The Best Remote Control Boat For Pool

A person might be wondering what to put in his/her pool or what should be there to make more attractive and beautiful. Another person may be wondering what type of a toy to put in his/her pool to make him/her occupied when he/she is not busy. Well, the perfect solution is to have yourself a remote controlled boat. There are a dozen of these boats in the market but the perfect one to have in your pool is the Hobbico Reef Racer II RTR EP Boat. This boat is the best there is. It comes in a variety of colors so you have to choose which color best suits you. It is also electric powered thereby a rechargeable boat. Apart from all that, it has a superfine rc motor that is water cooled. It has a perfect shape and its size is the intriguing feature about it.

best remote control boat for pool


  • The hull is pre-joined and pre-painted, ABS molded deep-vee type with a detailed deck and a driver figure.
  • It has a waterproof receiver box. This feature makes the receiver box more durable and of very high quality.
  • The electronic speed control is made in such a way that it is forward only thus it will easily prevent braking.
  • Its rc radio is 2-channeled FM pistol grip with one mini servo. This allows easy conversion of right and left handling.
  • Its hatch is rubber sealed and is very secure since it has two twist on latches
  • The motor is 380 in size and is water cooled.
  • The boat has pre-applied decals, self righting hull design making it a model that recovers automatically from rolls and flips.
  • It comes with 6 cell 1100mAH battery NIMH type.


The target group;

Hobbico reef racer can be used by anybody from children to adults. If you have the passion then you can comfortably ride this boat. Children need supervision of their parent.

The pros and cons of the product;


  1. It is very fast and reliable.
  2. Takes approximately 45 minutes to charge. Unlike others that may even take 5 hours to charge.
  3. Have an incredible stability and a great turning radius.
  4. It comes with 6 different frequencies and colors.
  5. It doesn’t reverse therefore no braking.


  1. The hull keeps on filling up with water thus locking the motor to the right.
  2. It may sink easily since it takes water easily thus drowning itself.

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The hobbico reef racer II boat is the perfect solution for your pool. It is affordable and readily available.  This boat is very special in that it is water tight and will not easily allow water to leak inside. Therefore, when you go to purchase a remote controlled boat for your pool, consider the reef racer.

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