Attack Helicopter RC: The Thrilling and Exciting Hobby

Attack Helicopter RC: The Thrilling and Exciting Hobby

Attack Helicopter RC models are miniature aircraft that offer an exciting and thrilling hobby for enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. These models come equipped with realistic weaponry, high-tech gadgets, and even live-feed cameras that bring every moment of flight to life. RC models have been around for decades and have always been a fascinating hobby for enthusiasts who enjoy building, exploring and flying their miniature aircraft. The innovation in technology has now brought the possibility to everyone to own and build RC models with extraordinary features and capabilities.

One popular type of RC model is the Attack Helicopter, which can be purchased or built from scratch for an immersive experience. With such models, enthusiasts can experience every aspect of flying an attack helicopter, from surveillance to home defense missions. It’s an exciting and engaging way to explore the world of flight, learn aeronautical engineering, mechanical design, and electrical wiring. Whether you’re interested in building your own RC model from scratch or purchasing a pre-built model, there are plenty of options available to suit your skill level, budget and creativity. In this article, we’ll explore the different elements that make up the Attack Helicopter RC model, including the features to look for, the tools required, and how to fly it safely.

Types of Attack Helicopter RC Models

There are different types of attack helicopter RC models that cater to different preferences and skill levels. Some of the models available in the market include:

  • The Blade Nano CP S: a good starter model for beginners that is easy to fly and has an affordable price tag
  • WL Toys V398: a lightweight and inexpensive model that can be flown indoors or outdoors
  • The Nine Eagles Solo Pro 270: a high-performance model with advanced controls suitable for intermediate and advanced users

In addition to these models, there are manufacturers that offer kits which allow enthusiasts to build their own Attack Helicopter RC models from scratch. One such manufacturer is Hobbyking that provides various kits and parts to build a customized RC helicopter. For those looking for a ready-to-fly model, manufacturers like Syma, MJX, and Tenergy offers a wide range of models with advanced features and capabilities.

When considering the type of Attack Helicopter RC model to choose, one should also note the following aspects:

  • Price range for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users
  • Level of expertise required to operate the model
  • Number of channels in the remote control for maneuvering and controlling the model’s movements
  • Battery life and charging time

Online shopping platforms such as Amazon, HobbyKing, RC Planet and Banggood have a diverse range of Attack Helicopter RC models and spare parts in stock for enthusiasts. They also provide helpful reviews and ratings from other enthusiasts to help individuals make an informed choice.

‘What factors should be considered when choosing an Attack Helicopter RC model’?

Choosing an attack helicopter RC model can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a beginner. However, factors such as size, type, cost, and experience level are vital to be considered so that you can have the right model that fits your needs and expectations.

One of the significant factors to consider is the size of the model. The size of the attack helicopter RC model usually ranges from 450mm to 800mm, and each size has its pros and cons. A smaller model is usually lighter, more agile, and cheaper, but it may have less stability, power, and durability. A bigger model, on the other hand, is more stable, powerful, and durable, but it may be more expensive and challenging to fly.

The type of attack helicopter RC model is also essential. There are different models available in the market, including Apache, Blackhawk, Cobra, and Chinook, each with its unique features and advantages. Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to research and have a clear understanding of the type that fits your preferences.

Cost is another factor to consider. The cost of an attack helicopter RC model ranges from $100 to $1000, depending on the size, type, and quality. It’s vital to set a budget that aligns with your preferences without breaking the bank.

Finally, experience level is critical when choosing an attack helicopter RC model. Beginners should opt for models that are easy to fly, stable, and have fewer features while experienced pilots can choose models that are complex, more advanced, and have more features.

In conclusion, by considering the right size, type, cost, and experience level, you can have the perfect attack helicopter RC model that fits your needs and expectations.

Building Your Own Attack Helicopter RC Model

Building your own Attack Helicopter RC model requires some expertise, patience, and keenness to learn. A good starting point for a beginner is to construct a model kit that comes with detailed instructions. Various websites offer tutorials, videos, and community forums to help enthusiasts in building their own Attack Helicopter RC Model.

Before starting the model construction, it is important to understand the components and tools required. The following are essential factors to consider and acquire:

  • A model kit or separate parts to assemble
  • Electronic speed control (ESC)
  • Radio transmitter and receiver
  • Motor and battery
  • Propellers and rotor blades
  • Adhesives or glue
  • Screwdrivers, pliers, and other tools depending on the kit

One of the key aspects of building a successful Attack Helicopter RC Model is paying close attention to the instructions provided. Work with precision, take your time, and avoid rushing through the steps.

An interesting fact is that building an RC helicopter model provides an opportunity to learn about engineering, electronics, mechanics, and aerodynamics. Through this process, one also gains a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in completing a project.

