3Racing Sakura D4 AWD Review

• Full FRP Chassis
• Adjustable Y arm suspension in front to allow for extreme camber
• 15 degrees front caster angle
• Single wishbone rear suspension design
• battery can be positioned in middle or rear of the car to allow the driver to adjust the weight to their driving style
• 2-Belt drive dystem gives it more high speed stability
• Includes full 65 degree ultra wide angle universal front driveshafts.
• New rim design with high performance drift tires
• 55mm oil filled coil over shocks infinite threaded adjustment

Length: 363mm
Track width: 180mm (Front) / 178mm (Rear)
Wheelbase: 255mm
Weight: 727g
Internal gear ratio: 1.47:1


  • Double Wishbone Suspension
  • Adjustable Oil Filled dampers
  • Good Battery Position
  • AWD



  • Doesn’t come with a body(depends on the seller)


3Racing Sakura D4 AWD Review

As we wrote on 3Racing Sakura D4 RWD review is a great vehicle. The main difference from this version of Sakura D4 AWD and The Sakura D4 RWD is by how many wheels are driven. This is the All Wheel Drive version which means all the wheels are driven by the motor. This changes how the car handles, it’s a bit harder to get the car to drift because it’s a AWD, the RWD is a lot easier to get sideways and maintain a good drift.

There is also a RWD version of 3Racing Sakura D4

3Racing Sakura D4 AWD 1/10 Drift Car battery location

For this specific 3Racing Drift car the batteries location can be changed. Please check the images. This makes the car handle a lot better than if the battery would be placed on one side of the Sakura D4. Also the batteries placement can be adjusted to your needs to create the perfect balance your are looking for. We are looking at a 3Racing Sakura D4 which can have the battery at the front, middle or back of the chassis.

Full FRP Chassis

This means it’s made from Fiber-Reinforced Polymeric, hence the FRP. This is a very strong and reinforced plastic, which makes 3Racing Sakura D4 really tough.

Wide double-wishbone suspension design

The Sakura D4 has double-wishbone suspension design prevents deflections during cornering which ensures that the steering and wheel alignment remain consistent.

Adjustable oil filled dampers

The 3Racing Sakura D4 oil filled dampers will glue the car to the road. These dampers can be adjusted softer or harder depending on your needs or the segment your running on. This is a must feature for all RC car models.

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