Getting DJI Care for Used Drones: Requirements and Limitations

Getting DJI Care for Used Drones: Requirements and Limitations

If you’re considering buying a used drone from someone else or a second-hand store, you may wonder whether or not you can get DJI Care for it. DJI Care is an insurance plan offered by DJI that provides coverage for accidental damage to your drone. It is a popular option for many DJI drone users as it offers peace of mind when flying, knowing that if something goes wrong, your drone will be covered. The cost of DJI Care varies depending on the model of the drone, but it is typically a one-time payment that lasts for a year. By paying for DJI Care, you can save money on repairs and replacement parts, giving you a hassle-free flying experience. However, the question remains: can you get DJI Care for a used drone? In this article, we will explore this topic in detail, including the requirements for getting DJI Care, steps to follow, restrictions, limitations, and other protection options for used drones.

What is DJI Care?

DJI Care is an insurance plan offered by DJI that provides coverage for accidental damage to your drone. It is available for most of the drones produced by DJI, including the popular Mavic, Phantom, and Spark series. DJI Care covers:

  • Accidental damage to your drone’s frame, propulsion system, and camera
  • Gimbal and camera lens damage due to crash impact
  • Water damage caused by flying over water
  • Signal interference resulting in a crash

DJI Care costs vary depending on the drone model you own, but it typically involves a one-time payment that lasts for a year. DJI Care also provides you with several additional benefits, including:

  • Two replacement units for new or refurbished drones of the same model and series
  • Free shipping for your replacement units
  • Fast and efficient repairs and replacements
  • 24/7 customer support

Overall, DJI Care is a valuable investment for drone flyers who want peace of mind while flying their drones. But how does it work for used drones? Let’s explore that next.

Can I buy DJI Care after crash?

Yes, you can buy DJI Care after a crash if your DJI product is still within the eligibility period. However, keep in mind that DJI Care must be purchased before the crash or damage occurs. If you don’t have DJI Care, you can still have your drone or device repaired, but it will cost you more.

Here are the steps to purchase DJI Care:

  • Go to DJI’s official website and click “Support”.
  • Select your product and scroll down the product page to find “DJI Care”.
  • Click “Buy Now”.
  • Enter your drone or device’s serial number and complete the purchase process.

Can you get DJI Care for a used drone?

Technically, it is possible to get DJI Care for a used drone. However, there are some requirements that need to be met. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Ownership

DJI Care is only available to the original purchaser of the drone. The ownership must be transferable to get DJI Care coverage. Make sure to get a proper bill of sale from the seller to prove ownership.

2. Registration

To be eligible for DJI Care, your used drone must be registered with DJI. You will need to provide proof of purchase, the drone serial number, and registration details.

3. Inspection and Documentation

Before purchasing the used drone, conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that it is in good condition. If the drone has any existing damage, DJI may refuse coverage. Make sure that you obtain proper documentation for the inspection to provide to DJI.

DJI Care for Used Drones Table

| Requirement | Description |
| — | — |
| Ownership | DJI Care is only available to the original purchaser of the drone |
| Registration | Your used drone must be registered with DJI |
| Inspection and documentation | Conduct a thorough drone inspection and obtain proper documentation |

It is important to note that DJI may refuse coverage for a used drone if it doesn’t meet their requirements. While the process is possible, it’s important to proceed with caution when purchasing a used drone and ensure that it meets all necessary requirements for DJI Care.

Do I need to buy DJI Care?

  • If you own a DJI drone or camera, DJI Care may be worth considering, especially if you’re a new pilot.
  • DJI Care provides coverage for accidental damage to your drone or camera, including water damage, collisions, and drop damage.
  • Without DJI Care, repairs can be expensive and time-consuming.
  • However, be aware that DJI Care does not cover loss or theft.
  • If you’re a professional or regular drone user, DJI Care Refresh may also be a good option as it provides up to two replacements over a year for a small additional cost.

If you’re interested in purchasing DJI Care or DJI Care Refresh, visit the official DJI website for more information.

Getting DJI Care for a Used Drone: Steps to Follow

If you have bought a used drone and want to get DJI Care coverage for it, here are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Inspect the drone

Before making any purchases, conduct a thorough inspection of the drone to check for any existing damages. Some damages include cracks, scratches or missing parts. If the drone has been repaired before, make sure that you check the quality of the repair.

2. Ask for a bill of sale

Ask the seller for a bill of sale, including the date and price of the transaction. This document will establish the ownership of the drone and prove that you are the new owner.

3. Verify that DJI Care is transferable

To see if DJI Care can be transferred to the new owner, check the terms and conditions. If transfer is allowed, follow the steps provided by DJI to transfer DJI Care coverage to your name.

4. Register your drone

If you haven’t done so already, register your drone with DJI to ensure that it’s eligible for DJI Care coverage.

