Discover Black Horse RC Planes: High-Quality Flying Models for Intermediate and Advanced Pilots

Discover Black Horse RC Planes: High-Quality Flying Models for Intermediate and Advanced Pilots

Remote control (RC) planes have been a popular pastime among aviation enthusiasts for decades. The ability to control an airplane from a distance is fascinating, and with today’s advanced technology, this hobby has become even more enjoyable and accessible. Black Horse is a brand that has made a name for itself in the RC plane industry by producing high-quality planes that are loved by enthusiasts all over the world. They specialize in building intermediate to advanced level planes that are designed to perform exceptionally well in the sky. Black Horse RC planes are made with state-of-the-art materials, such as balsa and plywoods, which make them lightweight yet exceptionally strong. They have unique features that set them apart from other brands and attract pilots who are seeking new and exciting challenges. In this article, we’ll explore the world of Black Horse RC planes and why they’re so popular among aviation enthusiasts. From their design and construction to the flying experience they offer, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Black Horse RC planes.

Black Horse RC planes are designed and constructed with great attention to detail, ensuring that pilots get an authentic flying experience. The brand uses high-quality materials, such as balsa wood, plywoods, and carbon fiber in their models, which ensure that their planes are both lightweight and robust. Black Horse RC planes come in various designs and sizes, catering to the needs of different pilots. Some of their most popular models include P-47 Thunderbolt, La7, and Fieseler Storch. Each Black Horse RC plane has unique features that make them superior to other brands in the market:

Retractable landing gear that gives the planes a realistic touch.
Flaps that provide better control during flight.
– Enlarged control surfaces that make the plane more responsive.
– Realistic paint schemes that give them an authentic appearance.

The combination of design and construction makes Black Horse RC planes a perfect fit for intermediate and advanced pilots who are looking to hone their skills. These planes are not recommended for beginners due to their technical complexity and the level of skill required to fly them effectively. If you’re new to RC planes, it’s best to start with a basic model and work your way up to a more sophisticated plane like the ones offered by Black Horse.

Black Horse RC planes can be purchased from various hobby shops and online retailers. If you’re looking for more information on these planes, you can visit the Black Horse website for detailed specifications and descriptions of their models.

What are the different types of RC plane aerobatics?

There are three types of RC plane aerobatics, which include the Immelmann Turn, Split-S, and spin. The Immelmann turn is a basic maneuver that involves an ascending half-loop followed by a half-roll, resulting in level flight in the opposite direction at a higher altitude. Split-S is a diving half-loop followed by a half-roll in the opposite direction. Spin is the most risky of the three and requires more altitude to recover from. For more information on aerobatic maneuvers, Wikipedia has a dedicated page.

Black Horse RC planes are known for their performance, stability, and realism, making them a thrilling joyride for intermediate and advanced pilots. However, flying a Black Horse RC plane requires certain skills, and beginners might find the experience daunting. Below are some facts about Black Horse RC planes.

  • Black Horse RC planes are highly maneuverable and responsive.
  • Pilots need to understand how to calibrate the plane before flying it, as it affects its performance and stability.
  • Wind plays a significant role in the flight of Black Horse RC planes; it’s essential to pick a calm day to fly and avoid windy conditions that can destabilize the plane.

Before taking on a Black Horse RC plane, it’s recommended to start with a simpler and slower model. This will help pilots to understand the basic concepts of RC planes and prepare them for the more complex Black Horse models. The following table shows a comparison between Black Horse’s two popular models, Fieseler Storch and Extra 330SC.

Fieseler Storch Extra 330SC
Wingspan 1550mm 1370mm
Length 1100mm 1190mm
Weight 2.8Kg 2.2Kg
Pilot Experience Level Intermediate to Advanced Advanced

Once pilots gain proficiency in the fundamentals of RC planes, they can step up to a Black Horse model and experience the thrill of flying a high-performance plane with advanced features. For more information on Black Horse RC planes, visit the official website.

Are RC planes hard to fly?

Learning how to fly RC planes is not as difficult as most people think. It can be a fun and rewarding hobby if approached with patience and a willingness to learn. Many beginners often make the mistake of buying expensive planes and crash them on their first flight, leading them to give up on the hobby altogether. However, with the right resources and guidance, anyone can learn to fly an RC plane successfully. There are numerous websites and products that offer helpful tips and tools to make the learning process easier.


Black Horse RC planes are highly sought-after by intermediate and advanced pilots for their performance, realistic design, and durability. They offer a distinct flying experience that demands a certain skill level and preparation. Understanding the basics of RC planes before flying a Black Horse model is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. It’s recommended for beginners to start with simpler models before taking on a Black Horse RC plane. It’s also recommended to fly in calm weather conditions and calibrate the plane before flying for optimum performance.

In conclusion, Black Horse RC planes are an excellent option for hobbyists who enjoy building and flying RC planes. With their unique designs, impressive specifications, and high-quality construction, Black Horse offers a wide range of options for pilots of all skill levels. Whether you’re looking to simulate classic planes or fly modern models, Black Horse has something to offer. With proper preparation and practice, the thrill of flying a Black Horse RC plane is a joy that pilots will treasure for years to come.