Align T-Rex 300X DOMINATOR DFC Review

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Below you’ll find parameters and specification of the Align T-Rex 300X DOMINATOR DFC Review.

    Align newly designed T-REX 300X, small but all-in-perfect. It adopts DFC rotor head unit, low CG and low wind resistance providing direct flight responses”. The carbon fiber main frame is made of composite material and with reinforcement plate and brace assembly effectively enhancing structural intensity” and torsion resistance. Narrow body design makes mechanical structure much stronger. The battery slider and top-mounted motor design with anodized bright red color brings pretty texture on this model. Thicken aluminum alloy tail boom for the best torsion resistance and increase the tail support rod lifetime. The progressive lightweight landing skid making this model the leader in this class. Plus the fiberglass painted canopy features lightweight and low in wind resistance.
    The standard high torque and high efficiency 300MX 3700KV/2216 brushless motor not only contributes to dramatic power increase, the high efficiency cooling system enables cooler operating temperature during and after flights when compared to motor of previous generation. Allow to provide consistent power output and keep stable RPM in non-stop 3D flying presenting perfect performance. Also it pairs with digital HV DS450 and DS455 servos, supporting 8.4V output, fast response’ and high torque. The new 25A brushless speed governor support 5~8.4V adjustable BEC voltage.
    T-REX 300X is tiny but everything all-in-one so that can perform well in not only in-door show but also outdoor 3D flights. This model offers you the best bargain price allow you to have fun flying at any time.
Brand: ALIGN
Item: T-REX 300X Dominator RC Helicopter
Length: 476mm
Height: 158mm
Width: 88mm
Main Blade Length: 230mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 525mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 143mm
Motor Pinion Gear: 14T
Main Drive Gear: 115T
Main Drive Pulley: 40T
Tail Drive Gear: 13T
Drive Gear Ratio: 8.21:1:3.08
Weight(w/o battery): 418g
T-REX 300X DOMINATOR Kits Set x 1 set
230 Carbon Fiber Blade x 1 set
50 Tail Blade x 1 set
RCE-BL25A 25 Brushless ESC x 1 set
300MX Brushless Motor(3700KV/2216) x 1
DS450 Digital servo x 3
DS455 Digital servo x 1
Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly:
– Swashplate Leveler
– MiniGRS Flybarless System x 1 set
– A10 Radio Control Transmitter Combo x 1 set
– MiniA.BUS Receiver x 1
– Balance Charger RCC-3SX x 1 set
– 3S1P 11.1V 1300mAh/30C x 1
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