Below is a table of some popular Attack Helicopter RC Model kits available for purchase:

Product Description Price Range
SAB Goblin Kraken Nitro High-performance heli kit with advanced technology and features $800 – $1,000
Blade MCPX BL2 BNF Basic Entry-level model kit with a beginner-friendly design $120 – $150
Align T-REX 100X Super Combo Compact and durable model kit with efficient power system $200 – $350

Additionally, websites such as Horizon Hobby and Motion RC offer a range of Attack Helicopter RC Model kits and parts for enthusiasts to build their own models.

‘What types of skills are necessary to build an Attack Helicopter RC model’?

Building an Attack Helicopter RC model requires a specific set of skills and knowledge to ensure success. First and foremost, mechanical skills are crucial to assembling and configuring the various parts of the helicopter. Familiarity with tools and equipment such as screwdrivers, pliers, and electrical wiring is also essential. Mastery of basic electronic principles is also key, as you will need to install and configure various components such as the receiver, motor, and battery.

In addition, attention to detail is paramount when building an Attack Helicopter RC model. Parts must be assembled precisely and securely, and all wiring and connections must be properly installed and tested. A keen eye for small details and the ability to troubleshoot problems will also come in handy during the build process.

Lastly, creativity is also useful for building an Attack Helicopter RC model. While instructions and guides exist, some builders take it upon themselves to customize their models with unique paint jobs or special features. This requires an understanding of design principles and creative problem-solving skills.

Overall, building an Attack Helicopter RC model requires a combination of mechanical knowledge, electronic skills, attention to detail, and creativity. With these skills in place, a builder can create a functional and impressive RC helicopter that can provide enjoyment for years to come.

Flying an Attack Helicopter RC model is an exhilarating experience that requires skill and patience. Here are some tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight:

  • Find an open, safe and obstacle-free area to fly the model
  • Before taking off, perform a visual and thorough check of the model’s components
  • Start with low throttle and gradually increase the power as you become experienced
  • Avoid flying in extreme weather conditions such as strong winds
  • Pay attention to the battery levels and land the model promptly when it’s running low
  • Ensure that you follow the local and national regulations that govern flying of RC models

It’s important to note that practice makes perfect when it comes to flying Attack Helicopter RC models. Take your time, practice maneuvering the helicopter, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Many websites and forums offer tips and advice on how to fly Attack Helicopter RC models safely and effectively.

An additional keyword to consider is “simulators.” Flight simulators provide a real-life experience of flying Attack Helicopter RC models without actually leaving the ground. They allow enthusiasts to practice and hone their skills in a virtual environment before venturing out to fly their actual models.

Some popular simulators include:

Product Description Price Range
RealFlight A realistic simulator with over 140 aircraft models to choose from $130 – $200
Phoenix R/C Pro Simulator V5.5 A high-quality simulator that comes with a realistic transmitter controller $150 – $200
Aerofly RC 8 Features detailed landscapes and over 200 aircraft models to choose from $100 – $150

These simulators provide enthusiasts with a low-risk opportunity to learn and improve their flying skills, which can eventually lead to a better flying experience when flying their Attack Helicopter RC models in real life.

What are some popular RC helicopter flight simulators?

RC helicopter flight simulators are excellent tools for aspiring RC pilots to practice and enhance their flying skills. These simulators provide a realistic flying experience and offer a safe environment for beginners to learn how to fly remote control helicopters without the risk of crashing and damaging their equipment.

Some of the most popular RC helicopter flight simulators include RealFlight, PhoenixRC, and Aerofly RC. RealFlight offers a wide range of features and a vast selection of aircraft models that users can choose from. PhoenixRC, on the other hand, boasts of its realistic physics engine that simulates various weather conditions, time of day, and even different terrains. Meanwhile, Aerofly RC offers excellent graphics and easy-to-use interface, perfect for users who are new to RC helicopter flight simulators.

Another popular option is the Heli-X flight simulator, which offers numerous helicopter models and realistic flight physics, making it a great tool for both beginners and experienced pilots alike. For those who prefer a more simplistic approach, ClearView RC Flight Simulator is a great choice, with its intuitive interface and customizable controls.

Overall, RC helicopter flight simulators are an excellent way for RC pilots to improve their skills and have fun in a safe and controlled environment. Choosing the right simulator depends on personal preferences and needs, so be sure to research and compare different options before settling on one.


Building, flying, and tinkering with Attack Helicopter RC models is a fun and rewarding hobby that requires patience, skill, and passion. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned enthusiast, there’s always something new to learn about these miniature aircraft. The availability of different models, kits, accessories, and simulators makes it easier than ever to customize your experience and tailor it to your individual preferences.

With advances in technology and engineering, the possibilities for Attack Helicopter RC models are nearly limitless. Whether you’re interested in realistic simulations, advanced weaponry, or state-of-the-art cameras, you can find the right model to suit your needs. Also, the availability of online forums, websites, and communities can provide valuable tips, advice, and support for RC enthusiasts.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping hobby, consider getting involved with Attack Helicopter RC models. You’ll have fun while learning new technical skills, meeting new people, and innovating new creative ideas. Start with the basics, build your model, fly with care, and above all else, enjoy the ride!