The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best RC Plane Transmitter

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best RC Plane Transmitter

RC planes or remote control planes can provide endless hours of fun and excitement for aviation enthusiasts, hobbyists, and even beginners. However, to get the best experience out of flying your RC plane, it’s essential to invest in the right equipment. One of the most critical components of any RC plane setup is the transmitter. A high-quality transmitter will ensure that you have complete control over your aircraft, allowing you to command every movement precisely. It’s important to understand that not all RC plane transmitters are created equal. They come in various types, sizes, and features, and it can be challenging to determine which one is perfect for your needs. In this article, we’ll be discussing the best RC plane transmitters on the market, what you should look for when purchasing one, and some of the best brands to consider. Whether you’re an experienced pilot or a beginner, this article will guide you in selecting the best RC plane transmitter to make your flying experience even more enjoyable.

Types of RC Plane Transmitters

When choosing the best RC plane transmitter, the first thing to consider is the type that will best suit your flying needs. Here are the main types of RC plane transmitters:

  • 2-channel transmitters: These transmitters are the most basic and come with a left-right throttle stick and rudder control. They do not offer a lot of control options, making them ideal for beginners or those looking for a simple and affordable option.
  • 4-channel transmitters: These transmitters come with two additional channels, allowing you to control your aircraft’s ailerons. 4-channel transmitters are great for beginner and intermediate pilots who want more control options and aren’t ready to jump into more advanced transmitters.
  • 6-channel transmitters: These transmitters provide even more control options, including separate flaps and retractable gear. They are ideal for more advanced pilots who want complete control over their aircraft.
  • Advanced radio systems: These transmitters come with a range of features, including telemetry, GPS, and programmable mixes. They offer unmatched control but are usually more expensive and complex to operate.

It’s essential to choose a transmitter with a channel count that matches your aircraft’s capabilities. Using a transmitter with too few channels may limit your control options, while using one with too many channels can make things unnecessarily complex. One great place to find a variety of RC plane transmitters to choose from is HobbyKing.

How to choose RC plane electronics?

When choosing electronics for your new scratch-built RC plane, there are several factors to consider. You need to take into account the size of the plane, the desired speed, thrust, and flight time. Additionally, you should choose reliable and high-quality components from reputable brands. Websites like Horizon Hobby and HobbyKing offer a wide range of RC plane electronics, including servos, receivers, batteries, and motors. Make sure to research and compare products before making a purchase to ensure they are suitable for your specific project.

Key Features to Look for in an RC Plane Transmitter

When picking the best RC plane transmitter, certain features should be considered to improve your flying experience. Here are the essential features to look out for:

  • Number of Channels: The number of channels your transmitter has determines the number of functions you can control on your aircraft. At a minimum, you want a 4-channel transmitter to have full control over your plane.
  • Range: Range may not be too important if you are flying a simple low-powered plane in an open field, but if you fly more substantial or long-range aircraft, look for a transmitter that offers sufficient range or has good frequency selection options to ensure your signal remains secure.
  • Battery Life: You do not want to have to replace batteries during a flying session, so look for a transmitter with long battery life (9 hours or more).
  • Mode Selection: Check if your transmitter has different modes, which will allow you to fly different aircraft types (e.g., quadcopter, plane, helicopter) using the same transmitter.
  • Frequency: You want to select a transmitter operating on a legal frequency within your particular country’s rules.

Additionally, some transmitters come with unique features that can enhance your flying experience, such as LCD screens, programmable mixes, wireless trainer links, or timer functions. However, it is important to note that more advanced transmitters usually come with a higher price tag. The best place to find affordable transmitters that cater to your specific needs and at a reasonable price is online stores like Amazon or Banggood.

It’s also important to think about the long-term use of your transmitter. Invest in a versatile transmitter that can adapt to your progress and develop with you. Here is a table comparing some of the best RC plane transmitter models available:

Model Channels Price Compatibility
Spektrum DX6e 6 $199.99 Spektrum DSMX aircraft receivers
FlySky FS-i6 6 $55.99 FlySky FS series receivers
Futaba 14SGA 14 $850.00 Futaba FASSTest, Futaba S-FHSS, and T-FHSS receivers

How many channels do I need for my RC plane?

A standard RC transmitter you buy for a RC plane has 6 channels which control different parts of your plane, including the rudder, elevator, ailerons, and motor. Two additional channels, Aux 1 and Aux 2, are also available for reserved features on your plane. For more information about RC planes, you can check relevant websites such as or products such as the Spektrum DX6e RC Transmitter.

Best Brands for RC Plane Transmitters

When choosing a transmitter for your RC plane, it’s essential to consider the brand. Here are some of the best brands to choose from:

  • Spektrum: Spektrum is a popular brand known for its innovative, cutting-edge transmitters with features like DSMX technology and programmable mixes. A popular model is the Spektrum DX6e, which is user-friendly, reliable, and affordable. Spektrum transmitters are compatible with several receivers from different brands.
  • Futaba: Futaba is a respected brand in the RC hobby industry. Futaba transmitters are among the most flexible and versatile transmitters for a variety of RC aircraft. The Futaba 14SGA is for pilots looking for an advanced transmitter that offers more channels, functions, and programming options.
  • FrSky: FrSky is popular in the drone world, but many RC plane enthusiasts use their transmitters. FrSky offers a competitive price, firmware upgrades, and telemetry capabilities. The FrSky Taranis X9D Plus is its most popular transmitter model.
  • FlySky: FlySky is an affordable transmitter brand. The FlySky FS-i6 transmitter has six channels, is lightweight, and has easy-to-use menus. It’s great for beginners or those on a budget but still has the essential features needed for a good flight experience.

These brands offer different models at various price points, with more advanced options for professional pilots, as well as entry-level modes ideal for beginners. For high-quality transmitters from the brands mentioned above, visit websites such as Amazon, Banggood, or HobbyKing, which have a good selection at competitive prices.

Ultimately, the best RC plane transmitter for you will depend on your preferences, budget, and skill level. However, by choosing a transmitter from any of these brands, you can be confident that you are getting a quality product that is designed to enhance your flying experience.

How do you connect a transmitter to an RC plane?

To connect a transmitter to an RC plane, first, ensure that both the transmitter and receiver are on the same frequency. Then, bind the receiver to the transmitter by following the instructions provided with the equipment. Typically, this involves connecting the binding plug to the receiver and then powering on the transmitter while holding down a specific button or switch. For more detailed instructions, check out videos on YouTube like this one:


In conclusion, choosing the best RC plane transmitter can improve your RC flying experience immensely. With so many brands, models, and features to choose from, it’s important to consider your budget, flying skill level, and specific needs when selecting a transmitter. Make sure to choose a transmitter that is compatible with your aircraft and suits your flying preferences.

By investing in a high-quality transmitter, you can have more control over your aircraft and enjoy more extended flight times and smoother flying. Choosing a reliable and trusted brand like Spektrum, Futaba, FrSky, or FlySky can help ensure that you get the best performance for your money.

Shopping online can be a great option, with a wider selection of brands and models than most brick-and-mortar stores offer. Make sure to read customer reviews and do your research before making a purchase to ensure you are getting a quality product that meets your needs.

In summary, the best RC plane transmitter is one that gives you precise control and reliable performance during your flights. With the right transmitter, you can enhance your RC flying experience and make the most of this exciting hobby.