Aquacraft Fire Rescue 17 Boat: A State-of-the-Art Watercraft for Emergency Situations

Aquacraft Fire Rescue 17 Boat: A State-of-the-Art Watercraft for Emergency Situations

The Aquacraft Fire Rescue 17 Boat is a reliable and versatile tool designed to ensure safety and expedient rescue operations on water. With a durable aluminum structure and wide hull, the boat can navigate different water conditions with ease, making it ideal for firefighting, flood relief, and water rescue missions. The boat is fitted with a powerful gas engine that can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. Its impressive features, including rescue ropes, medical kits, and water pumps, make it suitable for handling medical emergencies and counteracting environmental challenges. The Aquacraft Fire Rescue 17 Boat is a popular choice for emergency responders as it is easy to operate and is able to speedily access remote locations that are difficult to reach using other means. The boat’s safety and advanced functional features make it an asset on water and a must-have for anyone looking to efficiently handle emergency water situations.

The Aquacraft Fire Rescue 17 Boat is a robust and efficient watercraft that is designed to deliver exceptional water rescue services in any given scenario. Here are some of the boat’s top features:

  • A durable aluminum structure that enhances stability and safety on water
  • A wide hull that makes the boat easy to maneuver in turbulent water conditions
  • A powerful gas engine that delivers speeds of up to 30 miles per hour
  • Advanced rescue gear such as rescue ropes, medical kit, and water pumps that enhance safe rescue operations
  • Easy-to-operate features that enable even novice boat captains to handle the boat with ease
  • A quick access hatch feature that enables users to quickly get to the boat’s engine for repairs, maintenance, or check-ups.
  • A range of accessories such as navigation tools, lights, and alarms that enable safe and efficient operation of the boat at any time of the day or night

The Aquacraft Fire Rescue 17 Boat is available for purchase on several online stores such as Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. Buyers can compare prices, specifications, and read customer reviews before making a purchase. Additionally, the Aquacraft website,, provides comprehensive information on the boat’s features, technical specifications, and available accessories.

The Aquacraft Fire Rescue 17 Boat is a versatile watercraft that can assist in various emergency situations, as listed below:

  • Water rescue operations that involve drowning persons, capsized boats, and submerged cars
  • Firefighting activities involving boats or oil rigs
  • Flood relief operations that involve the distribution of food and medical supplies to people stranded in water-affected areas
  • Marine patrol, search and rescue, and coastal protection operations
  • Environmental monitoring and research in lakes, rivers, and oceans.

According to the United States Coast Guard, over 4,000 boating accidents occurred in 2020, resulting in 767 deaths. The Aquacraft Fire Rescue 17 Boat is an essential tool that can make a difference in such cases. Being fast, versatile and easy to operate, the watercraft can help emergency responders save lives and tackle different challenges associated with water bodies.

The following table shows the technical specifications of the Aquacraft Fire Rescue 17 Boat:

Specification Value
Length 17 feet
Beam 6 feet
Weight 1230 pounds
Max Power 65 HP
Fuel Capacity 25 gallons
Max Persons Capacity 7

The Aquacraft Fire Rescue 17 Boat can be purchased from various online stores such as or Amazon. It is recommended for emergency responders, law enforcement agencies, and environmental researchers who require a reliable watercraft for different operations on water bodies.

What is the most common call for help on a boat?

The most common call for help on a boat is the distress signal, MAYDAY. This signal is used when a person or boat is in grave or imminent danger and requires immediate assistance. For more information on boat safety and distress signals, visit the US Coast Guard website.

Benefits of Aquacraft Fire Rescue 17 Boat

The Aquacraft Fire Rescue 17 Boat has several benefits, including:

  • Enhanced safety and efficiency in emergency situations involving water
  • Effective and quick response to emergencies, saving lives and reducing property damage
  • Ease of operation, making it a preferred option for emergency responders
  • The boat’s advanced features, including a powerful gas engine, rescue rope, medical kit, and water pump, ensure effective handling of emergency situations.
  • Stability and maneuverability, making it easy to navigate through challenging water conditions
  • Wide hull design, making it suitable for carrying a considerable amount of cargo and rescuing multiple victims
  • Durability, which enables the boat to withstand different weather and water conditions, providing optimal performance and longevity.

The Aquacraft Fire Rescue 17 Boat is an innovative solution that can make a real difference in emergency response operations. Its advanced features and design make it essential for emergency responders dealing with water-related incidents, and its versatility and ease of operation make it a favorite choice among firefighters, police departments, and other emergency response professionals.

Interested organizations or individuals can purchase the Aquacraft Fire Rescue 17 Boat from the manufacturer’s website or other online marketplaces specialized in watercraft. The boat comes with a limited warranty from the manufacturer, and buyers can choose from different models and customization options to suit specific needs and preferences.


In conclusion, the Aquacraft Fire Rescue 17 Boat is a well-designed and versatile watercraft that provides essential support to emergency responders dealing with water-related incidents. Its unique features and durability make it a preferred option for rescue operations on lakes, rivers, coastal areas, and other water bodies.

Whether it’s rescuing drowning individuals, fighting water-related emergencies like floods, or performing search and rescue missions, the Aquacraft Fire Rescue 17 Boat is a reliable tool in the hands of professionals. Its powerful gas engine, wide hull, customization options, and safety gear enable emergency responders to save lives, protect property, and handle water-related emergencies with ease.

In summary, the Aquacraft Fire Rescue 17 Boat is a worthy investment for any organization or individual looking for a reliable and efficient watercraft for emergency response operations. With its advanced features, safety gear, and excellent performance, this boat is indeed a game-changer in the field of water rescue and emergency response.