuitive controls make it an excellent choice for beginner pilots as well.

How far can you fly in a Carbon Cub?

The Carbon Cub is a versatile aircraft that is popular for its efficiency and durability. Depending on its configuration and fuel capacity, a Carbon Cub can fly up to 500 miles non-stop. However, the range can vary depending on factors such as weather, altitude, payload, and engine performance.

If you’re considering owning or renting a Carbon Cub, it’s important to research its specifications and capabilities. The manufacturer’s website is a great place to start, as it provides detailed information on the aircraft’s range, fuel consumption, and other important features. Additionally, aviation forums and online communities can offer valuable insights and recommendations from experienced Carbon Cub pilots.

Some websites that provide information on Carbon Cub specifications and performance include:


Before taking off, make sure to check the weather and plan your route carefully to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight. Happy flying!

Carbon Cub S-2 RTF vs. Carbon Cub EX Kit

  • The Carbon Cub S-2 RTF is a ready-to-fly aircraft and comes fully assembled, while the Carbon Cub EX Kit is a home-built kit that requires assembly.
  • The Carbon Cub EX Kit offers more customization options as it allows the builders to choose their own engine, avionics, and other components according to their needs.
  • However, the Carbon Cub S-2 RTF saves builders time and effort as there is no need for building the plane from a kit and assures them that it is built to CubCrafters’ high standards.
  • The price difference is significant, with the Carbon Cub S-2 RTF costing almost twice as much as the Carbon Cub EX Kit.

What is the difference between Carbon Cub EX and FX?

Feature Carbon Cub EX Carbon Cub FX
Engine 180-horsepower 186-horsepower
Propeller 76-inch diameter 80-inch diameter
Main Gear 3 inches wider than FX Narrower than EX
Weight 950-1100 pounds depending on options 1000-1060 pounds depending on options
  • The Carbon Cub EX is known for its ruggedness, agility, and handling.
  • The Carbon Cub FX is designed for high-performance, speed and agility.
  • To learn more about Carbon Cub models, visit the manufacturer’s website at

Convenience vs. Customization: Which is the Better Option?

Both the Carbon Cub S-2 RTF and Carbon Cub EX Kit have their pros and cons, and ultimately, the decision comes down to what kind of builder you are. If you prefer convenience and don’t want to spend time assembling the plane from a kit, then the Carbon Cub S-2 RTF is definitely the way to go. However, if customization and hands-on building are your top priorities, then the Carbon Cub EX Kit is the better option.

Regardless of the route you choose, the Carbon Cub S-2 RTF and Carbon Cub EX Kit both offer exceptional performance, durability, and technology. These aircraft are built to CubCrafters’ high standards and are known for being some of the best light sport planes on the market. Whether you’re looking for a plane to fly for fun or need a reliable plane for commercial use, the Carbon Cub S-2 RTF and Carbon Cub EX Kit are sure to exceed your expectations.