5. Contact DJI customer support

Contact DJI customer support and provide the necessary documentation including proof of ownership, bill of sale, and inspection report. They will check if the drone is eligible and provide you with further instructions on how to proceed.

It is important to note that DJI Care coverage may be limited for used drones, and it is worth considering other insurance options to protect your drone. Be sure to conduct thorough research and read reviews of different protection plans to make the best decision for your needs.

Can I send my drone to DJI for repair?

Yes, you can send your DJI drone for repair to their service center. Here’s how:

  • Visit the DJI support website to report your issue and create a repair request.
  • Package your drone securely and include all necessary accessories.
  • Print the shipping label and send your drone to the designated repair center.

For more information and the latest updates on repair services, visit the DJI support website.

DJI Care for Used Drones: Restrictions and Limitations

While it’s possible to get DJI Care for a used drone, there are some restrictions and limitations that you need to be aware of:

1. Time Limitations

If the original owner had already purchased DJI Care, the transfer to you must happen before the original policy expires. DJI requires that the transfer to be completed within 15 days of the purchase of the used drone.

2. Coverage Limitations

DJI Care coverage for used drones may be different from new drones. There may be limits to the repair times, service fees, and replacement coverage.

3. Inspection Requirements

Before transferring the DJI Care coverage to your name, DJI may require an inspection report from an authorized DJI repair center, which may result in additional costs.

4. Coverage Denial

DJI reserves the right to deny DJI Care coverage for used drones if they find any signs of abuse, impact, water damage, or unauthorized modifications.

5. Cost

The cost of DJI Care for a used drone may be higher compared to the cost of DJI Care for a new drone.

6. Alternative Protection Options

While DJI Care is a good option for protecting your drone, other insurance options are available. Some insurance companies offer coverage for drones at a lower cost or with more extensive coverage. Be sure to research different options to find the best protection for your drone.

What to do when buying a used drone?

When buying a used drone, it’s important to take certain steps to ensure that you get a good deal and a reliable product. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Check the drone’s condition: Look for scratches, dings, and signs of wear that could indicate that the drone has been mistreated or damaged.
  • Ask for flight logs: This will give you a better idea of how much the drone has been used and if it has been flown in hazardous conditions.
  • Inspect the battery: Check to see if the battery is holding a charge and hasn’t been overused, which can impact its lifespan.
  • Test the camera: If the drone has a camera or gimbal, test it out to make sure it’s fully functional.
  • Ask for spare parts: See if the seller has any spare parts that could be included with the drone, such as propellers or batteries.

For more information about buying used drones, check out websites like DroneTrader or DJI Refurbished.

Other Protection Options for Used Drones

If you are unable to get DJI Care for your used drone or are looking for additional coverage options, here are some alternatives to consider:

1. Third-Party Insurance

There are many third-party insurance options available for drone owners. These policies may offer more comprehensive coverage than DJI Care.

2. Personal Property Insurance

Some personal property insurance policies may offer coverage for your used drone. It’s important to check with your insurance provider to see if your policy covers drones and what the coverage entails.

3. Extended Warranties

If you are purchasing a used drone from a retailer, they may offer extended warranty options. These warranties may provide repairs or replacements for the drone if it becomes damaged or needs repairs.

4. Careful Flying

The best way to protect your used drone is by flying it carefully and avoiding potential hazards. Practicing safe flying habits can help prevent accidents and limit the need for repairs or replacements.

5. Maintenance

Regular maintenance and upkeep can prolong the lifespan of your used drone. Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule can help prevent mechanical failures and other issues down the line.

Remember to carefully research and consider all of your protection options before purchasing a used drone. By doing so, you can make sure that you’re getting the best coverage for your investment.

Should I get a protection plan on a drone?

Yes, it is recommended to get a protection plan for your drone as it protects not only the device itself but also your investment. Here are some reasons why:

  • Accidents and crashes may happen, and repair costs can be expensive
  • Protection plans often covers accidental damage, loss, and theft
  • Some protection plans offer extended warranties
  • Peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected

If you plan to purchase a DJI drone, they offer their own protection plans through their website. Other retailers like Best Buy and Amazon also offer protection plans for drones.


In conclusion, it is possible to get DJI Care for a used drone, provided the drone meets all the requirements. However, it’s important to keep in mind that DJI has some restrictions and limitations for coverage on used drones. If you are unable to get DJI Care, there are still other options available to protect your used drone. Third-party insurance policies, personal property insurance, extended warranties, careful flying, and maintenance are all viable options. By taking the time to research and consider all of your coverage options, you can ensure that you protect your investment and enjoy flying your used drone with peace of mind.

When buying a used drone, it’s essential to consider the potential risks and issues that may arise. Protecting your drone with DJI Care or an alternative coverage option can help mitigate those risks and give you peace of mind while flying. By following the appropriate steps and conducting necessary due diligence, you can make a well-informed decision when purchasing a used drone and choosing the best protection option.