Arrows RC Airplanes: The Ultimate Guide to High-Quality and Affordable Remote-Controlled Planes

Arrows RC Airplanes: The Ultimate Guide to High-Quality and Affordable Remote-Controlled Planes

Arrows RC airplanes are a popular brand of remote-controlled airplanes that have gained a significant following in recent years. With their state-of-the-art design and high-quality construction, Arrows RC airplanes have become the go-to for both beginners and experienced remote-control enthusiasts alike. The brand offers a range of models that cater to different flying preferences, including gliders, high-performance fighters, and trainers, among others. From the Bigfoot model for those who are just starting to fly to the T-28 Trojan model for those who want a trainer aircraft, Arrows RC airplanes have something for everyone.

One of the things that make Arrows RC airplanes stand out is their use of durable materials like EPO foam. This type of foam is known for its ability to absorb shock, withstand wear and tear, and facilitate easy repairs. Additionally, Arrows RC airplanes feature advanced designs such as brushless motors and electronic speed controls, enhancing their performance and efficiency. Finally, anyone who experiences issues with their plane can rest easy, as Arrows RC planes have readily available replacement parts that can be easily replaced. Arrows Hobby places customer satisfaction at the center of its values, making it a trusted brand among remote-control enthusiasts.

History of Arrows RC Airplanes

Arrows RC airplanes are part of the Arrows Hobby company, an American enterprise that has been in the industry since 2006. This brand began as a manufacturer of parts and accessories for RC airplanes before venturing into the production of a fully constructed aircraft line. Here is a brief history of the Arrows RC brand:

  • The Arrows Hobby company was founded in 2006
  • Arrows Hobby began by manufacturing parts and accessories for RC airplanes
  • Arrows RC airplanes launched in 2017
  • From that time, the Arrows RC airplanes line has grown in popularity

The Arrows RC airplanes models are in high demand among RC hobbyists and aviation enthusiasts. Additionally, Arrows Hobby has a website that provides information on the products, making the shopping experience more efficient. The company website provides detailed descriptions, photos, and pricing information. It also includes customer reviews and a list of dealers, where customers can purchase their preferred Arrows RC airplanes model.

Notably, the website also has a page dedicated to replacement parts, underlining the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. With Arrows RC airplanes, customers can count on durable, efficient, and affordable models. For more information on Arrows RC airplanes and related products, visit the Arrows Hobby website.

Arrows RC airplanes offer an impressive selection of models tailored to fit various skill levels and flying preferences. Beginners, intermediate, and expert-level enthusiasts can find an Arrows RC airplane that suits their needs. Below are some of the models available:

Model Features
  • Stable flight performance
  • Oversized tires and suspension system for rough terrain landings
  • Glider airplane with hand launch capability
  • Smooth gliding performance, perfect for slope soaring
T-28 Trojan
  • Trainer airplane, suitable for beginners and intermediate pilots
  • Semi-symmetrical airfoil and four-channel control for aerobatic flights
F4U Corsair
  • Made for expert pilots who want a high-performance aircraft
  • Wingspan length of 1100mm and retractable landing gear

Interestingly, Arrows RC airplanes models can also be customized with different electronic equipment, allowing pilots to build a personalized aircraft that matches their flying style. Additionally, aside from the models mentioned above, the brand is continually adding new models to its growing inventory, catering to the needs of RC enthusiasts worldwide.

What is the advantage of RC plane?

RC planes have several advantages, they are predominantly used for recreational purposes and by beginners in aero flying. One of the significant advantages is that they can enhance creativity and practical skills when constructed at home. Additionally, RC planes are much more affordable than drones, making them a perfect choice for enthusiasts on a budget.

Features of Arrows RC Airplanes

Arrows RC airplanes have a myriad of features that make them stand out in the RC airplane market. Here are some notable features:

  • High-quality material: Arrows RC airplanes are made of durable materials such as EPO foam. This makes them resistant to wear and tear, absorb hard landings, and make them easier to repair in the long run.
  • Innovative designs: Arrows RC planes are designed with advanced technologies such as brushless motors and electronic speed controls. These features provide better efficiency, power, and flight characteristics.
  • Replacement parts availability: Replacement parts for Arrows RC airplanes are readily available in the market, so pilots can avoid buying an entirely new aircraft in the event of a crash. This saves them money and time.
  • Availability of instruction manuals: Arrows RC airplanes come with instruction manuals that guide pilots on the assembly, maintenance, and operation of their aircraft. This makes flying more accessible and enjoyable.

Arrows Hobby, the company behind Arrows RC airplanes, also offers a comprehensive website that provides ample information and resources for RC enthusiasts. The website includes helpful guides and tips on how to assemble, fly, and maintain your RC airplane, as well as a parts and accessories section that offers compatible components for Arrows RC models. The company also has a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, where they showcase new models, offer promotions, and share reviews and feedback from their users.

What is the structure of RC plane?

The structure of an RC plane consists of mechanical and electronic systems. The mechanical system includes the Fuselage, wings, Empennage and Control Surfaces, with the Fuselage being the main body section. The Electronic system involves the use of Radio control signals to remotely operate the plane. To learn more about RC planes, you can visit websites like Horizon Hobby or Tower Hobbies that offer a wide range of RC products and information.


In conclusion, Arrows RC airplanes are a popular and reliable brand in the RC airplane market. With their high-quality materials, innovative designs, and affordable prices, they are a great option for pilots of all skill levels. The brand offers an array of models to suit different flying styles, and their availability of replacement parts and helpful instruction manuals make maintenance and repair easier. Arrows Hobby’s website and social media presence offer additional resources and support for pilots.

Additionally, Arrows RC airplanes can be a great gift option for children and teens interested in aviation. Flying RC planes not only offers a unique hobby and entertainment opportunity, but it also inspires curiosity and problem-solving skills that can improve their academic and personal growth. It is worth noting that RC planes should always be flown in designated areas and with responsible supervision to ensure safety.

All in all, Arrows RC airplanes are a great investment for anyone looking to take their flying experience to the next level while enjoying quality time with friends and family.